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I don't know if Sunset Overdrive will come to the PS4. There was an article way back. It stated that Insomniac went to sony with Sunset Overdrive and asked if they could own the ip name and sony said no. When they went to microsoft and they asked the same question they agreed to it. #25
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developers are struggling right now, but give them time to learn the hardware to optimize their games. Here's the honest truth for right now is it a big deal that the games are only reaching 900p instead of 1080p. that's only a 180 difference that you can't really see. #32
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Sweet contest. I wish I could win this, but i will have no luck as usual. #384
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It's only a week difference. if anybody should be worried is the people who are buying the ps4. In my opinion is the ps4 is launching in the U.S. in Nov., but not launching in Japan until sometime in 2014. I honestly think Sony is Rushing there system early for competition.

P.S. I am not one sided. I think both systems are great machines from their current systems #35
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Yes I know Microsoft for the past few E3's wasn't strong for the Hardcore gamer in mind. primarly focusing on the kinect and apps. But, give them some slack. With The kinect I honestly don't think they were going to bring it out this gen, but save it for the next gen system. Microsoft was just trying to take some of Nintendo's Fan Base away. As for the apps they were a great addition with one flaw. They shouldn't have limited to the Gold members only. In my opinion the kin... #9
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I hope they don't do this, because it will hurt the rental stores including gamefly. Also, it will also hurt all the gaming stores like gamestop. to where it might make them go out of business in which cause more people to out of a job #17
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Microsoft could always resurrect the HD-DVD back to life for the new system. Plus they wouldn't have to worry about pirating because there is hd-dvd burner on the market. #29
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i agree with iamnsuperman. for example: everybody wants one of the dlc for the game to deal with zombies. I am half and half on that statement. A dlc dealing with zombies is kinda hard when they are trying to pertrey realism in the storyline. My solution to that is not make it a DLC instead make a cheat to make all the people zombie's. #3
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