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To all the people supporting cemu I hope someone steals something of yours that you paid a lot of money for. Or better yet hope when you download the game you get a virus.

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Sorry peeps but breath of the wild will now be me the game that sets the bar going forward. I have been gaming for years and usually can't put time into games. You see I work a lot and like doing other things besides playing video games. Not to mention I have a newly developed hobby which will be a side hustle. I can honestly say that when playing botw I hav blown off friends damn near went into work late. To me the game is a breath of fresh air and I find myself addicted. How many people...

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Nintendo doesn't set the price for cap on. quite reaching for reasons to bash the company and do some research.

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Lol @ edmix go somewhere with the copy paste arguments. Remember everything you read online isn't true.

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@fleece your talking out your butt. Nintendo basically said we're going to control supply they are not going to have units sitting on shelves. You and the whole world knew when they would release the unit. If you think Nintendo doesn't want your money your crazy. You have to get your system in more hands to have more word of mouth so I bet a million bucks Nintendo and investors are not sitting in the office saying we got 10 million units let's sell 20 thousand and bring in less m...

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Ummm you want to sell 3ds systems but you want them to put the game on the switch. Get over yourself.

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Can't you hold down the power button for a few seconds to power it off?

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Why do people do this. Hey I have a computer where I can play a stolen rom of a game that you worked 4 years plus to make. Oh yeah let me talk about it online so people can see how cool I am. Your not cool your a thief.

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All these people saying revisions it's not a given you see a revision anytime soon. Actually might not be until year 5.

1. No games? That's always been the case for any new hardware. Either there aren't 200 games on day 1 or I don't like the games. Do you want good games or bad games. If you want good games then you should be waiting 6 months to a year sounds crappy but deal with it.

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It's a home console you can take on the go. There fixed it for you.

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@angeljuice please post a link because that's like saying every phone will have a cracked screen over time.

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@ black ladies why is that? TBH I didn't sell the system for $900.00 tbh moved it for what I paid. I'm sure the new owner is enjoying Zelda because I included a free amiibo.
But let me keep it real with you I bought mine took it out and put it back in the dock numerous times. Now I can tell to this it might very well be the angle in which people are sliding the system into the doc. I slide mine at a slight angle leaning from the back so maybe there sliding there's I. The ...

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Had two on day one sold one and kept one guess what no issues. 5 people have a issue out of how many and there's issues. Come on now. It feels like these articles pop up to try to see companies fail. I would love for someone to post the number of units sold to date vs how known actual non made up issues.

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I love breath of wild because Nintendo did what they said. They told everyone that the switch and Wii U version would basically be exactly the same. Also love that they chose playability over aesthetics.

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@mvgeneral do you even understand what you say. If they are followers then why don't they make a Xbox or Sony system? They are leaders and others follow and guess what they don't follow market trends they are their own trendsetters.

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This is not as big an issue as people make it seem. I had no issues.

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Party chat for what I game a decent amount of games I don't play long enough to have group sessions.

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The screen on the switch is perfectly fine. You don't own one so it's only natural you talk out of your behind. Plus you fail to associate cost as if what you recommend doesn't bump up the pricing.

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That's the answer to every switch article no matter positive or negative right

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I don't get why people act this way if anything they would pay for 1 - 2 switch but look at the reviews.

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