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"Convinced Video Games Will Save the World"


I disagree
Having had an amazingly awesome time playing Final Fantasy XI first on my PS2 back when it first released (adding FFXI to my PS2 also expanded my PS2 since the game came with a hard drive for the console) and later on Xbox I have to disagree with that contention... I think that if an MMO is well-planned it can work just fine on console. #2
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I don't know about that -- the depth of the story and its overly broad inclusion of non-human species are just the sort of elements that would attract a wide audience among Japanese gamers... #4
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It is the first future-speculative title in the series...
Considering that BO2 is the first game in the COD series to feature a split story line and that half of the campaign deals with the speculative future of 2025 and weapons and tactics that have to be guessed at, declaring the game to be "so far from realistic it's unreal" is a lot like saying 100% of car accidents happen in or around an automobile... #2
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Sorry about that...
Lurid I keep forgetting that you are the primary audience for N4G and I really am sorry I did not check with you first to see what you want submitted... It would be really helpful if you provided me with your rules for submissions and the list of subjects you are allowing us to post... When can you get that to me? #2
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I don't know about that -- from what I have learned for most of the Hindu world this is really not a big deal at all. They don't really care how people outside of their faith view their gods and goddesses. The irony is that many of what they call deities are actually more like teachers or perhaps fonts of wisdom and enlightenment, so this is one of those deals where they could take lemons and make lemonade if they chose to... #2
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You know that screens and video from this are under embargo until the 15th? #1
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I wish they would bundle all of the games in the series together for one discounted price -- that would make getting them for the PC worth it... But if you already have them for console, not so much? #1
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This sort of thing is the reason why a lot of states are starting to limit the time span that you can file a case like this... Plus there is the matter that nobody is actually accusing Ubisoft of copyright infringement -- they are saying that they appropriated ideas, which is not illegal. It really looks like what this is really about may be to generate enough negative publicity to encourage the offer of a tasty settlement just to make it go away.

It would not surprise me i... #2
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The problem with Skype is that it is not really free... When you run it the app uses any free bandwidth on your net connection to push data (calls) using you as a hub. Most users don't know that, or understand why their network slows down after they use the app. You really need to turn it off when you are done using it unless you want them making use of your net connection... #6
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I do too -- I thought 1 vs 100 was a brilliant idea and very fun... Clearly it must not have been profitable or they would have brought it back, right? Sigh. How come the really good stuff seems to disappear? #3
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That's not it mate
The reason it is broken up like that is not for hits, it is because the editors want the pages not go past the side-matter -- under the notion that people tend to find it easier to read this way. Personally I would prefer it to be a single very long page over having to break it up but it is not my call. #1.1
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If I remember correctly you can do all of the DLC after completing the game because it puts you back into the game before you actually completed it when you continue...

As for the freezing I thought that was fixed? I do not see mine doing that anymore... #3.1
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No solution to this problem is going to be easy or without side-effects... #1
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For me it was not a question of whether it was worth it or not... As far as I am concerned, anything that adds to the game is worth it :) #2
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You know your position only makes sense if you do not know why the home console sector crashed... Actually crashed is not really an accurate description so much as imploded.

The third-party game studios were cranking out trash games because they presumed that gamers were (A) too stupid to notice, and (B) would buy the games anyway.

This was the era that store policies denying returns of video games that had been opened largely went into effect, and we still h... #3
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Wii U and 3DS
Considering that the Wii U has yet to be released in wide beta at this point, and that only a relative handful of games journos have even seen one let alone played it, that would be a premature position.

Now with respect to the 3DS, even Nintendo admits that its performance levels have been dismal and that any improvement that they can make at all they consider to be a major victory. Perhaps it is simply that the gaming world is just not quite ready for the full-blown perman... #3.3
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The Significance of Achievements and Trophies
I suspect that for most gamers the process of arriving a the personal conclusions that they do with respect to which consoles they think are best largely takes place without considering the importance of Achievements and Trophies...

While it is understood that the whole Achievements System was initially created as an afterthought, it only takes a cursory examination of the very large online communities that are dedicated to sharing tips for the unlocking of Achievements and T... #4
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That whole end-of-the-world we have to survive thing looks interesting... #5
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When the studios leave a game with options to actually expand the story that is a good thing, but the trend towards DLC that functions as a way to add non-story content (even when they add new Achievements or Trophies) seems to be less interesting...

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is a perfect example of a game that is perfectly set up to add new content -- they could use the docks and the already existing ferry system to add new chapters -- is anyone interested in playing... #8
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You can usually tell when you compare games with other gamers whether they are big into Achievements -- there is one Achievement for Batman: Arkham City that if you are doing it honestly you cannot unlock for almost a real life year that is attached to playing on holidays but you will still see that some games already have it unlocked...

Clearly they would have had to reset the date on their console a dozen times, so that would be a good indication that they are into Achievem... #5
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