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The loss of Westwood was hard to swallow when it happened. I know alot of folks jump to Command and Conquer but for me I fell in love with the Lands of Lore series. It makes me sad that EA has hold of the IP and will in all likelihood never touch it. Not that I blame them as it was a niche series but I wish when a company knows that they will never use a IP again they would just sell it. For example nice that IO could keep Hitman as SE would have never done anything with it.

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It's interesting cause awhile ago I had heard(it might have been on a Did you Know Gaming Episode not sure) that Bethesda was offered the chance to make a Game of Thrones game awhile back like before the show I think and they turned it down despite being fans of the books because they wanted to focus on the Elder Scrolls.

It would be somewhat odd to all of a sudden change that stance and make a game now if this ends up being true. I would honestly be a bit disappointed...

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The game is "mean" to the player and insults you alot but it's part of the theme and the reviewer seems offended by that.

It's fine to say they don't find it funny but to act like it's such a big deal is a bit silly in my eyes.

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I know this is early but I can not help but think that it doesn't look all that much better then BL2. Again I know this is just a tech demo to give a feel for how the game may look in the end but I honestly expected A) a bit more of a jump and B) that perhaps they would attempt to overhaul how the game looks. Keeping the style but in a way that might look a bit different.

The best example of what I mean is Saint's Row 4 to Agents of Mayhem. It clearly has a similar...

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They cancelled it. I think it was not coming out how they wanted and so they cancelled it and took this path instead. I mean I don't mind a remaster or re release of the original as it was a awesome game but this is just...

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I kinda think the reason characters back then worked better was because they didn't really care who they were trying to please. They just made what they wanted and often times it lead to far more depth then we have these days. I mean now companies base alot of who their characters are on marketing and trying to reach more players then just make a really solid character. Sometimes this works and we get a really great character but more often then not characters come off paper thin or just ...

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I think it's a bit of column A and bit of column B. I kinda feel despite the combat being very simple that it wasen't safe. I would think something that would be more akin to a action game would have been safe cause folks are more likely to button mash in a that looks like action regardless of if it really controls that way. I loved my turn based games but I at the same time saw a appeal in a battle system that make fights look like Advent Children. SE wa...

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One must also keep in mind that they said the game was quite a ways off. I would love to have it in 2017 but I would honestly not be surprised for it to be mid or late 2018. I mean they said the scale of this game is going to be much larger then Witcher 3 which is already kinda mind blowing to me. I would like for them to take all the time they need so we get some as good if not better then Witcher.

That said it would be cool if we got to see what the game is some time nex...

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I would LOVE to see a SNES mini and a N64 mini could be awesome as well but I do agree I don't think they will do a 3D console like that.

Something a little out of left field that I would like to see would be something like a Gameboy Advance mini. Alot of the games on the GBA were at or close to SNES quality and I think with the right filters would be great to play on a tv and I think it would help to introduce alot of people to some games they otherwise may never have...

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It's kinda sad. I mean the way they shipped the game was unforgivable in my opinion. The thing that is sad however is at least to me Street Fighter V is a very solid game as far as mechanics go. I know some think it's a bit simple but I kinda like the back to basics approach it has.

The sad thing is that like dead_pixels mentioned so many people see the whole release as a beta of sorts and I honestly don't know if any amount of polish and additions can pull new ...

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I don't really think it is going exclusive worldwide. I think it's just obvious to SE that it may be a waste of time and resources to do a Japanese Xbox version when it's basically not going to sell.

It's likely still headed to Xbox in the west and it might be worth that here. That said SE makes really dumb decisions all that time and could care less about how it makes them appear. So if it was indeed becoming a PS4 exclusive I don't think SE would real...

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I would love love love to see a really good Turok game with modern hardware. Make it just like the original games but with incredibly detailed worlds. I mean we don't have a ton of games with Dinosaurs these days it would be cool to see something like that with the graphics modern games can achieve.

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To me I think the success or lack thereof of the NX will depend on how people take to it. I mean the idea is awesome in my opinion. It would be awesome for Nintendo to not have to split games between a handheld and console. The idea of having a new Fire Emblem game that I can bring with me but also play on a TV is exciting to me.

This could in theory help with the 3rd party support as well. In recent years the 3ds has had a little less support but there was a time when it ...

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I just finished a play through of Morrowind and it still is a great game to me. That said a remaster aside from just making it easier to play the game on current hardware would be kinda pointless. Morrowind needs a total remake which would scare me as I think they may take alot of what made it special out because of the market today.

Currently I am playing Oblivion again and honestly it would not take much to do a nice remaster of the game. If they wanted to really do some...

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There is also the possibility that not having any restraint could be bad for the game at the end of the day. Like having to many new ideas thrown into a game all at once make it a overwhelming experience in a negative way.

That said I honestly don't expect that to happen. He has done enough large scale games to know where the line is I think and Konami had been stopping him far short of that line(we can see that quite clearly in MGS5). Either way I am just excited to se...

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If I had to guess as to why you nerf one character instead of buff all of the others it may have to do with over the long term the characters become to powerful and it may affect the pace the game is intended to have. If everyone gets boosts to offensive capability then eventually the game is going to be quicker death and faster pace and at that point what was the point of what Blizzard spent all that time building.

Still I really don't know I'm just guessing here....

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Yeah. I mean last gen I had issues with UE3 cause it had a habit of making games that used it look a bit to samey(which a handful of exceptions of course) But the UE4 has impressed out of the gate and it's kinda odd to see this not looking much better. I mean some stuff looks better in these screens but a good amount looks drastically worse. I mean the Hugo Strange one makes his eye brows and beard look terrible to the point of laugh ability.

All that said however it r...

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I will agree the multiplayer is quite weak but then again DOOM has never been about multiplayer for me. That was what Quake was.

The idea however that the game needs a story of some significance is insane to me. Nearly every damn game tries to shove some stupid trite story into games that don't really need it and when one comes along and wants to be all about the GAMEPLAY people attack it for lack of story. Like DOOM needs a big in depth drama about the events going o...

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yeah I have about 14 hours in the game on steam right now and I did a few things in Snapmap and whatnot so knock off a hour or 2 for that and yeah 12 hours is about in the zone. I think I remember Id saying it would be about that long before it came out but It really does depend on the player. You could just blaze through it and not try to find any secrets and it would be a bit shorter. Still I was pleased and will be going back and messing with higher difficulty levels.

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I think they posted a reason on the website and it was something along the lines of their readers complaining about the old way they did this which was without a score and was just impressions and now they caved and give a temp score even though that is a really stupid way to do things. Before people complained and now they complain they should have just kept doing what they were doing.

That said I am only a few hours into DOOM and I think it's a lot better then most a...

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