Bro do you even status?


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That'll do Watcher that'll do.

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This article was missing megatons, disappointing.

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Really? so what about Microsoft's conference? Which was boring and predictable. Lack of new games and megaton announcements there was ridiculous

Whereas Sony's conference was full of new games, surprises, and WOW moments

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This looks fantastic

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Lol Sony wants you to play PlayStation where their games are obviously, and I gladly will.

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It was until Sony's conference . Thank you Sony for saving E3

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So sayeth the Spencer


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Spencer bro...

I like you but you've been saying dumb stuff as of late lol

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The majority of people say the same.

Sony killed it

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This really doesn't surprise me

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Looks kinda cool

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Pretty much Sonys conference as a whole

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I just like... wow

This is so freaking cool!!!

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That too, WOW moment

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Wow how did I forget Spider-Man. I want that game too lol

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Crash Bandicoot 1-3 remasters
God of War
Days Gone

So many amazing looking games and WOW moments.

Sony won, and it wasn't even close

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There's a rumor going around that supposedly Red Dead Redemption 2 was supposed to End Sony's conference.

"Up until yesterday it was planned to show Red Dead at the end of Sony's show to close. In the Red Dead announcement trailer there is a scene of an outlaw shooting up innocent people at a popular brothel/saloon. Due to the recent Orlando massacre it was decided that it was inappropriate to show and there was no time to edit a new trailer."

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They have tons and tons of great looking exclusives and games

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It was definitely not the worst trailer at E3. The Infinite Warfare trailer was actually pretty sick.

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I think this time around these games are just 2 very different beasts. Especially the setting, very different games.

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