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I wish Valve could go back to school to learn how to count to 3 #10
They're treating Hogan like Chris Benoit its so stupid #1
Doom looks killer #1
"What actually happened is that the indie team received an offer from a private investor to help fund their game."

Awesome we need more turn-based JRPGs #1
I'm going with the one that actually has JRPGs

PS4 #3
Bluetooth Headset support for PS4 please #7
I like the details we've been hearing so far, lot of famous JRPG vets on this project #1
I want bluetooth headset support on PS4 #4
Tales of Zestiria
Persona 5

It's JRPG time #2
This looks sick #1
"Watching Pixels makes me want to see Tyrion Lannister die in season 6 of Game of Thrones"

haha #6
Of course they do, played Math Blaster, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? and more on the computer as a kid, taught me alot #5
I'll get it after I beat:

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4
Ratchet & Clank
The Last Guardian #15
Nice keep the PS4 JRPGs coming #10
Keep the PS4 JRPGs coming #2
No just no #31
Can't wait to play this on PS4 #1
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Hope so the first is awesome #2
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The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Ratchet & Clank
Persona 5
Tales of Zestria
Dragon Quest Heroes
Deep Down
Until Dawn
Street Fighter V

Etc. #1.2
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This is just gonna hurt the Xbox One version sales for those who want this on PS4 and/or PC. Not to mention that they are releasing the same day as Fallout 4 #4
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