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He says the switch version would be hard but everyone else says the process is easy.

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So why not just put it on the switch is indie friendly as can be.

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Your reaching.

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Doesn't mattaer what system it's on if it doesn't do well then calcium in trouble.

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Apparently it is.

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It's exactly the same is all the others with two exceptions graphics and frames.

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What's the PS4 and Xbox one save file requirement?

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I said on day 1 that the switches potential customers would be those that game on steam and mobile platforms. People can scream upper tier 3rd parties or ports of older games but I don't know one owner of the switch who is upset at their game selections.

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In order for indies to grow they have to start somewhere.

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People who come on here and think for a moment Nintendo should stop taking down fan projects your wrong and your dead wrong. For one it's using someone's ip (intellectual property). These people work on these games for years I'm sure are smart enough to know Nintendo is going to stop it quick. These people are obviously smart how can they not be smart enough to not know this will happen.

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@clanps1 have you not seen what the reports and Nintendo have said.their shortage issues are do to apple and not being able to get parts. They can't just go in and say hey apple out bid us but give us more product. The snes mini has nothing to do with it.

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Lol just stop it.

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Whose the switches fan base it is not younger or older it's every age group.

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It's funny you say buying one game when reports clearly show that all games are selling well on th switch that are worth buying.

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There over50 games on these itch what you mean nothing else to play?

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Splatoon didn't come out ion June.

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How many ps4's and 3ds units are out vs Nintendo switches?

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Ok have these people ever seen a real woman? I can name 5 women love or hate them off the top of my head that are thick.

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Those graphics on the players look dope

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