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"the strict filter is not strict enough"


Thinking something should not exist, because you are less than keen on it, seems like a problem. Sony has one game that seems a shame to miss, but not enough for me to ever give it money. I have a no Sony electronics zone, in my home, but i am still glad it exists. My will is my own, and imposing it on others is not my idea of being a proponent of choice, and I'm happy with mine. #1.11.4
Hardcore PC gamers booing XBL, i dont expect anything different. Being a former PC elitist, i laughed at all my friends with consoles for almost 25 years. Now, i believe in gaming where you're happy, and XBL makes me happy. I've been gaming since 1975, and the most stable, consistant fun I have had in the online MP era has been on XBL. #1.11
It's folly to confuse being curious about a topic, with dreaming or grasping at straws. The demise of Xbox has been grossly overstated, here on N4G, but i know where I am, so it is just a matter of course. #1.1.14
Honestly, tbe only people ive seen call it over hype, are people whose posts suggest they have no plans to get it, in the first place. Also , people that just like to denigrate the Xbox, and it's fans, also qualify. #3.2.1
Potentially true, but not guaranteed. #21.1
Not in the region the NPD is reporting on, its only a 400k difference. #5.3.1
The 399 price did not go into effect until june 9th, so I'm interested to see if there is any difference in a full months report. Congrats to the industry as a whole, i love seeing a healthy report. Kudos to the PS4, as well; however, Sony and I will never exchange currency for hardware, ever again. Regardless of that, i recognize its impact on MS, and believe that needed lessons have been learned by the Xbox division. I look forward to owning a XO in the future, and am happy all tastes... #1.1.10
The concept of not getting to try before i buy, feels like a step backwards to me. #1
There are millions of xbox fans, and i'm sure that it's a fraction of them who are complaining. A subset of fans in a forum, is not a representation of the whole user base It would be like saying: "are all Ps fans condescending, arrogant, butt fedoras' with short memories?" Obviously the answer is no (of course) unless you're basing your answer on a few people on a website, which is silly #15.2
No,what fixed it was you running out of bubbles. #13.2.1
The 360 version of Titanfall is never short on games, to be found; however, i know plenty of people that play private matches, exclusively.

As far as Destiny is concerned, I figure its more of an Activision decision to entice PS users into becoming fans, since the Xbox user fan base already exists. #4.8
I`ve enjoyed playing games on the "weaker" 360 for the last 7 years, and not once did I think I needed more power. If you`re content with your machine, kudos to you. I am a Xbox fan, but only a 360 owner, at the moment, and am very pleased with my little console that could. The closer the ecosystem gets to the 360s, the better the XO becomes. Value, much like beauty, is in the mind of the beholder, and I know my mind cant wait to get a Xbox One. #13.2
It's arrogant to claim to speak for anyone, other than yourself, when it comes to what people want. However, expecting anything less from a one bubblite is counterintuitive. #1.2.13
It's been enjoyable to read such spirited debate. #29
Giving the finger to the shareholder is not the job of an executive board, in a publicly traded company. #19.2
There is a difference between someone's account being socially engineered, and an external intrusion that impacts 77 million accounts. I applaud Sony for trying something difficult, it just was too difficult for 3rd party developers to take it to that Sony owned studios level of fidelity, because of Cell complexities. The point us the PS3 had a rough launch with some seriously arrogant executives making outlandish statements, and a machine more complicated than its competitor, but it'... #16.1.2
People will be taught discipline by working two jobs to buy a PS3 (paraphrase)
The first five million will buy it even without games
Next gen doesn't start until we say it does.
The cell processor, and all it's esoteric beauty
Sonys hacked and brought down for over a month. This is just a smidgen of the mistakes Sony made, (and arguably recovered from) or let be made. Remember that while you're neverforgetting

When people make a m... #16.1
First congrats to Sony. While I'm not a Sony detractor, it would be remiss to call me a fan. However, I am a diehard 360 owner, and a huge fan of XBL in my 39 years of gaming, I have had the most fun with the Xbox over the last 7 years, and can't wait until I join the XO club. Kudos to Microsoft for learning how to adapt, eat crow, and move forward. I have played on the xbox one, and am impressed with how awesome the so-called inferior machine operates. Since, I won't leave my son... #18
I wish they would return to the awesomeness of RF2, just open world. #5
Your speculations reek of a Chicken Little like attitude. I vehemently disagree with your assessment. #10.2
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