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To be honest what I have noticed with Ubisoft is that the majority of their games are shown off with incredible visuals the first time they are revealed and then take little hit in the game play demos that we see later on and then when the game comes out they take another hit.

Watch Dogs did this and now it kinda looks like Unity is and I think Far Cry 4 may be the same as the first unveil looked better then the game play stuff we have seen since then. Maybe it's just my... #1.1.4
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I agree about Infamous. I liked and play the hell out of Second Son itself but I honestly had a ton more fun with First Light. The battle arenas were pretty fun as well as you didn't really come up against the level of chaos that could build to in the main story of either game.

Shadow of Mordor is one of those games I am surprised that everyone else is surprised that it's good. The first time they showed a decent amount of footage from it I thought almost right away... #1.1
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I know alot of folks think 2 is the best and scariest Silent Hill but for me personally I like 3 the most. The tie to the original game was pretty cool and there were just some things that really got to me more then the other games.

The opening segments is a good example with the rusted out theme park and the creepy as hell rabbits with blood all over there mouths. When I was really little I was terrified when a mascot would walk up to me at a theme park and I guess that make... #1.1
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From what was said it seemed as though the Dark Knight would tank with the assistance of magic. I would assume they could use some of the things Dark Knight has in XI like Dread Spikes(which made Dark Knight pretty good tank until they gimped the spell). I would imagine we will hear alot more about what it plays like in December when they are do the Japanese Fan Fest. Most are expecting the biggest news to come out of that one. #2.1
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I was not aware it is making a profit. Is it making money on each sale of the console(like PS4 is) or has it already gained back all the money Nintendo put into R&D? I honestly don't know so lemme know about that please.

That said if the console is making Nintendo money in the long run then I don't see why people are freaking out about it not selling like gang busters. We are getting tons of great games and if it's not hurting Nintendo then I don't see wh... #1.3.2
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To be honest while I don't think the Wii U will ever turn a profit and or get a massive install base similar to what the PS4 and XBO looking for I do think it's still a great console for fans.

I mean while we won't be getting alot of the bigger 3rd party games we are getting incredible games that no one else is like Bayonetta, Smash, Xenoblade, Zelda, Mario Kart and many others. I mean I would not regret the price of admission if the line up is that good. It may... #1.3
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I would hope we see Fallout 4 at E3 next year and like you said maybe have it come out late 2016. Would be pretty awesome to just know it's coming.

But on topic I can't wait for Witcher 3. The 2nd game was amazing and I try to get as many friends to play it as possible and I still play it a bit myself being that there is so much content in the game.

With how much was in Witcher 2 I am kinda blown away at how big and open 3 is. #1.1.1
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I think a good reason it's taking so long is because it was not in active development the entire time we have known about it.

We know that the team on XV was pulled off the game to help finish out XIII so that put the game on the back burner. Then in addition to that I think(and this is just my speculation) that they stopped the game for awhile because what they wanted to do was to ambitious for the last gen consoles and knew that next gen was coming. Tabata has already... #1.1.3
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As someone who likes to collect figures and what not I have to say I don't understand how the Play Arts line is still alive.

Pretty much everything they make looks like crap and would in my opinion be embarrassing to display in any way.

They look like they are made as play toys for kids but you can get cheaper action figures easy so I don't get it. #1.1.6
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I REALLY hope I am wrong but to me it looks like they meant that all the games in the XIII series and not all the game in the Final Fantasy series.

That said I REALLY hope I am wrong because I would love to be able to play all the Final Fantasy games in one place and more then that i would LOVE to be able to replay XII as it's my personal fav in the series. #1.1
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Same. It's kinda sad that no one seems to be paying attention to this game. I mean everything about it is really cool and interesting and yet I don't see it getting the time it needs for people to even know that it's gonna be more then just another cheap Lord of the Rings game.

I really hope once it comes out and word of mouth spreads that the game does really well cause it looks awesome and it would be cool to see what could be done in the future with a franchis... #3.1
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I wholeheartedly agree. I loved what they did with The New Order. It was old school while at the same time looking to the new school.

Game play was fast and fluid and really fun and I was shocked they were able to turn BJ into a character you care about. The rest of the characters were pretty interesting as well(a few duds but what game doesn't have a few of those)

I also think it was great they made a FPS that was meant to tell a story and to that poin... #1.1
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I really wish they would stop screwing around and just push him properly. It looked like that was the plan after mania but then they really dropped the ball on that.

I hope he doesn't end up like Sandow or something cause he deserves alot more. #2.2
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Personally I do think the game will be good but I am kinda expecting alot of people to hate it regardless.

When you think of a Alien game you probably don't think something along the lines of Isolation. What probably comes to mind is something more like what CM was trying to be but better.

I honestly think it will be a awesome game but there are gonna be tons of folks who despite it being good won't like it because it's not a over the top run an... #2.2
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Yeah i love random little things like this. I would MUCH rather have a little funny physical item then a exclusive part of a game or something. All parts of the game should be for everyone but the silly little toys and whatnot are great for the more die hard fans who love to pre order. #1.2
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Yeah you don't have to play them to understand the main plot but there will be a TON of little things you will notice and appreciate if you do play them.

As mentioned they are pretty damn cheap so if you have even the slightest bit of interest in the Witcher universe they are well worth it. #2.1
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I agree and to be honest people still care about Final Fantasy, They would not be so pissed off at the direction of the games if they didn't.

They complain and get angry at SE because they loved the older games and wants SE to capture that magic again and if no one gave a crap about the franchise anymore no one would react that way they would just let the newest game come and go and not give a damn.

I think if SE is letting Nomura-san have reign over XV... #1.1.2
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Awesome at music terrible at games. Guess he had to have a weakness somewhere. #2.1
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The best way I would describe it would be that it feels like it's stuck in between Free to play and Pay to play. Basically the quality isn't high enough to warrant a fee but it would be really high quality if the was free.

I do agree that it's a love or hate game however. I loved the fact that I could play it pretty much with few exceptions how I would play a offline ES game and I loved that but then there were moments that did kinda ruin that love.
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XII is my favorite game in the series by far. I loved everything about it. It was so different when compared to the past games in the series and it pulled off pretty much everything it tried to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a HD remaster of XII. The game was a looker back when it came out and if you play it on a emulator today at 1080p it still looks awesome I can't imagine how good it would look if SE put in the extra effort like X.

Sad thing is despit... #1.1.3
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