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Why do you assume Nintendo hasn't tried? #3.3
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the real story is the PS4 numbers.

Last week comment recap the PS4 is killing it with the destiny white PS4 bundle in Japan.

it will over take the Wii U in no time.

if were going to bring up what games are not selling well bring up the fact that those PS4 numbers went up by 666% and dropped by 666%

Xbox one looks like it never got off the block.

Wii U looks like it's on a diet. It's fluctuating up... #10
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People should just stop it. Here is a perspective. If this game should have went Multi Platform then Every Multi Platform game should go to the Wii U or not come out at all. That's not going to happen and Wii U fans have to deal with it so the same goes for this game. #5
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Can someone forward gifs of drive club, MK8 and Forza 2 to Pachter and tell him I said hi. #17
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Why should Nintendo be surprised?
There not creating the game. #4.1
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If I were Nintendo Every game gets released in NA and Europe first because we are the ones supporting the console. #7
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Once Nintendo gets its priorities right with releasing the Wii u games here first and Japan later that’s when they will sell more games.
To back up my point I present you all with this nugget of insite and it’s why I am not worried about bayonetta 2.

The North American Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition was truly limited. Prior to the store’s opening, 600 fans showed up at Nintendo World in New York earlier today in hopes of grabbing a copy, but many left empty handed.... #8
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If everyone wants to ride the troll wagon and bash Nintendo let’s look at what’s really important. The White PS4 craze is over and the Destiny craze forget about it.
Media Create Sales: 9/8/14 – 9/14/14
Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)
1. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo, 09/13/14) – 944,644 (New)
2. [PS4] Destiny (SCE, 09/11/14) – 91,277 (New)
3. [PS3] Destiny (SCE, 09/11/14) – 49,503 (New)
Hardware Sales (followed... #6.2.2
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Has anyone here realized that Mario Kart in Japan has not reached a million units sold and it's was the best game out for a few months on the system. So to be honest if this game is going to reach a million plus it won't do it in Japan.

The only mistake made is not releasing it in other countries first or not doing a global release. #9
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Have you been under a rock for 2 years?

It wasn't Platinum's choice it was Nintendo's choice deal with it. #1.3.2
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Ok so to all the people that think Nintendo needs to meet a company half way guess what they are. They have developed a system for game developers to put there games o and they aren't asking developers or publishers to foot the bill. Since they are not why does everyone think Nintendo should pay a developer for a game that's not excusive to Nintendo?

Also don't fool yourself these 3rd part games that come out on Nintendo systems graphics aside are not up to par... #17
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What do you expect Nintendo to do make the damn game for them? #1.1.10
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Good point. #17.1.1
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If I can't use the average facts then make it known how many days the game was on the market and not wrap it up to sound like it was a whole week. Not every game sales a million in a day. #17.2.1
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People we have to put things into perspective. The PS4 in Japan is not doing much with the Destiny bundle or the white PS4. The PS4 got boosted and then it barely beat the Wii U the second bundle week. Bayonetta isn't bundled with the Wii U and it moved 40 thousand units on one or two days. With a bundle it's possible the Wii U could have moved more units.

PS4 Hmmmmm In Japan they are not buying Sony's game systems like people would like to think. The Vita is gett... #14
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I find it funny how bad everyone that doesn't own a Wii U is so eager to jump the gun. I am a facts person so lets look at the facts.

38,828 copies sold since released on the 20th if that is one day sales then 7 days will look like 271796 copies that could possible be sold.

If 38,828 is 2 days of sales that means it's averaging 19414 multiply that times 7 you get 135898. Chop it up any way you want to but don't be so quick to judge.

... #17
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Calling the Wii U Kiddie is the ignorance that's running wild in the gaming community. #5.5
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I'm not going to read the article and I own a Wii U. Sadly the answer is no as Nintendo themselves have not yet stepped in to make the correct moves. If they are to Sell Consoles here are a few options.

1. Stop releasing games first in japan. they are clearly consuming consoles at a slower rate.

2. Focus on North America and Europe because they are the market that are buying your games.

3. publish some 3rd party games I know you don't... #19
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I have a question. Are PS4 owners buying this game because it's good or is it because they finally get a Bungie developed game? #3
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OK so a game journalist says the game is boring and Bungie had 5 months to fix it. People don't buy into the hype and stop covering for people releasing a game then releasing levels that should have been added. They could have delayed the game to make it better but they knew they focused more on upping the hype instead.

I hate to say this but we as gamers need to stop Pre ordering games before reviews are given. Think about it the bonus you get for Pre ordering games sho... #20
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