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1498d ago

been playing since friday with early access)))

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they are stuck in the cloud with xboxe version thats why they havent showed it yet....oh did i mention its gonna be on two disks for xbox

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i cry every time i play call of duty....rage cry)))

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that kriss super v was on point just like the real deal

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this fing guy and cliffy b piss me off

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cant wait...tired of metal greer demo and infamouse was ok....ff 14 and after that WD

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please no more assasins creed!!!!PLEASE

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thats!! !!!!

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is there a limit to how many seagulls you can summon?do they fly back into the cloud when they done?

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the story is that his wife-not sure maybe sister gets sold to drug slave traffic and he becomes what he is after that

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they might add it later plus i cant jump in real life either so its ok with me not having a super jump option in a game

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meenwhile at gamestop-"WE GOT XBOXEONE IN STOCK PLEASE BUY"

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its coming on ps4 next week

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it will be alright-yeah its not THAT good looking anymore but actual gameplay looks solid-driving/shooting/running around,if all that executed properly its gonna be a ton of fun.
graphics dont matter-i can play earth defense force or freaking metal gear 1 and have a blast

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well yeah if players didnt get upset you would have a diarrhea of x boxe ones with drm digital only

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as an elder scrolls fan i expected more from elder scrolls online and they want you to pay that much-i can play ff 14 thank you

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one dolla cloud loong

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i used to play on pc and 720 and 1080 didnt make a bunch of difference to me,720 was not as wide of a screen maybe but had faster frames and abit of better quality,same for 1080-wider picture but less either fps or quality on pc it was up to you

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