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I really wish they would stop screwing around and just push him properly. It looked like that was the plan after mania but then they really dropped the ball on that.

I hope he doesn't end up like Sandow or something cause he deserves alot more. #2.2
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Personally I do think the game will be good but I am kinda expecting alot of people to hate it regardless.

When you think of a Alien game you probably don't think something along the lines of Isolation. What probably comes to mind is something more like what CM was trying to be but better.

I honestly think it will be a awesome game but there are gonna be tons of folks who despite it being good won't like it because it's not a over the top run an... #2.2
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Yeah i love random little things like this. I would MUCH rather have a little funny physical item then a exclusive part of a game or something. All parts of the game should be for everyone but the silly little toys and whatnot are great for the more die hard fans who love to pre order. #1.2
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Yeah you don't have to play them to understand the main plot but there will be a TON of little things you will notice and appreciate if you do play them.

As mentioned they are pretty damn cheap so if you have even the slightest bit of interest in the Witcher universe they are well worth it. #2.1
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I agree and to be honest people still care about Final Fantasy, They would not be so pissed off at the direction of the games if they didn't.

They complain and get angry at SE because they loved the older games and wants SE to capture that magic again and if no one gave a crap about the franchise anymore no one would react that way they would just let the newest game come and go and not give a damn.

I think if SE is letting Nomura-san have reign over XV... #1.1.2
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Awesome at music terrible at games. Guess he had to have a weakness somewhere. #2.1
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The best way I would describe it would be that it feels like it's stuck in between Free to play and Pay to play. Basically the quality isn't high enough to warrant a fee but it would be really high quality if the was free.

I do agree that it's a love or hate game however. I loved the fact that I could play it pretty much with few exceptions how I would play a offline ES game and I loved that but then there were moments that did kinda ruin that love.
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XII is my favorite game in the series by far. I loved everything about it. It was so different when compared to the past games in the series and it pulled off pretty much everything it tried to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a HD remaster of XII. The game was a looker back when it came out and if you play it on a emulator today at 1080p it still looks awesome I can't imagine how good it would look if SE put in the extra effort like X.

Sad thing is despit... #1.1.3
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Honestly I don't see this working. Firstly the game itself is already so cinematic to the point of not needing a movie.

I mean there isn't really any fat to be trimmed so it could fit a movie run time.

Honestly I think Naughty Dog could just compile the cut scenes from the game and make a few new ones to fill in the games that game play did and just release it as a 3DCG movie.

That would get around having to cast new people as thes... #1.1.3
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Amen to that. #1.2.1
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There is a good chance they will release it this year and that it will still be awesome. Basically the game is supposed to be a semi MMO of sorts and because of that they could release what they have finished and then releasing patches to add what was not ready at launch. I mean the game will expand the longer it is out with DLC and expansions(at least that is how it should be to keep the game fresh)

So yeah they could release it with what is finished and as long as it's... #2.1.3
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It does seem a bit fast for them to be thinking about another console more so when they need to try and salvage what they did with the Wii U. They need to admit that either they need to stop being a gen behind or that they need to stop relying on dumb gimmick controls and go back to what Nintendo does best. Solid as hell and polished game play. #1.2.4
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I just recently finished up the Arland Trilogy and even though I have Ayesha for PS3 I am wondering if perhaps I should just hold off and play the Vita version when it comes out. hmmm :/ #1.1.3
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Nights was one of my favorite games when I was growing up. I really wish it got more credit for what it did at the time and how damn fun it was.

Would love to see a more modern version of the game. Sega would not even need to make it a big game. Make a nice 20$ downloadable and I would be happy. But please Sega keep it AWAY from Kinect! #1.2
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The problem with this and most western and Japanese collaborations is the lack of what made the game that inspired the project had that made it special.

Example. They say in the kickstarter video how much they were influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics yet the concept art looks like a generic medieval game that will be based on what they are saying play like Final Fantasy Tactics and games like it. Games like Tactics were not just special because of the game play. They had that... #2
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I am betting it will be Fallout 4 as the logical thing to do is alternate back and forth between the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Bethesda has to know that crap tons of people are hyping themselves up for it. Not to mention it's been awhile since Bethesda themselves touched the franchise as they didn't make Vegas.

That said regardless of what the game is I am betting it will be awesome. I just hope they focus on more then just raw graphics as they really need to improv... #1.1.6
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Hopefully they will manage the next game better so it will be more profitable right out of the game.

Can't wait to see what they do with the next game. Only real thing I hope they improve are having much more puzzles as that was one of the bigger aspects of the older games and I think they could make some pretty good ones if they try enough. #1.3
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I'm kinda sick that people are complaining that XV will not help save the franchise because it is more of a action game.

Firstly at it's core it is still a RPG and it's in a proper way adapting to the times(Something XIII tried to do but failed) second one of the biggest things Final Fantasy did was change every game in some way to make it more varied then previous games. Hence why games like X-2 and XII were so different compared to the games that preceded them.... #1.1.4
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The thing that makes me kinda nervous about this is that if they are willing to do this for a game as old as Skyrim that they will be doing a cross gen version of a new game aka Fallout 4 which would easily ruin it. #1.4
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yeah I really don't like the way she looks in this version of the game. I loved the way she had a more stylized look in the original version. But now it just looks bad in my opinion. I like when a game tries to make it's own style and look a bit different(or alot different in some games) then everything else out there. Honestly I hope more people have a issue with it as well so they go back to the original style with the next game. #1.2.1
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