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Games that aren't releasing soon all we can do is imagine. #1.3.1
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It's not just power or games it comes down to seling people on an idea. History shows the system that sells the most is the system that has the best marketing it's the reason why Iphones have lees features than some Android phones but these people buy there phones every release even if it's the exact phone with 1 new feature.

If the NX is going to sell Nintendo has to pull a Sony and tell people why they need the system no word of mouth BS like they did with the W... #12
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Microsoft has more Rare games that were released on the 64. Bam title fixed. #20
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Nintendo can compete and the recipe is simple.

Hardware needs to be more powerful than the ps4. This system is a 3rd pillar system so don't get scared to price it high. People aren't dropping 400 dollars on the ps4 because they want to they are because they know the ps4 is the better of the 3 in terms of power.

Games- I don't care what anyone says but this lineup at launch would be killing anything out there.

Mario Galaxy 3,side... #29
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The problem with the Wii U was the journalism that bashed it. For every site that post positive they jumped on the bandwagon to post negative articles left and right.

If you are the type of person that bases your buying decisions off of website reviews then you read 50 negative articles about the system why would you buy it.

Also people say Nintendo lost 3rd party support but in actuality Nintendo's only goal is to create a platform for which developers... #20
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Wow he so did not throw it under the bus.

But why is it anything positive about the Wii U gets a negative spin. Disagree if you want but truth huts. #6
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How can you no know it's coming from that response. What in the response made you feel it wasn't coming? #1.1
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In your mind #1.1.6
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I'm surprised people are suggesting Nintendo needs to go online. Are they still losing Money? #16
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Why does it need to be online? #14.1
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Is this article 100 about the same subject SMH people lets move on. #3
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Aren't there more games on the PS4 than the Wii U also. #2.3.2
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I find it weird that people attack Nintendo for everything but they fail to see the positive. Like the Iwata interview they didn't mention this point.

Talking about downloadable game sales Iwata went on to say that Nintendo's total downloadable game sales reached 31.3 billion yen—about $254 million—in revenue, which he said was a 30 percent increase from fiscal year 2014. However Iwata seemed concerned, saying that it "sets a different wholesale price for these t... #13.1
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Love the fact they are speaking their minds and not cowering in a corner. #6
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Whoever wrote this article needs to shut up. Nintendo doesn't need to listen to a few minority about there business ventures. When they were losing money everyone predicted they would go 3rd party. They turned the other cheek, When they started making money the haters came out in full fource saying they need to drop the wii U they need to do this and that. But this is a company that's been hustling and grinding for years.
They can talk that talk and walk that walk.
... #12
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I find it funny how everyone is jumping on Nintendo for a game that was displayed in its early form. When they release the final build I wonder if people once again will be eating crow. You would think people would have learned Nintendo shows the worse version then they always show the final version about a week prior. #18
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If it was as bad as people say then why did this happen?
st week Nintendo held their 75th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. No major news came out of it and the election of the company’s 10 Directors was no surprise either as all 10 current Directors were re-elected. Today, Nintendo released some supplementary info about the meeting, including the exact numbers of said vote. Compared to last year’s vote, approval ratings are higher across the board, especially for Genyo Takeda a... #15
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Damn if stepping down means your continually making money can someone give me the exit plan also. #7
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Next console is not coming to 2018 at the earliest. Fact is Wiiu initially struggled with no good games. If the nx is going to be vastly different there will need to be a huge game released such as Metroid. Mario 3d and a Mario kart of some sorts. Plus you can have real games from 3rd parties. #9
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They are not going to change their game plan because N4G or any other site thinks they need to. I'll wait for a surprise Nintendo direct to hear my release date info. #11
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