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While I do agree it looks rather bland and the graphics are not what they could be I kinda don't mind.

I mean the series lives and dies by it's game play and that was what killed it when they started doing all those dumb gimmicks. If the game plays and feels like a real Tony Hawk game I would be happy enough with that.

Not to mention if this sells a ton you can bet your bum that EA will bring back Skate and that will probably be a more next gen game a... #1.1.13
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I personally think that Deep Down should have just been Dragon's Dogma online which funny enough is what alot of folks thought it was until Capcom came out and said otherwise. I know now there is a Dragon's Dogman online but it was not handled very well.


I have always wanted a crazy looking next gen Monster Hunter game that could really blow people away. It's sad because I bet that will never happen as Capcom can make tons of money with... #1.2.2
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The thing with me is if they even know what some of the stuff is going to be why did they not just say what they had planned and then just saw we have more as well but we need to get the details nailed down.

I am so tired of games companies being so cloak and dagger with info that should be let out to help to calm fans and prevent a backlash that most times fans are justified in making.

I mean it kinda in a way reminds me of the whole Far Cry 4 reveal with... #1.1.3
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It used to work fine for me but now as of the last few weeks has been having nothing but issues. Sound can't be controlled, won't allow me to full screen, track bar will not let me skip ahead. Yeah they need to get a new player.

On topic however I am really excited about the game. IGN did a first 15 minutes thing and it made me happy to see how quickly the game lets go of your hand and lets you do what you want. While I loved the opening scenes of Witcher 2 it did kin... #1.1.1
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Part of me wants to see him continue making big games but I also kinda wonder what he would make with a much smaller budget. I mean the man is incredibly creative and he could easily do something amazing with almost nothing.

That said I so wish he was not leaving as I am willing to bet Silent Hills may get cancelled. Even if it doesn't everyone will likely wonder what his version of the game was going to be.

I guess at the end of the day as long as he is... #1.1.4
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It should be asking what the Xbox One slim will look like and even then that is a bit soon. #1.1.8
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I am kinda confused at the hate to be honest. I mean yes I agree the game isn't the best thing ever and I would personally give it about a 7.5 maybe a 8. But the thing that gets me alot is that this isn't the first game that is like this but it's getting so much hate.

Example Heavenly Sword. It was like the Order a showcase of what they PS3 could do and was short and had game play that was not up to par with others in the genre like Devil May Cry. The game also fo... #1.1.5
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The online thing kinda annoys the hell out of me. I mean look at ALL the games that had a tacked on MP aspect. None of them have active community's or if they do it's so small it's not worth getting into.

Add to that the fact that a good amount of great SP only games have come out in the last few years and were praised to high heaven for how awesome they were and not a single person complained about lack of MP. Wolfenstien was a big example of this. The game was... #1.2.2
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Kinda makes me sad. I mean Sega have come close over the years to making a good Sonic game and instead of taking what they get in feedback they just throw out everything and start over and the result is crap.

I mean Generations is a good example. The game certainly had it's problems but it was pretty good. Instead of building on that and fixing the mistakes they just threw the entire concept out the window.

Makes me sad. #1.1.4
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I kinda see both sides to this honestly. The fact is that yes it's stupid to complain about the game when you have obviously gotten your moneys worth(most games dream of keeping player interest for 100).

That said alot of the negativity around Destiny is that Bungie kinda billed it as this massive world that constantly be expanding and you would always have something new and interesting to do. That isn't the case. The so called expansions have not been up to most pla... #1.1.4
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I would imagine that the bulk of what was going to make XV a Nomura title has long since been done and that Tabata is basically just taking all the pieces and putting them in order.

This would explain why we have had such a glut of info from the game compared to the total silence it was under not that long ago. #1.2
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Alot of people only wear the new stuff for a little bit and then return to other things. The hair styles in the game are a a good example of this. When a new one is added everyone likes to use it but after a few months less are using it.

Also they made the Lightning armor dyeable and it does a lot to make it not even look like Lightning's cloths. I would hope they are doing the same thing here because then people could have different little spin on it. #1.2
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I loved RE0! It would be awesome if Capcom did what they did for the REmake for RE0. The game is equally if not more beautiful as the remake and giving it the same treatment would allow a ton of people to play this overlooked gem.

Capcom make it happen. #1.1.1
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In all fairness Crisis Core is a very pretty game. They could HD it up somewhat easily. Final Fantasy VII on the other hand needs to be completely redone and the work for something of that scope would be huge. (probably not the 10 years SE claims but still alot of work)

I would love to see Crisis core HD. Infact I think there are a decent amount of games that came out for the PSP that could be pretty awesome as a HD remake on consoles.

I have wanted Dissidi... #1.3
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I would be interested to see how they would handle a HD remake for RE2. With the first game a incredible remake was already out there and they just needed to polish it up real nice and release it.

Correct if me I'm wrong but RE2 never got that treatment so Capcom would have to make a remake for it from the ground up. I would love that if they did it as you said basically make it nice and pretty and leave the game play alone but I guess we will see if they listen to that s... #1.1.1
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Doom was what hooked me. I had played plenty of games up to that point but Doom was the one that made me fall in love with gaming. Still love it I can go back and play it and it never gets old. #1.1.3
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Yeah Microsoft gave it a hell of a go with the 360. Tons of games early on were basically aimed right at Japan and still nothing. I honestly think they should give up and pull out but they probably see that as a sign off weakness or something. I don't think they should waste the money. If someone in Japan wants a Xbox One so bad they can import.

Still makes me sad though that we never got Vesperia on PS3. I love the game to pieces and all the extra content was super exci... #1.1.3
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I would LOVE to see FFXII HD. It's my personal fav game in the series despite the fact that so many people seem to hate it. I would love to see them put in equal effort and have something that is similar to or surpasses what they did with X HD.

Also the Xenosaga thing is mighty exciting if it happens although I have to wonder what exactly they would do with it. I kinda expect them to just up res it and toss it out the door if it happens. It would be a dream if they could... #1.1.8
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I personally think it looks great. Probably my favorite
style since Wind Waker. It doesn't look flat out anime which is good cause it should still feel and look a bit like Zelda after all. The best way I can think of comparing is how Avatar The Last Airbender was CLEARLY inspired by anime but at the same time was it's own thing. This new Zelda has that kinda feel to it. #1.1.2
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To be honest what I have noticed with Ubisoft is that the majority of their games are shown off with incredible visuals the first time they are revealed and then take little hit in the game play demos that we see later on and then when the game comes out they take another hit.

Watch Dogs did this and now it kinda looks like Unity is and I think Far Cry 4 may be the same as the first unveil looked better then the game play stuff we have seen since then. Maybe it's just my... #1.1.4
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