Bro do you even status?


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Preordered mine from Amazon

Also they put the PS4 back up for sale on Amazon, a standard edition, which is identical to the launch one, but because of demand, it may ship a little later

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The title made me laugh, just so hard. Glad I wasn't drinking or eating anything

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Well for me my top 2 are Zelda and Smash Bros. (then Mario is 3rd), so they showed Mario and Smash Bros. so it was in no way a bad showing, in my opinion

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Would have loved to see Zelda Wii U, but they showed a lot of games today. So they have to keep some for later.

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I still think it's funny that everyone kept saying Microsoft where are games, seriously you have a new console show us games. Microsoft says ok we're listening wait to you see our E3 lineup. What happens? Microsoft shows off tons of games at E3 and still loses lol

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Ok Microsoft your funeral

PS4 = The new PS2 aka beast console that's gonna destroy the competition

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"the game is in active development.' It’s not hiatus at all. But we are not ready to reintroduce it. When we are ready, we will do that. Please wait."

Cannot wait for them to re-reveal it

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I love that Sony actually cares about the consumers/gamers, and their fanbase. Unlike Microsoft who just is greedy and wants to restrict you, and only cares about money

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Francis is hilarious, hes so entertaining

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I hope so

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Glad to here it, I see a future of success for the PS4

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Omg cannot wait for this game in August

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Did he really just say that

if you live in a Nuclear Submarine and Have No Internet: “Get a 360″

haha, thats seriously funny

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In the middle of the Ryse gameplay there was an enemy that was standing near a ledge, and I was like you better kick him off that ledge, then he did lol


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I thought

TitanFall, Ryse, and Quantum Break looked good

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I would say, in no particular order:

TitanFall, Ryse, and Quantum Break

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Yea I was wondering what happened to that circular piece

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Yeah, I really love the Dual Shock 4 controller

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I cant copy/paste the pic here cuz N4G thinks it's spam

but theres a funny pic online if you Google Image search "PS4 eraser"

it reads "shaped like an eraser, for erasing the Xbox One from memory"

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Yea I was wondering what happened to that circular piece

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