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David Cage himself said that there was no reasoning behind (spoiler) it was just there to throw you off.

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Back during the glory days of N4G...hahahahahahahahahahaha.

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For one dollar more I could get a PSN classic.

For three dollars more I could get Patapon 2.

This game should not have been more than 2-3 dollars.

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Sure, compared to other minis it's probably a 4/5
But compared to other games? Come on.

Seriously, 10 MINUTES!! After that, well, you can try to beat your high scores, or try to get gold in everything to unlock the scrapbook.

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I feel sorry for people that only own a Go. There are games where they will think, oh that game looks awesome, then realize it's not for their system. Come on.

But yeah, there's that AWESOME Peace Walker bundle that comes with a PSP Go. So that might change things up a bit...oh wait, it comes with a 3000.

The PSP Go is a luxury item, nothing more.

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I bought the game on my sisters account (since my account is already maxed out on shares) I was able to play it but she had to wait 24 hours.

The next day, I couldn't play it at all.

The only thing I see with Warhawk is that Warhawk was a retail game. So locking it to one per console makes sense, they don't want to give the digital version an advantage over the retail version.

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I was playing SFII HD Remix a few months ago, my cousin came in. She's like 25, and she knows nothing about gaming, but she could recognize Ken throwing a Hadouken, and she talked about how she liked to use the girl that could kick really fast.

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They have changed this. You used to be able to share over five systems, but a few months ago they changed it so you could only share over three systems.

Also, Final Fight: Double Impact has its own weird DRM. You can have the game on two different systems, but only one of you can play it at the same time.

Edit: Not sure if this is through Capcom or Sony, or if this happened before.

Kind of a shame, the main reason I bought it was to play with my siblings...

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I'm STILL playing MH:FU

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Seriously though, if he hates this stuff so much, why would he allow his music on the game?

Kinda hypocritical if you ask me.

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The first time I fought him I lost about 8 goddamn levels.

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I rebought a couple of my UMD games off the store (gave the older ones to my siblings) for my current 2000 model

I was excited for the PSPgo, but the thing that killed it for me was Sony saying that publishers wouldn't have to make digital copies for games.

Why buy a system that won't even let you play the entire library.
It was dead before it even launched.

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But it is Advance Wars not Advanced Wars.

But really, why not just name it 3DS Wars.
Not like you're going to lose people with the name switch.

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It's less than 2 months off and already spoilers are out?

But kinda bad form.
Confirming a spoiler is true/false is a spoiler in itself sometimes.

Then again, I have no idea what was "spoiled"

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I have 4 gaming site RSS feeds on my toolbar.
That way you have a lot of sources.

With one click you can see at least 10 headlines.
I never actually go to a site unless a headline interests me.

Saves quite a bit of time.

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Dynasty Warriors: Modern Warfare.

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I think that they have a score in mind. But wanted to wait a bit to see how others reviewed it.

They had a strange delay like this for MAG too.

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Now that sounds like bs.

Unless you haven't gotten it yet.

Otherwise you would've contributed this awhile back.

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Really now.

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A moderator on Capcom's site said that you CAN'T use the new characters with the old ones or in versus mode.

Which kinda sucks. It means you can't use Jill or Wesker with the new characters. Which REALLY kills the whole "Reunion" aspect.

This might be temporary, to force people to use the new characters for awhile. But for right now, You cannot mix old and new mercs characters.

Also. We will only be getting ONE of these two people next week. <...

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