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Its locked down as a Xbox console exclusive. It is an amazing game, drives me crazy., though.

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And they are doing a great job of it.

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You are wrong, but have every right to be so, and that is cool with me. Arguably, people that attempt to malign millions of people, due to the comments of a few, represent the worst element of the gaming community, regardless of platform. You start your comment with a name calling, and finish it with an insult. You might be a really nice person, but your comment could lead people to believe you are a jerk.

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`My experience, thus far, with the preview program, has been a good one.

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I agree. I use VC, dictate messages, and have Cortana search for stuff, every day, on my X1. A captain would bark orders, and expect them to be followed; therefore, I think it has potential to allow me to be captain "Kirkish", and that seems cool, to me.

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rather than reviews, I generally am influenced by the Star rating on the Xbox, by people that have actually played the game, on the console, in which, I choose to play. I find the same to be true with Netflix. The user metric works better for me than reviews: although, reviews have a purpose as well. l

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Microsoft published Mass Effect, then Bioware was bought by EA, so that is not a valid comparison.

Destiny,on the Xbox, is a thriving community of loyal gamers. I will be playing Destiny for years to come. I understand if a person doesn't like it. They're plenty of games I don't t get. As for exclusive content, the only thing i am envious of would be the ghosts I have to wait to hunt down.

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Well written. I enjoy well written comments. Thanks.

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You can walk out of a theater, and get refunded. Renting a movie,the only way I could see that is if you never activated the certificate. I think a refund should be automatic then.

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And you're ok with that fine print? Read a EULA and it will always say if you disagree then return the product. In most cases, you would be unaware of that if you hadn't purchased it. I agreed by accident. My apologies.

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Software consumers should have the right to terminate, transfer, or sell (for a loss) their licenses. Sure there should be stipulations, but once you've read as many TOS, as I have, over the years, you realize the few rights we do have. I give Sony and Steam props, for trying to be consumer.friendly.

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In a digital world refunds should be standard operating procedure, with caveats, of course.

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For example, I am currently hooked on Kingdom: New Lands, Hyper light Drifter, F4, and Doom. All vastly different, but all of them eat my time. I enjoy good games (by my standards).

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From the creator of Braid, I am in.

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So if I prefer Samsung over Apple I'm an idiot? If I could drive, and liked the Dodge Charger more than the Ford Mustang I'm the worst kind of person? If I cheered the "insert sports team here" but rooted against the "insert sports team here" instead, I should be castigated? The answer is no. Everyone is free to like whatever they want to, it's their money. People are entitled to have differing opinions, even if those opinions are narrow...

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@xMANB3ARP1G at present 60% of the BC games released are games that I own. Why is it a bad thing that I get to keep the games I purchased, but with the added bonus of Game DVR, screenshots, upload studio, being able to play with my 360 friends etc.? Is the entire Xbox community your mortal enemies? Also, only when compared to the meteoric launch of the ps4, does the launch of the X1 appear slow. The X1 is a very capable machine, and is constantly improving. Kudos to Sony, but those Kudos do n...

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I don't own any Sony products; so, in comparison/contrast terms, I don't have the data to make a fair assessment. However, I do enjoy being able to play 6 hours of a new game, achievements and all, a week before release. I also don't mind the discounts either. 30$ a year is quite reasonable, and the vault it growing. Most importantly, I like having the option to decide if I like the service.

"Thank you for ruining video games for the real gamers.", Th...

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What a presumptuous fan boyish thing to say, but at least you're not down-voting. Right?

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As a hopeful xbox gamer, that would like NMS to be a great game, (and subsequently migrate to Xbox) I hope it is fun for my PS counterparts. However, I thought the article was, mostly, a well written opinion piece. It took thousands of hours, but I can't even play minecraft, without falling asleep. That's my fear with exploration games, but I truly hope NMS exceeds expectation. Have fun, PS folks. It looks like it's possible.

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Ark is quite popular on my friendslist, bugs and all. I don't understand the reticence to help a developer put out a better product.

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