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For me it's easy to pick...
If you're a newcomer to the game consoles, you look at it this way:

PS3 Slim: Has been on the market for a while and still run cool and has been proven. Has BluRay. Play online for free.

Xbox 360 slim: Hardware has not been proven yet (already some bad report!). Still use external power supply (yet still as big as PS3 slim???). Still doesn't use rechargeable controllers so you have to spend money on rechargeable batteries. Pay to play online. #1.6
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They need better AI
9 games out of 10 are absolutely boring because the AI is bad (well, they are great the first time, maybe the second time, but after that?). We don't need more games with bots, but simply more games with better AI which, on the current console, is pretty hard to do without loosing something else. Until then, if I want interaction with somebody while playing, I attend a local LAN party. Sure I'm lucky enough to have Xbox and PS3 lan party in my area as well, so it does help. #2.10
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Find it amazing...
People saying that they prefer 4 players against waves of AI opponents so MAG is bad. Then, people saying 4 against 4 is the way to go so MAG is bad.

In my book, the PS3 is the only one offering all the fun those people claim the best, and on top of that is now offering 128 against 128 LIVE people.

So sorry, but forget 4 players against AI opponents, it's much better 8 against waves of real players. Forget about 4 against 4, but try it with 8 against 8 while other... #1.31
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"that's why the 360 never has any online only games"

Well, did you ever simply thought that it could be because networking wise, the 360 is not up to par?

Best online games for the 360 are still 8 VS 8 (a whoooping 16 players online at the same time). Not exactly impressive.

Gears 2: 5 VS 5
Halo 3: 8 VS 8
Shoot I think the most online players is still Perfect Dark Zero with 32 players (thanks to Rare!).

Looking at thi... #2.4
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LOL, Sony is WAAAAY ahead than Natal !!!
First: They came out with the EyeToy 10 years ago. (About 80 games could use the EyeToy while it was mandatory for over 20 games)

Two: PS3 Eye came out 3 years ago (but was showed before that). Actually, 27 games use the Eye.

Hardware difference between the actual PS3 eye and futur Natal?
PS3 Eye: Camera and Microphone Array.
Natal: Camera, Microphone and Ultrasonic Sensor ONLY. They have now removed the only thing that made Natal unique, it's PROCESSOR.... #1.36
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Only need one thing, and sadly, they removed it from the original concept!!!
It need a PROCESSOR!

Without an internal processor, Natal is simply the good old PS2 EyeToy! It's a plain camera, with microphone, and some ultrasonic sensor. Funilly enough, by just adding a USB ultrasonic sensor bar (a bit like the Wii bar) to their existing PS3 Eye (which already have a truly awesome microphone array), any third party devs could now make games for BOTH consoles. Nothing proprietary in the Natal design anymore. It's just some cheap hardware. And sure enough, de... #2.25
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Natal without a processor is simply the good old PS2 Eye toy...
Or the PS3 Eye since it already has a very good microphone array. What's nice about Microsoft dropping the processor is the fact that Sony could probably just make a small ultrasonic sensor add-on to put under the existing camera, and sure enough, it would be quite possible for third party devs to make a game that would work on both consoles.

Sure enough, if this is true, now Natal has really become a simple copy of the PS2 eyetoy... #2.7
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Natal can be as good or as bad as MS want it to be...
It's just a question of cost. Originally, they were talking about $200 worth of hardware. $50 camera, $30 ultrasonic and microphone array and a $120 microcontroller. For that kind of price, I suspect that the lag will be minimal. If MS is ready to not make profit on it, then a selling tag of $199.99 should give you a very decent device, lag wise. If they want to make profit to pay for 2 years of development cost, that would end up being a $400 device, so not likely.

Now, the b... #1.28
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External harddrive? Could have been ok. External power supply? NOOOOOOOO
I don't mind where the data is stored as long as it is reliable. But I'm soooooo glad that they didn't use a BRICK for the Slim's power supply just to make it smaller. There's already enough wiring behind my shelf, last thing I need is a hot brick in there. #2
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A new meaning for Tiger Woods 10???
Just waiting to see who's Tiger Woods 11th... #1
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There's conflicting stories everywhere about this...
Copy-protected saves will work with PS3 Data Transfer Utility #1.21
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Just show that ANYBODY can claim to be a REPORTER
Skill needed:

- Absolutely NO research skill.

My 3 years old controller still work, though I have to admit it doesn't get much used anymore (only when friends show up), since I'm using mainly two rumble ones. To it's credit though, the battery keeps the charge quite long still, even if it's on a shelf. (which is pretty good for rechargeable batteries anyway) #1.2
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Funniest opinion EVER!!!
It's a totally useless opinion, which should go on Opinions for Gamers, not NEWS for gamers, but hey, at least, I had a good laugh!

First: The author didn’t enter this console generation until October of 2008 because he is poor college student.

Then he goes: "it is frustrating to pay for LIVE"

Sure enough, by waiting 3 years to buy a 360, he saved $150... Heck, now, he already paid $50 in 2008 and $50 in 2009 for Live. One more year holding befo... #1.8
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"He is a professional with many years of experience behind him. "
And getting hits on Destructoid is how he's getting paid. Funnily, I would consider the owner of TheSixthAxis in the same category. If there's no hits, let's stir some controvery, crank the number up, no matter what, and get more money from the advertisers.

So, yes, we are dealing with professionals here, but basically, professional web site owners who need hits to make good money out of their web sites. They made a choice, now it's up to the readers to decide how to take any a... #2.15
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I still don't get it!
People are complaining about one version being a little bit darker than the other or having a little bit more screen tearing than the other. Yet, I have played both also (without even tweaking anything), and in both cases, they both look awesome! Screen tearing is minimal, and contrast are fine as they are, for both consoles.

On the other side, texture pop-in is horrible on both consoles. I know this somehow fit the game style itself, but wow, this is something that nobody compl... #1.16
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Wow, did any of you read ALL the slides????
Here's the reader digest version for those who are too lazy.

They want PSN to be integrated in ALL their devices. (And trust me, they make way more items than just the PS3, heck, I even think they showed a digital camera connection to PSN).

In the slides, they talk about Comics coming up to the PSP (Subscription anyone?). They also clearly show magazines coming up for their Ebook Readers (PCWorld Magazine being showed, subscription anyone?). And as said above, many... #1.11
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Wow, why did you buy a standalone Bluray player if you have a PS3????
You definitively have too much money! Heck, I don't think they have yet made a standalone Bluray player better than the PS3! #1.6
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Wake up and smell the beans!!!!
The problem with the actual PS3 browser is simply all the missing plugins!!! If you just surf plain pages, it's simply awesome. But sure enough, if you need flash, java, all the movie players plugin (windows, quicktime, etc, etc), then you may not like the actual one.

Now, sure enough, they could add a very small version of Firefox. Heck, the Windows version is less than 8 meg! (There's simply no other software that small that do that much). Reducing it to fit into the PS3 i... #3.29
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"If you get 2 trophies at once , it makes 2 entry in the facebook list

if your internet is down , then you'll get the trophies when you sync ..

Not that hard .... "

You're obviously not a programmer, and definitively never done any PV (Product Verification). Writing the code is usually easy (though, for firmware, space is extremely limited). But when you check the code after (PV), you have to test every possibilities!!! That's tons of possib... #1.19
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"I don't know why ps3 owners knock this
Why hate on free extra features that are nice (IMO)?. "

Any free feature is always nice. But in this case, you get 3 type of people:
1- Somebody who already has an account and will be so happy to splash his trophies.
2- The very casual Facebook guy, who was already happy with the PS3 browser anyway
3- Guys who don't have an account, and could not care less about creating one.

For 2 and 3, the r... #1.11
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