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Awesome news. I love both my XbO, and 360. I will love to consolidate my 250 and 320 gig internals to one drive. #6
Nope, still play every day, and don't see me stopping. I have a great group of friends, and we party up, and fight the Darkness, and other Guardians. I really just love the gunplay. #32
And the XbO I paid for makes me very happy. #20.1
Brady is awesome, but he has losses in the Super Bowl, Montana did not. #25.2
What mhuntet said #1.2.4
Where did you read hate? If you find this benign comment thread hateful, I suggest, you should avoid reading to many threads, here on N4G. This is the place where the rivers of vitriol flow in all directions. #12.3
Crossfire for Halflife death match, will always be my favorite, but 2Fort is my #2. 3 Blood Gulch. #6
Nooooo.... #1
I am always online, and, with the rare exception, so is XBL. I thank Sony for making MS try harder, as should Sony fans for MS doing the same for Sony. #1.1.3
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All I care about is being able to game, when I want to game, and am irritated for all those affected by the outages. I have many reasons why I'm an xbox owner, but they are not to cast aspersions, at companies, or the people that stand behind its products. If you can't play when you want to, that just sucks. Period! #1
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It's worked for me all night. #4
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Cool stuff. #6
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Destiny is not for everyone, but for those of us that dig it, we really dig it. I just got finished with a 12 hour session, and I wish I could keep playing. I rarely trust reviewers, since most of the ones I've watched game on a FPS, should stick to Zelda (I'm looking at you, IGN staff). I also believe its hyperbole to say its one of the worst reviewed games of all time. #8.1
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With the 3rd largest population on the planet, and a consumer driven economy, US sales matter; concordantly, I believe every sale matters. #1.10.1
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Best comments I've read on N4G, in a long time. #18
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Finally something we almost all agree on! The Odyssey was my first console, as well as a good word to describe my life's journey, thus far. Thanks Sir, you inadvertently saved my life, the worlds intelligence, has dropped a few points, with your passing. :-(. #15.1
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I agree with what camel said. I beat the game on the third highest difficulty; concordantly, I found it to be an extremely challenging, at times, and avery very satisfying game to complete. #2.1.3
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I will be glad to reset one of my Suros Regimes. #6.1.4
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If growing up makes me anything like you, I'll stay 44 thanks. #3.1.2
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Destiny is still my most played gsme every day, and regardless, of any faults, the fun is always there fir me. I will wait until i get to experience the expansions, before i cast judgement. #3
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