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Where is the vote website down button? Poorly written article with grammar, punctuation and even missing words

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They need to up the damage of all the anti-tank weapons, nerf the damage at distance of the shotgun, decrease the accuracy of support weapons and increase the accuracy of assault rifles.
Last thing this game needs is more tanks.

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From the article "A fake Super Mario Run clone", I think a fake clone makes it the real thing lol

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I really hope this was written by a non-native speak of English in which case they should have written it in their mother tongue and had google translate it, at least then I could overlook the issues with it.

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Sexier pose because it now has side boob and arse. I hope Blizz did this on purpose as a piss take

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Article needs proof reading

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It means people with old hardware are having problems so it's not Rocksteady's fault.

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Exactly, so if they had a better setup they wouldn't be having issues.
Trying to play a game made in 2015 on a PC with components from 2010 obviously isn't going to go well.

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Been playing it on PC since release, no issues, graphics look better than on console as far as I can tell.
I don't know what people are moaning about.

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Probably due to much bigger textures having to load for the PS4 version.

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I'm assuming English isn't your first language?
If it is you really need to proof read your article before posting.
If you're viewing 4k screenshots on a 1080p monitor you obviously won't see the difference unless you zoom into the picture at which point it will blur less than it would if it were a 1080p picture.
You also don't mention any of the negatives in the game. It's fine to make an article based on your opinion but if you did...

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Wasn't the idea of Destiny to last years as an MMO. So yeah 100hours is a lot but not for what the game was supposed to be.

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Pistol is pretty rubbish to be honest, wouldn't say it's worth doing all the stuff.

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One of my big complaints is now seperation between PvP and PvE. There should be two sets of gear with PvP gear giving resilience or whatever they want to call it.
Just done the Exotic Pistol bounty and had to get 500point in PvP for a weapon i'll be using PvE so that was fairly annoying.

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Legend of Dragoon was the first RPG I played and actually liked so will be happy to see a return of it on the PS4 :)

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I like how this guy doesn't know why they're listed as ?? mobs lol.
In RPGs if it's about 5 levels above your own level the level isn't displayed and you do barely any damaged to them, most of the time they will miss or in this case be immune

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Just to make sure you did shoot its legs out first and then shoot the exposed brain?

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If you know what you're doing you could remove the heatsink, clean off the thermal paste and apply some new stuff from someone like Thermalright.
Although that would help with heat transfer to the heatsink from the CPU so doubt it's going to make it any cooler :p

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People who rent films for $5.99 are as stupid as the people who would pay to rent a game from Playstation Now...
No matter how they price it the only way you can compare buying a game and renting a game is using a Cost Per Month base.
And who thinks "OMG I really want to play that old game right now and can't wait to 2 days for delivery" no one, maybe stupid people but that's it.

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Worst article ever written.
No facts, no details, poor English. If this is an example of the rest of the offerings from this site then none of it is worth looking at.

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