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Ive read opinion it runes better than on 360 lol

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3 racing games incl DriveClub? lol no

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my wishlist for Microsoft as a PS gamer:

Yes to Halo
Yes to Alan Wake 2
Yes to new FIRST PARTY games (not on PC)

No to moneyhatting 3rd party devs
No to Kinect
No to Fable
No to Gears

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watch it in 1080p on yt, its nuts

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I dont want to wait for Killzone while gamers in US already play it.

Coe on Sony at leat ship preordered units to Europe on Christmas, we can wait for later update with national languages and interface, we'll "bear" with english for a while


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Gaikai gives so much potential for the advertising of Playstation content on other devices.

People on iphones and ipads could stream prerecorded gameplay of games for limited time and get hooked

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as a future PS4 owner I cannot wait to great games from both internal and 3rd party studios, this will be great

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Sony confirmed it already, 4K video playback means Bluray doesnt it?

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thats the new low

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karma will get you

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How about taking vita and tuning in your friends game and taking over random enemy like Helghast soldier, haha and troll him, tons of potential.

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new Killzone is confirmed 30fps

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People are making it look like a drama cos Sony doesny want to spill everything at once


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they are rumored to have 8GB but regular DDR3

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can't wait for dat multiplayer

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cursing in British lingo never sounds serious

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we get it, Gaf leads teh internetz in gifs

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100% 3rd party publishers will be there

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wanna play something real? how about rugby?

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