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To a certain degree the players have a right to feel entitled. Hello Games made big promises and didn't deliver at launch. So it's nice to see them trying to make good. They're a lot more dedicated than other developers for sure.

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I like Starfire for her ranged attacks. She's a good DLC character.

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Too bad. The Quarian teaser had me hopeful. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but I suppose it's time.

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The Jaguar had a handful of really awesome games, though. It's kind of sad how things turned out there.

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I didn't find it as bad as the reviewers did. I enjoyed the game. It felt rushed at the end, though.

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Sony providing devs kits to indie developers is as much a financial consideration as writing a check to a developer. It's not the same thing as paying for a game, but it is an investment in the developer. And it's a smart thing to do as a platform holder. With the cost of AAA games causing fewer to get a greenlight it makes sense to foster an indie community to make up the difference.

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I'd like to try a VR Driveclub with a racing wheel. It sounds pretty awesome.

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There are a few games I'd probably pay $10 for. But most I'd wait for a sale for.

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I wonder why they just didn't make it as part of the MCC.

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So GameStop apparently won't be selling as many consoles as their competitors when the holiday bundles roll around. Sad.

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I guess the laws may be different depending on where a person is, but in the US there is little legal recourse for copyfraud. A lot of the companies who remove content based on copyright claims remove it immediately via automation and only research removals if there are complaints from the true IP holder.

So if a false DMCA complaint was filed with Twitter there is probably nothing the content creator can really do. There isn't really a government agency in the US that p...

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This is literally List Wars: The Thread. It's like a middle school playground in here.

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I don't mind not having a campaign. I would be happy with bot matches on the MP maps. I wonder if this game has those?

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I'm not disappointed with this news.

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For something like this I'm surprised that Target doesn't check the serial number to see if it was sold in one of their stores.

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Sounds like such a clickbait title. All it needs is "You won't believe number 3!"

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Geometry Wars Vita is what I like, too. I have 30 hours of air travel coming up and that's going to really help pass the time.

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I read this like 5 times and it still makes no sense to me.

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I can get a 3TB 7200 RPM 3.5" SATA drive through pricewatch for $65 right now. This, plus the $40 for the caddy puts me in line with a 2TB notebook drive.

I don't like how it looks, but I like having the option.

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