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There over50 games on these itch what you mean nothing else to play?

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Splatoon didn't come out ion June.

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How many ps4's and 3ds units are out vs Nintendo switches?

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Ok have these people ever seen a real woman? I can name 5 women love or hate them off the top of my head that are thick.

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Those graphics on the players look dope

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Actually that proves nothing it's easier to sell more when your opposition has less devices to offer.

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I wish all three were released on the same day I would be interested to see how the sales would pan out.

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We get the PS4 which has good power selling well. We get the switch which doesn't have a ton of power and it's selling well where does the one x go?

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I don't own those only a lap top and my switch.

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I would like 3rd parties to take a chance with the switch but in the way people want. If you want the call of duties on the PS4 and x box fine give me something new and refreshing on the switch. Tbh if I were Nintendo I would market the switch as a portable steam. Last time I looked steam doesn't thrive because of assasins creed and cod and games like that it's because there is so much variety.

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You are wrong on every level. Lack of availability means what it means there are none.

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If they are trying to sell games how is it not smart to bring it to the switch. In Japan they just sold 97,000 plus switches. That means that could have been more sales. Remember people can't buy a switch in Japan so it would not affect 3ds/2ds sales.

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I think lol does not have one and why is it all your comments you flip flop a lot?

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Would anybody be opposed to the GameCube version of resident evil 4 I think it was on the switch?

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Youstill on that bs.

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I hate when people complain about price. I bet the same ones stop out for fast food. If I'm Nintendo I like the price don't devalue your system. If they sold it for 80 bucks people would still find a way to complainy.

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Were you this critical of Sony and Microsoft for their last console releases.

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I bet they are all shooters.

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I'm getting it so that makes 4 of us. If 2k wants to do right they can set up cross platform play.

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How many Wii U ports?

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