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Now why in the he'll would I wantto mute the volume let alone turn it down on my vita?

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Seems lime the ps3 version of MX3 sucks lol glad I get all my games on xbox

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Seems like the ps3 version of MX3 sucks lol glad I get all my games on xbox

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I'd rather see a cod built from the ground up for the vita instead of a port.

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What u said made no sense at all statix and I so disagree with u. Some trophy's are ridiculous! And not worth the time even trying to get them. Max payne is a hard as balls game and u die easily! One sitting though! Come on, only domeone with no life would probably get this trophy, and the game cheats u sometimes too! There has been times when I would try and shoot down a rocket or I was shooting at an enemy and the game did not register my shots and I ended up dying! ExamPle, the stadium...

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Agreed cpayne! I went to Gamestop couPle of weeks ago and got all resistance for the same price!! Great games indeed.

It's a shame how insomniac gave up on the series, I mean hey, come on, even great games sometimes don't move units! R3 came out a little too Kate and around the time when MW3 and battlefield3 was around the corner.

This is what insomniac should do instead of giving up! Start a new resistance saga with a different timeline line that tak...

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Well, u heard it here first folks!!! The wii u is officially a next gen system which is powerful. What more proof do u need? So all this talk about the wii u being on par or not on par with the current consoles can now be put o rest!

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I'm looking at these comments and I can tell they're only a bunch of Sony fans trying to save the vita lol. Sony needs to drop the price significantly. Add a memory stick bundled with every system then release a bunch of original games!!! The bottom line is cost!!!

And no, Sony fans the vita does not have ps3 gfx lol

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Ha ha wow, I agree with this article a 100%. everything said in this article is true. Sony going the way of sega is true and so funny! This is what Sony should do, drop the wifi vita to 170 and the useless 3G version to 180 or 200 bundled with a memory card. Then push more both first party and third party games to the system.

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Can't wait, bad company 2 was bad ass!!!

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Well, sorry to disappoint u mr molyneux, but nintendo's wii u latest development kits has 6 cores, a better gfx chip than the 720 and has 3 gigs of ram and last but not least, is running unreal engine 4, which all next gen consoles will be using. Also, do I need to mention the wii u tech demo of Zelda? If all this doesn't impress u then I don't know what will.

As far as 1st party and third party go's, nintndo already has that covered with new ips, their 1st pa...

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Dont have any of these problems! Glad I got on xbox and not ps3. However, I will be checking to see if they have that dlc for free!

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That's because that game is WACK!!!! I'm not surprised one bit. Capcom was better off making a capcom vs snk

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More than likely had it on the easiest difficulty level and has no life. Shame!

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What a terrible review, really! If you're a true fan of max Payne lime myself you'll get this game without giving a dam a out any review.

Now all I have to do is figure out what system I should get it on. Ps3 or 369. I heard the 360 version is two disc.

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Smh, the wii u will be alright. All three next gen consoles are going to have similar gfx but both the 720 and p4 will have slighty better visuals being that they will launch after the wii u. It's just common sense. Secondly, I know for sure the wii u will be a powerful system and have great gfx.

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Dont tell the Sony fans that the vita is failing, they'll refuse to believe u and say it's a lie and that it is selling and has better games than the 3ds lol

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Nonsense!!! KZ3 was the best one in the series. Personally, I've never been a KZ fan but the 3rd one was a very good game. I didn't lime the first two kilzones, I thought they were both overrated and wack!!!.

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Nothing new under the sun. That's just a damn shame. Shame on u Sony. Step your motherfucking game up.

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Here's the deal, the wii u supports up to more than 1 controller, and the gfx will be. Ether than ps3/xbox that's a given. Go on YouTube and look up the Zelda wii u tech demo.

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