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Lately I've been all digital except on switch. My collecting days are over and a shelf full of video games is just clutter to me now. I usually buy on sale at deep discounts.

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It would be better to have the option of an ethernet port. That said, I'm impressed with the experience I've had with Splatoon and Mario Kart via Wi-Fi. It's been pretty good.

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This being portable is going to be amazing.

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It's funny how soon many people believe that Ryzen is some silver bullet to 60fps. It going to be fun to see what excuses people make when games still run at 30fps because developers decided to use the extra power for something other than framerate.

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The 12 or so Vita games I own made the system worth it for me. The games on Plus have just been gravy.

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Is there any reason to attach a keyboard to a switch?

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I ordered one from Amazon earlier today. I haven't been this excited for a console in a long time.

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I love how those tweets always turn into port begging.

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Wii sold over 100 million units. If it also had the most exclusives then I'm not quite sure what point you are trying to make. Is it that strongest hardware doesn't always win?

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Time to upgrade

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I'll be surprised if it arrives sooner than April 2019.

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I think a sci-fi game from Rockstar could be cool. It doesn't have to be campy.

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I'd be surprised if there aren't different exclusive / timed exclusive items on Xbox. There's no way that Microsoft is going to let an opportunity to have RDR2 on the X be the definitive experience pass them by.

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I'll be surprised if it actually releases this year. Rockstar will delay again.

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@DaDrunkenJester I've also gone completely digital this generation. I just don't enjoy the hassle of game stores any more. I understand why people still want physical, but the way things are going with so much dlc and patching physical games are going to be useless in the not so near future. What good is physical going to be if all of the content and fixes go away with the digital copies?

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Eh, not everyone is into ownership these days. A lot of people only keep games for a few weeks before they trade them. Subscription services are the future for these folks, especially if new games are available day 1. It's cheaper overall for them. Gamepass is the cost of 2 new games per year.

If ownership is your thing then subscription services aren't for you.

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No doubt. How many first party games per year are we really talking about here? I would imagine most of their business is third party games anyway. They're cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Besides, people who want physical games are still going to buy physical, even with Gamepass having 3 or 4 new releases.

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It's beautiful in the videos. Had it on PS2 and the remaster on PS3. Guess I'm buying it again.

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Progression in what is essentially a MOBA is stupid. The only progression a game like this needs is for people to get good so that they can rank up and play with people at higher skill levels. Making a character more powerful through add-ons in a multi-player game just doesn't make sense to me.

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Sony is doing pretty much the same thing with PSNow. In fact, they did it first. The only difference is one allows you to install games on your hardware and the other is streaming only. But both are play all you want for $10 per month.

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