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"The first beast is nigh"


People must not know about how small Japan's relationship with sex is when compared to the US. I live here in the US and everything is sex here, if you aren't having sex in America then ppl think there's something wrong with you. In Japan, adults will rent rooms in sex themed hotels (the few that there are) just to play card games n such. They aren't a sex driven ppl like Americans are. #1.1.11
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Did anyone else get it for free? Got home from work yesterday and it was downloading automatically. Got home today and started playing it. Did not get too far so I'm not sure if what I have is a teaser or the full doc for free. I noticed the file size is 9GB, so I'm not quite sure what it is I have, fun though :) #1.1.4
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this #5.1.1
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while I was playing the demo, I paused it to go for a restroom break. so im sitting on the toilet seat in my house all alone when I hear a strange mumbling, not finishing up I pulled my pants up and grabbed a kitchen knife and did a quick patrol throughout my house. I was afraid that someone was in the house. after not finding anyone I told myself it had to be the game messing with me and returned to the restroom to finish up. most uneasy #2 ive ever had to take. I apologize for the detailes... #1.1.3
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not trying to sound like a fanboy or anything, but has anyone considered that cross-gen games are still held back by the Xbox360's dvd-9 format?

not too happy about certain games being cross-gen. watch dogs was not all that great and im just hoping that MGS5 has plenty of content. not planning on buying too many cross-gen games for my current gen system, looking forward to having a library of mostly current gen games. #6
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@ linwelin and Patrick
my point exactly

im not happy about the conflict and all its victoms in Israel/gaza women and children shouldn't have to die, but there seems to be lots of media coverage surrounding this issue with drones constantly chanting "free gaza"

yet there is hardly anything mentioned reguarding the conflict in Iraq/Syria which is catastrophic when compared to Gaza. Not only are thousands more dying, but the worlds oil supp... #1.1.8
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People forget that the Palestinian people voted Hamas in to govern them, an organization with "the obligation of the destruction of Israel" on its charter.
People also forget that the Palestinians celebrated in the streets when 9/11 happened.
Many muslims in the U.S. are protesting against Isreal for the hundreds of muslim deaths, caused by Hamas storing and hiding missiles in civilized areas . But not one U.S. muslim is standing up for the thousands upon thousands o... #1.1
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Damnit, I wanna watch the 4th season of both Louie and Wilfred without paying for direct-tv. #1.1
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Same here, I'd like to think of it as a halo/skyrim hybrid, but with less customizations . Still fun though. And plus I missed out on the halo games so I can really appreciate the feel of this game. First day for me #1.1
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That is exactly what I'm hoping for. #1.1.1
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now that was great :)
thumbs up #2.1
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how about majora?

his mask alone was an interesting adversary #1.1.1
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This Game is gonna be badass.

This is Hideo Kojima we are talkin about here. MetalGearSolid isn't just his profession, its his passion, his expressive art, his f***ing baby. Not lashing out at you man, just saying have a little faith. ;)

I still have a little faith that David Hayter will be in the game somewhere (fingers crossed) #1.1.2
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Back in the game too, although it's lost its charm now, not all that fun but I'm playing through it #3.2.1
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same here, got the game for ps4, haven't played for weeks #3.1
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wel im sure as hell buying the wiiu the this game hits store shelves #1
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very interesting article although I stopped reading as soon it gives warning to spoilers. despite still being a little upset over david hayter no longer being snake, I have full confidence in Kojima's ability in creating captivating character personalities and emotionally drivin story plots. I cannot wait to see what The Phantom Pain has in store for us, both in gameplay and story .

Hats off to the one and only Hideo Kojima.
very few games have brought me to tear... #1
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I Remember nightmare creatures, nothing like playing nightmare creatures at night on the N64. Oh the good ol' days #2
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Thanks for the advice,
So a better graphics card and power supply??? #8.1.1
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The only way I would consider purchasing this alien, is if I can run a maxed out and fully modded skyrim (like in the badass videos found all over YouTube) in standard alienware model ($550)

I don't use my pc for gaming but I spent almost 600 on it from microcenter.
I don't know too much on specs but I would appreciate it if someone here can help me out on letting me know what I would need to run skyrim fully modded and maxed out.

Here is what... #8
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