Convinced Video Games Will Save the World


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You may want to log in and take a look around -- there are hundreds of people at the two main camps busily crafting and more than I can count running around in santa suits...

I am guessing that the extended free-play period has kept a much larger population around in the game than might have been the case if they had to pay to play...

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Believe it or not, yes they do... At peak hours you can find thousands of people logged in and playing -- the main starbase often looks like rush-hour traffic in New York City.

It is not really a bad game, in fact it is the closest that anyone has ever gotten to capturing the feel of that world, but it needs more work. Assuming that it manages to stay alive while they build enough content to make it solid, it may be with us for a long time to come..

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Ah I think I understand now. You misread the paragraph. THe paragraph you are referring to is this one:

"As she stood behind the couch unnoticed, she observed the familiar in-game character of her boyfriend -- they play the game together almost daily -- and a female character on the screen who she at first mistook for an NPC character that was part of the game. It soon became painfully obvious to her that it was in fact another person as the couple on the screen stood i...

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I know that you are making a point here, and that it is clear to you, but it is not clear to me. I am missing something here.

She says that she entered his flat and saw him playing the game. She says that while she watched him play, he interacted with a character that she at first thought was an NPC, but turned out to be a real person who he was playing the game with.

The question that I have here is this -- are you saying that it is not possible for him to...

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I do not grok what you are saying here?

According to the girl she could in fact see the characters on the TV screen as she stood behind the couch in the room and observed the events. I have not actually seen a wedding in that game, so I do not have a first-hand notion of what it looks like -- but are you saying that the characters are not both on the screen at the same time when one takes place?

If that is true I will correct the piece, please confirm?

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