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We shouldn't have to do anything to improve the frame rate

Ubisoft, its your job as the game developers to make the game the best you possibly can. #2
Looks like one hell of a Neon Trip #1.1.1
Whatever Quantic Dream is working on, I bet it's awesome #1
Lay off the drugs, Delsin #1
This is still one of the best JRPGs of last generation #1
I hope we eventually see a Sly Cooper 5 #2
Id be shocked if Lui Kang wasnt in it #2
Just found out Just Dance plays like Assassin's Creed, who knew! lol

Dance to kill people everybody #1.6
Wonder what the bar is under the name of the gun, and the ammo #10
Plants and soup

haha #1.3
2. Weed Smoking Robot

what? lol #2
E3 when they announced the price, no DRM, all that jazz, and the crowd went insane #2
Damn, it's been awhile since I've seen a score that low by GameSpot #1
Looking good so far #1
Tequila leads to interesting nights lol #4.2
I wanna make this drink now

but lack ingredients :-/ #2
The brack Friday Bunduru's are coming #1
Now this game looks awesome

definitely looking into this game right now #1
Congrats Sony, keep the PS4 train going

excited for Uncharted 4, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, Rime, Tearaway, Hellblade, and more. #1
There are so many games coming its ridiclous

it's already gonna be an amazing 2015 #3
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