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These advertisements will likely only be used for Sony's cloud gaming service (which will probably only be available to PS+ users and supposedly the service only plays demos).

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They did and once they found out that it was shit, they got rid of it. Much like they should do to egmnow.

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No. If this were in the US then it wouldn't be a horror promotion. It would end up turning into a RE themed lazer tag.

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Vita is not the PS4 at all. It will obviously connect to the PS4 and even have witty advertising behind it.

Playstation "4"

The number four is considered inauspicious because it is pronounced the same as the word for death (shi). Therefore, one should not make presents that consist of four pieces, etc. In some hotels and hospitals the room number four is skipped.

Playstation "Vita"

Vita is Latin for "...

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Their next game is a MMO (contract requires them to have in-game admins at all time too) & it will be mediocre since they haven't made a good game since Halo 2. They also have to sell 5 million copies (sold, not shipped) in order to continue & since it will be exclusive on top of all that then the game will flop & they'll get no bonus.

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More shovelware for fans of Twilight it seems.

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lol @ thinking a casualized DOA5 will beat TTT2. The power blow mechanic is the worst thing to ever happen to the DOA franchise (well that & the terrible character design in the new one). With the VF characters being shoved in it's looking more like a spinoff than a real DOA. I don't care about DOA5 (even though I liked all of the previous games) & I don't like TTT2 (even though I liked TTT) but TTT2 will easily overshadow DOA5.

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Because they're intentionally trying to ruin the franchise so they can work on something else. I'm just surprised that she wasn't unveiled along with another out of place VF character doing a montage of power blows.

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Avatar "boots". It's about time they 1-up'd shoes & show us what the bottom of an avatar's boot looks like.

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lol @ the butthurt comments over the score. The game just isn't good. Deal with it.

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Not surprised that another Vita exclusive flopped. This game had mediocre written on it from the beginning.

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I stopped reading at...

"With Sony yet to deliver that triple-A PlayStation Move experience"

You'd think these bloggers would actually do some research before making themselves look like retards.

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Cross-Platform online = PS3 users completely owning Vita users.

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Nope. Not in this game & not in CoD.

Back to Battlefield 3 for me.

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I'd probably care more if they had a Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection. I just see that lame Kazama character being shoved into the games as if he's supposed to be the toughest one. It's really annoying and I hate how they say that this is like a new Yakuza series when you still are being forced to use him as a character. They should just rename the Yakuza series and use Akiyama as the main character instead.

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True. Nobody cares about the witcher. It's just a mediocre version of Dragon Age.

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Ubisoft doesn't make blockbuster games unless they mean renting Ubisoft games at Blockbuster (implying anyone would ever go to such a garbage store).

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Who cares about the story for this garbage. FF13 & FF13-2 are the worst FF games ever made. Just scrap it & finish the one that people actually want. FFvs13.

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Until I play games like Agent & FFvs13 then I won't even think about buying a next-gen console so of course it's too soon. At this rate you'll have games announced early for the PS4 which won't release until after the PS5 is out.

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It will be yet another overrated & mediocre GTA just like GTA4.

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