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Over 100 Brutalities brutalities in the game? This is definitely gonna be the best Mortal Kombat release yet. #3
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Ermac was already confirmed lol Smoke is the one though that we haven't heard anything about yet. #3.1
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All the points made in the article are pretty clear and concise. After having played that game, I agree that there were alot of misconceptions and i would say a majority of the reviews I have seen went a bit too far with the criticisms. #1
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While all of these characters won't necessary make the cut, I still expect their storylines to be explained in some way or form. It also will be interesting to see which other rumored DLC characters make the cut besides Predator and maybe Spawn. #2
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Awesome images and I look forward to the sequel. #3
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As I mentioned on the show, the analysts who made those predictions have absolutely no way of knowing how Xbox One or PS4 will be in 2019. While it is true that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One right now, i wouldn't make any guesses as to how long this could last. Right now I'm only focused about the games coming on both platforms as that will ultimately be the determining factor in all this. #1
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Great questions answered on this episode. As for the theory on whether The Order 1886 setup Quantum break to fail I'm not fully sure if that's true. We still need to see more of Quantum Break before coming to this conclusion and knowing Remedy that game probably won't be out until 2016 lol. #1
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After having played this game all weekend, i think the score given here is both accurate and completely justified. I'll admit that seeing the first wave of reviews put me off on the game but in the end I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion. While I wouldn't call the game perfect, it definitely is alot better than most games and especially better than the low scores it got from some outlets. #1
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It's entertaining to see that people are still supporting this game after all this time. Rockstar still need to hurry up and drop Heists soon though lol #2
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An awesome debate on this episode and let me say now the overall length of a game can be a positive for some and a negative for others. With The Order: 1886 I don't think the length is the issue here, but rather the concerning comments that the developers themselves had on the game as a whole.When they mentioned that graphics and cinematic feel were most important that actually through confused me on how gameplay would be. Eventually i'll see how the final product is of course but y... #1
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Today's review scores of the game may all be based on opinion but if you go off of all of them the general consensus is it's a mixed bad. Just to be clear, no one was hoping this game would bomb at all but the lack of quality gameplay is a valid concern. While the game may look good the overall gameplay experience is what should matter more than anything else. Bloodborne will definitely be the better or the two but most people already know this anyway. #1
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You are absolutely right about this, plus have you seen the price of all that DLC? These developers knew this game wouldn't offer much and still screwing people over anyway. #3.1
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This was a fun episode and I'm a little disappointed that I missed out on that horrible Law and Order gaming episode lol Also Peter Molyneux is a complete douchebag for what he did to that kid. #1
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What started out as an awesome concept was truly ruined by the lack of content in the actual game. If I was Turtle Rock Studios, I'd be planning to give away a ton of free content because as is no one will still be playing this over the next couple of weeks. #1
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I was rather surprised by what this game had to offer. There is plenty to love and hate about this game, but overall the product is solid in the areas where it counts most. #3
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I've been hearing that this game caters best to those who have a new 3DS to play it on. Perhaps Nintendo should have waited a few days to release the game as that probably would have resulted in even better scores and experiences for everyone across the board. #1
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i'm always a fan of these episodes and I especially like that Dragon Ball Z was mentioned this time around. I'm not a huge fan of the series but the latest upcoming game has definitely caught my eye. I'll give it a try as well as try out these tips and see how things go. #2
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I agree with what you said about your assessment of The Order so far. The game looks great but the gameplay is a huge question mark at this point. Sony has spared no expense on getting behind this game which is exactly why it will be interesting to see how the final product is received by everyone. #5.4
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I think it's a little too premature to say Microsoft will win in 2015. Nintendo and Sony could easily make moves to position themselves higher than Microsoft. Sony finally has games coming out on PS4 to start the year off whereas Microsoft has a holiday lineup already roughly worked out. Beyond that we don't know what either company has planned, but i will say this... Gamers on every console will win in 2015 because now we all will get the best each company has to offer. #2
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Very glad to hear Manny go in on E3 as an event. It's pretty funny how you can have a vision of how something can be and immediately be brought to reality once you actually attend. They need to fix alot with the show itself and go back to how the formula used to be. Unfortunately, this is something that will never happen though. #1
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