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Skittish investors.

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My experienced with Battleborn, and with Overwstch , have been fun, but completely different. I like them both.

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I have to agree. It really is a fresh feeling game. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something new in the FPS genre.

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What made your opinion the only one that matters?

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I'm on the final bit, on normal, and it's a baby monster. I, too, have read every little bit, and just love the game. I got my money's worth, on my first play through. Looking forward to Hard mode.

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In my experience, people who doubt the veracity of someone's answer tend to need their integrity impugned. The game looks like great fun. I am excited for its release.

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BC reeks of disaster? I find that comment to be so very untrue. Im not sure how Halo has been destroyed? My Xbox keeps getting better; concordantly, my fun quotient keeps rising, I !oved my 360,and feel just as strongly about the One.

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I don't notice screen tearing unless I'm watching a game being played.

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I am so with you on that sentiment!

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I only miss the visualizer and full screen music psychedelia. I never listen to music other than the game I'm playing.

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Other than people losing jobs, I'm perfectly fine with Kotaku shutting down.

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I'm a 30$ per year EAA member, so while not free, it's really cheap.

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Press play is not the developer of splosion man, twisted pixel is.

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It's great that the 360 is still geeting love.

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I am excited; however, I'm a Destiny zealot!

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Speculatingly, I think Cortana somehow fused with the forerunner guardians, and her rampancy is to blame for the guardians freak out. As for MC, Halo would not mean the same to me, without him.

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As far as "catching up" goes, the games on my XOne, look great, navigating with my voice from app to app, game to game, works great, and never crashes my console, which is also great. Having the ability to play many of my beloved BC games is great, too. If you love your PS4's, that's fantastic, but my One is an incredible machine, and I love it. I'll never be Sony person, but I am glad there are choices for people, and for me, I love my "Little Engine that Could&q...

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No wonder you have so many bubbles. Well done.

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Nothing on Kotaku ever reflects my viewpoint, and neither does this. From what I have seen, I can't wait for QB.

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