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I hope its good #6
Good I dont want any exo suits

Black Ops 1 and 2 were awesome, so I got high hopes for Black Ops 3 #2
Hopefully Rayman Legends is there, been wanting to get that 1 #4
I wish they'd make a new Brave Fencer Musashi, or remaster of the 1st #5
Oh its this game, cool. The game that looks like Uncharted Drakes Fortune setting #14
Sweet gonna try the beta #8
Right now I'll say Witcher 3, but who knows a lot of great looking games coming out this year it could change by the end of the year #22
I hope Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are in this too. Even if it's a cameo in a dream where they use spells to levitate/steal cars, Set sh*t on fire or have a epic duel with Voldemort.

Just make Harry Potter + GTA please lol #10
I miss Spyro and Crash, greatly #4.1
Hope they show off tons of JRPGs, maybe we'll see Brave Fencer Musashi again. I can only hope #8
So many great icons

also where's Dart from Legend of Dragoon and Cloud from FFVII #1
Warcraft 4 #7
That was really good, you leave me impressed

definitely watching this game #61
Seems pretty interesting #22
Prices should go down not up #36
Someone tweeted

"#WiggerWednesday is probably the best thing Nintendo has done since Ocarina of Time."

lol #1.2
Nintendo were just trying to gain a broader audience #1
Nothing against InFamous, but I hope its something new. #2
Sweet I hope its good #6
Oh wow yea this really looks like Tales Of series #1.4
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