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The Evil Within? Isn't that Parasite Eve? #20
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That looks absolutely crazy!
My kind of game. :D #1
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The problem is that, most of the budget that the Xbox gaming division used to acquire 3rd party Exclusives as well as DLCs (Timed or otherwise) are now being funneled to Kinect.

This is the big elephant in the room, that most Xbox fans are failing to see. To them the launch of Kinect, would be beneficial to them. I'm sorry to say, it's not.

When you have a scarce First/Second Party lineup that MS have, and most of them working on Kinect, you are going... #1.6
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Bethesda also gets a free pass. #1.2
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If it is,
it's one helluva expensive experiment. #6
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Reading Comprehension FTL
This is the question that was asked: I wanted to know if Microsoft had any plans to introduce an accompanying peripheral (similar to the Wii nunchuk) that would allow Kinect games to explore a 3D playing field wider than the camera’s field of view.

And the answer: “Sure. We’re not announcing anything right now, but yes. Our initial focus is getting [the controller] out of the way and making you feel like you’re part of the action. So that’s where we are today. But the technol... #26.1.2
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Ok. Arnon, why don't you try answering this:
What incentive is there for anyone to buy, Kinect + controller, for who knows what amount, instead of just using your Xbox Gamepad that came with the 360,to play the game?

Besides, if MS does indeed decides to follow this route, wouldn't that be an admission on the limitations of Kinect? Since they were touting it as "Controller-free is The Future of Gaming" and "You are the Controller".

Not only that, they would validate, Sony's... #26.1
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Is this article serious?
Rockband 3, Power Gig, Def Jam Rapstar, DJ Hero 2, these are must-see E3 games? Are you kidding me!

These games is not even worth my bandwidth just to view their trailers on my Computer, much less go to E3 to even view them personally. #5
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It's probably just DLC.
It's either that or the location of their Hotdog Stand. XP #8
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1. Goodbye Discs- Sony, the company that loves proprietary media format, is just going to drop Blu-ray when it's gaining wide acceptance? I don't think so. Besides, not even the US has the bandwidth capability to support pure digital distribution of this magnitude. Not to mention, Sony will be shooting themselves on the foot, when some countries have even less.

2. Lower Price, Fewer Features- For some features, probably. But the no disc drive, sorry that's not go... #3
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*rolls eyes* #2
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I've seen a ton of videos about NATAL,
but I have yet to see it demoed at a normal-sized room. It is always very spacious and clutter-free.

Even if I own a 360, which I do not, I still won't be able to use Natal. In my Sala where I usually game, It's only 12 ft. between the couch and my TV. Not to mention, I also have a coffee table full of displays.

So if I want to play Natal, I will have to move the couch and the coffee table everytime, to do so.

Which is more effort tha... #24
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I think this is SE's Super Secret Game for E3, that will make not only the gaming media but also the gamers in general do a quadruple take.

It's Project: WTF

XP #1.1
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Sorry dude, it will never happen.
Legend of Dragoon is a Sony owned IP. #24.4
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Among them,
I think this one looks alot like Lulu. #4
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They'll be next door neighbors to Sony Santa Monica aka "The God of War Studio". #4
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If this is just TEKKEN 6 with TAG added, masquerading as TEKKEN 7,
then SCAMCO can shove it up their a$$. #7
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Make sure everything is all and good with Natal and Cirque du Soleil. Remember, Milli Vanilli. #2.1
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We're in the frickin HD era for cryin' out loud. So, there should be no excuse for Sub-HD games.

If a Sub-HD game is released for the PS3 and 360, it should retail for $50 or less. #8
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It's kinda ironic,
seeing as most of his latest works are definitely "inspired" by FF and DQ. #4
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