Bro, do you even status?


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Thats embarrassing considering The Switch isn't even out yet

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I wanna see if Nintendo can keep the 3rd party support they're getting so far

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Really glad Final Fantasy 15 is the top selling game on PS4. Awesome, keep the JRPGs coming

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Lol guess he's not having it

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Actually it's Uncharted 4

but that's cute you think it's Halo

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I agree that the Wii was luck if that's what u mean Reggie

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Damn.. and the Switch isn't even out yet

Nintendo better hope their 3rd party games sell so they can keep the support

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Getting Yooka Laylee and this

Some damn fun 3D platforming, I can't wait

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Clearly the easy Game of the Decade


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Brave Fencer Musashi

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So we should wait and not buy the Switch yet. Got it

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PlayStation is for JRPGs, nothing wrong with that

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No, but they're gonna try

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Love how they don't spend that money on new first party studios and games

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State of Decay 2
Phantom Dust
Sea of Thieves
Halo Wars 2
Crackdown 3

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Half Life 4 is coming

They're skipping 3

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I agree it has potential, but we'll have to see what games Nintendo and 3rd party developers release for it

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Come back to the question in 3 or 4 years when we see how the library of games is for the Switch, and see if it still has 3rd party support

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Good cuz half of Promptos pictures suck. Oh you got a cool battle shot? Then why is there leaves, branches, and crap everywhere can't even see it. Were you hiding in a bush all battle?

Also everytime I'm about to run outta gas, hey Noc can we stop to take a picture of that mountain or waterfall. No get out

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Yeah idk about that one...

It will do better than the Wii U though

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