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Bro do you even status?


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Sony's IP's:

Nintendo's IPs:

Sony has WAY more franchises WAY more then Nintendo, you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Hopefully, Europe and North America get a localized demo in the future, would love to try this game.

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For the past year I'll say,

Dishonored and BioShock Infinite

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Turok, what?

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Let's see some new IPs

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Agree with the title, Microsoft are greedy

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I really hope they just give GoW a break for now, I want new IPs

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Sony knows how to keep throwing exclusives at us, year after year

20 new exclusives in just the first year of PS4's life cycle, 12 of which are new IPs

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Ok now I very excited for Gamescom

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And Tales of Xillia in August, can't wait for that

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No you forgot

Tales of Xillia, Beyond: Two Souls, The Puppeteer, and Gran Turismo 6

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This game looks great

definitely a fan of classic PlayStation JRPGs

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I have zero interest in getting a Ouya, and I dont think the Ouya even has a chance. Hardcore gamers aren't gonna buy it, they're gonna buy PS or Xbox, which are 4x and 5x the price.

I'm buying PS4 and that's $300 more

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If were talking most innovative and best design, hands down Dual Shock 4 , it looks frickin' awesome

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PS+ is hands down better

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Haha he fails

Many studies have been done that PROVE that video games do not cause violence, it actually relieves stress

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PS4 for launch can't wait

also don't trust Microsoft at all, and most of the Xbox exclusives also come to PC, so Xbox isn't needed

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Definitely looking forward to playing this game at launch with my PS4

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Insomniac Games are making Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive at the moment. They have not mentioned any other games, or what's coming after they're done with that game, so potentially but no one knows.

I hope their next game is a Ratchet & Clank game like A Crack in Time (the original platformer formula)

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I have a feeling from now on we are gonna see A LOT of dogs/animals in games lol

we got Call of Duty, The Last of Us

what's next? lol

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