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I wanted to like this game but it has SUCKED. Unless the beta was way off from the finished game, it's still gonna suck.

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UFC 3 Undisputed was pretty good, the online sucked. EA is gonna screw this up royally there is not chance this game will be good.

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Is it that BB is still gonna charge $59.99 for games over a year old?

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Gran Turismo 5 plat has become my worst nightmare only because of the endurance races 24 hour races, 4 hour races, and so forth. The save feature is BS

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I dont hate COD but Im definitely bored with it. It happened to me in MW3 about 4 months in. I love playing games with a group of friends and competing again real people but after killing millions of people it gets stale. Even worse are those friends that wont play anything but COD.

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Sir Hammerlock is a boring character why is he headling a dlc? A cool dlc would be that Mike kid that died of cancer or whatever that'd be cool. A dlc for a fan and to the fans. Or do the original vaults hunters brick, mordy, etc that'd be pretty cool.

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Anyone with 22k+ trophies is a virgin.

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The app sucks! The keyboard wtf is that! Why can't it just be the same on screen keyboard as the browser. The search feature never finds what your looking for compared to the regular version. It sucks.

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There definitely needs to be more backpack and vault space. Ive beaten everything w Axton, Sal, and Maya including the dlc. Now I just look for cool weapons and with 28 legendary weapons and a bunch of etech guns Im running outta room.
Also fix the damn fast travel. If I pick a place and the game is saving why cant it just take me there after its done saving? Seems like an easy fix.

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Frank Gibeau your company sucks at making games. EA blows.

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These opinion articles are getting annoying. PS3, 360, PC, Wii, and Wii U are all good. If they weren't they'd only be around for a year or two (I know Wii U just came out).

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My top wrestling games are
WCW vs the world ps1- Introduced the game engine that would become WCW vs NWO, WWF No Mercy
2. WWF Warzone ps1- Not a great game but introduced full enterances and was first WWF 3d game really revolutionary for the time but insane button combinations DOSENT STAND THE TEST OF TIME
3. WWF No Mercy N64- You can group all the N64- games here (WCW world tour, WCW vs NWO, WWF Wrestlemania 2000) but I give a slight edge because of the roster

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Saw a similar vid on cod4 a year ago. Noobs, lol, dude had a good 30 seconds sitting on his head while he sent a message. If that ever happens to me im quitting video games 4 life, thats getting owned.

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Xbox is getting lame real quick. If you drink a coke while you play your suspended is that next. Its the games fault. Ive tried it, it was funnier than useful. I did it twice and got 1 assist. Get a life microsoft!

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If she cooks or does anything as pitiful as swing a golf club Id be playin Xbox, too. God awful is the best way to describe that. Charles Barkley has better form. Whats messed up I bet somewhere along the line she bought her bf a game for a gift. Really, girl Id bet the farm you spend more time on your phone than he does playin Xbox. I dont know this crazy girl but the Xbox has got to be more fun than dealing with a psychopath! Dont forget about the poor driver she nicked all to hell. 'Im tea...

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