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Deffo, mate! Hands down my top game this year... Just hoping for a sequel!

And yeah, I wish there were a little more consequences to your decisions... A couple extra parts. I tried to save the guy instead of Duck hoping for an entirely different path, for example! Outstanding game regardless!


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Lol, controversial is the wrong word! I meant more that I didn't like the call! :p, made me sad!!

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Biggest controversy was in Telltale's Walking Dead!

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler!

Carley when the RV breaks down!


Edit: I know that doesn't have much to do with the article btw, but I thought it was controversial!

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... Having to click 'next' to see each game in the list!

EDIT: Props, bubbles, and my appreciation to the guys who have eased the pain by posting the list in their comments!


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Ha! Love it!

I'm gonna go ahead and say it... Click on the article, then the full story in the article. The author of the actual article is freaking tidy. The guy who did this was in the wrong... But seriously, she is nice...


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"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time"... This famous phrase is the reason this article falls apart. People's preferences can always be different. Something I could see as an advantage to the 360 pad could be seen as a huge weakness by somebody else!

Also (taken from the article)... "I do believe it is the controller that all other controller...

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Yeah I really don't get how Sony (and MS for that matter) have missed the boat here!

They both want to push digital distribution! Sony is in a key position to get a huge hold on it! All they needed to do from the start was release the ps vita with this functionality for all ps3 games! Give it hdmi functionality too and WHAM-

-The console releases with a huge library of talent.
-People who don't own a ps3 can get a portable version to use on t...

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The fact that they didn't deny doesn't necessarily imply that the docs were legit.

They neither confirmed them nor denied the documents, just simply ignored them. So I don't think this is even really news...


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Looks more like MS are trying to bluff Sony, to be honest.... I wouldn't be surprised if Sony try the same thing!

If Sony think that MS will wait two more years for a new console, then Sony might wait two years, also... So if MS then suddenly announce (at next e3 for example) then Sony would be caught off guard, and vica versa - Sony could do the same thing back! They'll both try that... They both want to maximise the profit time in this gen, without waiting too long ...

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Double post :( x

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The fourth dimension is only occasionally considered as time, linked to the three dimensions of space. It iis more the position of particles in 3d space and how they are affected by time than the effect of time on their existence. Bearing in mind that the fourth dimension was assumed as time, then it had already been done. This point aside, day and night cycles were even apparent in nes games (castlevania to name one)...

All companies try to wow the audience and trick them wi...

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Why do people make out like a fiver a month is a big deal?! Seriously, it is ridiculous. I can guarantee that for the majority of people (in employment) on here who complain about this fee would not even notice if a fiver disappeared from their account.. Probably 100% if it didn't show on the bank statement.... A fiver is what causes all these damned arguments! seriously,,, it is ridiculous.

And on to the ads... Anyone who lives in the uk and watches tv is littered with ...

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Yeah I see what u mean... But they should say they are comparing the install ps3 to the non install 360. To compare the two is bias, as one is installed and the other is not!

It's like me making a comparison video of ps3 non install, verses 360 install. Obviously, the video would just be blank for the ps3 because it needs the install! But that's my point, to do a comparison, it seems fairest to either put them on a level playing field, or at least make it clear that t...

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Lol! This is the most ridiculous "comparison" I have ever seen!

All the time they compare the ps3 and 360, they have not used the hd installation for the 360! they use it once to compare the 360 "mit" or "with" the installation to without it!

That is so pointless! Well, obv the ps3 full install looks better than the 360 no install. But for the five seconds of footage of the 360 version with the textures, it looked nice. Ps3 versi...

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I just want consistency.

Sometimes my gnasher kills from point blank, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes I die from 5yards from the sawn-off, and sometimes I don't.
Sometimes the digger kills an enemy if it goes off next to him, other times it doesn't.

The wild inconsistency is the one thing that annoys me about Gears. I still put far too much time in though!


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I wish :'(. My laptop can run Rome ok (please, please let them announce Rome 2!), and Black and White (classic!), but for some reason (I have no idea why) it lags for mine craft... It can't seem to handle it!

So, for people like me, who seem to be completely oblivious to the world of pc tech and enjoy wasting time building a freaking house or rolloercoaster (lol), this is a purchase!


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I didn't disagree or agree! But I do sort of disagree.

Yes, an opinion which is against a hard fact is 'wrong'. You're correct there... But in this instance, the guy's opinion is not 'wrong'. He liked Duke Nukem Forever, and is more than welcome to feel that way.

An opinion is a strange thing. After all, an opinion which is factually correct is not necessarily an opinion, as it is a fact. And an o...

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Don't take the disagrees to heart, dude.

I more than appreciate your warning! But I can neither agree or disagree with you because I don't own the device!! The people who have disagreed might have tried the device and got it working!

But thanks for the warning! The reviewers have reviewed a device that worked for them hence the score. But reviews are only someone's public opinion!

Anyway, mate. I hope you took the device back to t...

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Nice point dude. I feel the same. But they won't release a console capable of that yet..

Reason being, is business. If I sold you the greatest thing ever today, then what would you buy tomorrow? It is in their best interest to move forward, but not too far that they kill off any chance of improvement (not unless there is no other option).

It's a real shame, because that sort of thinking slows down development in general. But it's the way things a...

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Where you off to?! It's pretty hardcore taking an expensive bit of kit like that on a long haul! I've avoided taking my iPad to places coz i'm scared of it getting scratched!

OT: I do wonder why this isn't being released worldwide at the same time? Have Sony given a reason? I only ask, as I am sure the PS3 had a worldwide release didn't it? And they always do it for the big titles, so why not the hardware?


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