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Yeah, no shit. You can't expect the PS4 to push 90 fps at 1080p for VR and look remotely good.

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N4G has gone down the toilet with the news that's posted and new design.

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This is what happens when you're raised with helicopter parents and get awards for just showing up to soccer practice.

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Didn't Nintendo say that this controller was a fake one?

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Here's 5 more:

1: Price
2: Price
3: Price
4: Price
5: Price

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This is a small time dev that's butthurt over not getting an NX dev kit as early as big developers.

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It wasn't that. It was that Battlefront is a pretty stripped down game compared to Battlefield and even earlier Battlefront games.

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Looks like someone combined Destiny and Titanfall.

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Well, they'll kill it off slowly, like all other consoles...

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GTA 5 was released 2 years ago and has sold 50 million copies. I don't think Take-Two CEO has anything to prove.

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Remember back in the day when a game came out that inspired you to upgrade your PC hardware?

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The original Crackdown was the Xbox 360 game I spent playing the most. I just got it for the Halo beta, but ended up playing it 10X more than Halo.

Crackdown 1 was awesome.

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I think China Rising is only part of Premium now, but Premium is usually on sale almost all the time.

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BF4 already has a lot of BF3 maps. Plus, there are 31 BF4 maps right now, with two more coming soon.

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The biggest reason for the losses for AMD isn't Nvidia, but Intel. AMD hasn't been able to compete with Intel on CPUs for almost a decade now.

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I use mine too. As a paperweight.

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The guys at DICE LA have been doing a great job supporting BF4 with new updates and content.

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Imagine having to download a 100GB+ 4K-ready game in the next console cycle...

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Weren't cut-scenes pre-rendered on the PS3?

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