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For one they told everyone from day one that there will be additional content dropping at certain times. Two it's free what's the issue. There is a reason for them doing this and maybe it's to test levels for bugs. #13
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That's sweet hopefully we get it over here first. #3
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Why rush with the NX due to USA and the UK a great game on the Wii U has a high attach rate. #6
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I find it funny peple who don't own a Wii U are trying to rain on Nintendos parade. They say make a shooter and when they make one that's fun then Nintendo is behind the time. People say shooters are boring gloomy and they look the same. So then they make one where it's colorful adds a different spin and all of a sudden they are behind the time?

If you haven't tried something then how can you give an opinion on it?

If you have never driven a... #11
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No voice chat I played the game extensively there's no need,
No Violence ummmm you still get killed off and explode just not with bullets or missiles. It was fun for longer before you talk about a game play it. You on here spreading ignorance and that is unfair to Nintendo as they have made a game worth it's weight in gold. #7.2
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@ NoctisPendragon who is they? #6.1
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Why not just wait to th game either goes on sale or hits the bargain bin at like 10 - 15 bucks then buy it. #23
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Nintendo has once again proven why they are the best at what they do. People will rag on them all day about being slow to move with the times, No voice chat, under powered system, To kiddie this and to kiddie that.

But the fact is people should be happy with what they offer. The paid downloadable content that have done for the Wii U is the best around. #8
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Except it isn't $11.00 it's less. #1.4.1
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If they say they need time they need time. With all the glitches and games that don't live up to expectations gamersshould hope all developers take additional time to make a good game. #7
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What ever the next platform it won't be released to winter of 2017 or later.

Fact is the Wii U is selling and it may not be at a record breaking
pace but enough to turn a profit. What I don't get is why people read to deep into everything Nintendo does. If your going to look that deep keep this in mind.

Nintendo said no console until Wii U owners are happy. Zelda U is what will make current owners happy. #13
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I hope it never ends to be honest. For one it makes Nintendo Money and if you buy a character you get extras. People say it's a money grab but Mario has works in different games and so does Link. #11
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@ Dunban you obviously know nothing about how retail works.

Retailers place a order with the manufacturer and they fulfill the shipment. In this situation the retailers didn't expect the product to ship as many units so they under ordered. Why is it always so covenant to always go after Nintendo? #1.1.4
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I think you won't have to worry about the whole game. But they can add replay value to the game. #4.2
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I love it. I look at it this way once I get my new stuff to do videos the less competition the better for me. #26
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People don't get it. Regardless of all the bitching and complaining bad press is good press. People say amibo will fail or if it's a fad then why are they selling out? #9
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For those that have not watched the entire direct. Nintendo confirmed there are two worlds here. The Shin Megami Tensei world is like modern real world and Fire Emblem is more fantasy. So I am going to go on a limb and say they just showed more of the Shin Megami world. #22
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Why does anyone think the Wii U is dead? Did't Nintendo ages ago say we start new hardware development the moment we release a console? They also said that they have a division dedicated to hardware.

There are no certainties except at some point in time Nintendo will release new hardware. Everyone at this point knows more about Nintendo than they know about themselves. Everyone wants to play armchair owner and knows what Nintendo should do with their company .
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You don't own a Wii U or prob never bought any other Nintendo product. But you have you have the audacity to talk about Nintendo consumers. You should just go back to playing whatever platform you game on and shut it. #2.2.3
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It would be funny if they came out 12/31/2016 and said hey new system is coming.

Seriously what people missed is if Nintendo can reap the rewards of the mobile market place no matter how many units of the Wii U they move don't expect a new system anytime soon. #13
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