Bro, do you even status?


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Amazing, memorable, and original game

Timeless. Have so many memories playing this as a kid on PS1

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I hate people who get offended at every little stupid thing, like this, or Tracer's "sexy" pose from Overwatch. Seriously just get all the SJWs out of here. No one cares

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Sony need to get the rights for Crash Bandicoot back, and Spyro too why theyre at it

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Very easily. PS4 has more exclusives and games coming out then their competitors combined.

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2017 is full of exclusives and games already. We need some for "beyond"

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Geez these are awful

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It's amazing

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Gravity Rush 2 will be eventually, because I'm getting Horizon Zero Dawn day one as well

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This is the first game of 2017 I'm buying. So excited to play this

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Nintendo might do really good with the Switch as well.

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I'll be working... So I'll watch it when I get home

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1. Who?
2. No
3. Who?
5. No

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Horizon Zero Dawn
Ni no Kuni 2
Yooka Laylee
Tales of Beseria
Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
Nier Automata
God of War
Persona 5


I'm very excited for this year

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What crash? PS4 is rekting sales

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I hope they're not trying to rush this, release Zelda when it's ready

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Ratchet & Clank was so much fun. Insomniac Games still got it

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Omg I see X-Men characters, really hope they're in it.

Also would love to see Carnage from Spider-Man

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I don't see Kinect coming back anytime soon unless they use it for a VR headset for Xbox/Scorpio

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Love the cow level in Diablo 2, played it so much.

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Well they have the most games and exclusives releasing this year. Now their only competition that even has exclusives is Nintendo

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