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Pistol is pretty rubbish to be honest, wouldn't say it's worth doing all the stuff. #7.1.1
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One of my big complaints is now seperation between PvP and PvE. There should be two sets of gear with PvP gear giving resilience or whatever they want to call it.
Just done the Exotic Pistol bounty and had to get 500point in PvP for a weapon i'll be using PvE so that was fairly annoying.
Andy #7
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Legend of Dragoon was the first RPG I played and actually liked so will be happy to see a return of it on the PS4 :) #18
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I like how this guy doesn't know why they're listed as ?? mobs lol.
In RPGs if it's about 5 levels above your own level the level isn't displayed and you do barely any damaged to them, most of the time they will miss or in this case be immune #22
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Just to make sure you did shoot its legs out first and then shoot the exposed brain? #1.14
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If you know what you're doing you could remove the heatsink, clean off the thermal paste and apply some new stuff from someone like Thermalright.
Although that would help with heat transfer to the heatsink from the CPU so doubt it's going to make it any cooler :p #5.2
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People who rent films for $5.99 are as stupid as the people who would pay to rent a game from Playstation Now...
No matter how they price it the only way you can compare buying a game and renting a game is using a Cost Per Month base.
And who thinks "OMG I really want to play that old game right now and can't wait to 2 days for delivery" no one, maybe stupid people but that's it. #1.5.1
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Worst article ever written.
No facts, no details, poor English. If this is an example of the rest of the offerings from this site then none of it is worth looking at. #1
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This has worked for me twice now so it's disappointing it's not working for everyone.
The option Sony offers is to reinitialize, revert the OS to it's factory settings and lose all downloads and saves whilst it formats the HDD.
Other than that you would have to wait for another update that may or may not fix it like 1.7 was supposed to do. #9.3
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Is this after you've installed the update as it was supposed to resolve that issue.
Other way to fix it is as soon as you unlock another trophy, press the PS button, go into Notifications, select the trophy and it will open Trophies through that and sync properly #9.1
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500GB External HDD not being detected. Guy probably has it formatted with NTFS instead of FAT32 or exFAT #5
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I'm pretty sure this happened weeks ago, how is this still news?
Apart from that, it sounds like he did it because someone took away his PC.
Dude should have just bought another one #8
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Sounds like another Duke Nukem to me :( #22
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Definitely Josh Brolin! #4
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Yes, if it was on PS4 you'd need PSPlus to play it online.
But you don't need PSPlus to play all games online which you don't seem to be grasping. #1.4.2
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America only, won't let me select an existing UK address and requires a ZIP code which won't let you enter a PostCode #2
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Didn't I read DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 don't need PSPlus because they're F2P games?
Presumably the same would apply to ESO too?
I know the Xbox One doesn't allow anything without their Gold membership, not even Netflix so can't see them letting ESO through. #16
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It's more environmentally friendly than plastic cases #3
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I think they mean rather than have users decide what gets published to the Steam Library, everything will get published. That would be an evolution of the service. #4
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80hours a week and still makes crap AAA titles... #7
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