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I play single player games more than multiplayer ones

so yes keep them coming #3
Ok, some of those did blow my mind #1
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Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter
Dark Cloud
Crash Bandicoot
Jak and Daxter
Ni no Kuni
Rogue Galaxy
Ape Escape
Soul Reaver
Fat Princess
Dragon Quest
Twisted Metal
Croc #1
Best - playing the game

Worst - waiting for that damn long install, took forever for me #2
Map looks sick

definitely getting this, the beta was awesome #2
If it's true that's awesome, finally get to play Saints Row 4 #3
I miss Westwood

I still play Nox on PC. That game is amazing. #2
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Who wants to trade in their games for 15 cents anyway #6
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Omg haha

Man I love the original theme song of that show though

"The Fastest Thing Alive" #3
None should be remastered, we want new IPs and games for PS4 #14
I love Bioshock 1 and Infinite

so I disagree with that #14
Sega Genesis, and all those great PS1 games

<3 #5
Damn I want this game #3
Thats like almost 90% off lol #10
Um where are the JRPGs?

Dark Cloud 1 and 2
Grandia 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Rogue Galaxy #21
Because Activision is all about money. They are probably working on a Crash Bandicoot Skylanders game. They are disgusting give the rights to Crash back and Spyro while you're at it. Stop killing my childhood. #13
I absolutely love the BioShock series

I will be all over this game #5
The PS1 startup screen is my fav <3 #14
I really wanted Dragon Age, in October. I hope the delay really makes the game that much better. #2
My guess is DmC 2 #4
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