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If Microsoft is smart they would bring back some of these franchises. I still can't get over the fact that they trolled fans with a Conker appearance during the Project Spark presentation. Phil Spencer and company got a lot of work to do and they best get started on bring back these franchises now. #14
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The PS4 has already outsold the Xbox One by a wide margin and I'm pretty sure almost every owner will buy this game because its a certified system seller. For that reason and that reason alone, this game definitely has the potential to outsell Halo 5. #5
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I have heard quite alot of interesting things about this game and will definitely try it out soon. I will say that I'm not a fan of the high difficulty spikes mention especially if it's unbalanced throughout. Still, I'll check it out and give my thoughts on it afterward. #2
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Having played the Halo 5 beta, I would say the game was quite enjoyable. Microsoft knows this is their biggest franchise and truthfully if you call this a cash grab the same can be said of Uncharted 4 which will no doubt be Sony's version of Halo. As for The Order 1886, I'm not yet ready to say that game will be horrible. Sure the game looks great and the gameplay is questionable at best but lets wait and see if it delivers before we call it a flop right out of the gates lol #3.1.1
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I find it very odd how the image used in this podcast is of Halo 5 and yet the title of the show is about consoles lacking exclusives. last time i checked, the xbox one currently has more first party exclusives than the PS4. If anything the image should be of a PS4 game and not an Xbox One game. Surely i can't be wrong in thinking this lol #3
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This was a great informative piece on VR headsets. I'm all for investing in this type of technology just so long as its affordable and easy to get into. #3
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I definitely intend to try this game out but only once it's actually out on the PS4. Don't have any desire to play this on PC especially when I know most of my time will be spent on the PS4 anyway. #3
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Why isn't this game coming to the PS4 or Xbox One? I'm definitely not pulling out old hardware to play this. Atlus and all other developers better get it together and bring these titles to new-gen lol #2
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There were some rather interesting questions on this week's episode. The comment about both the PS4 and Xbox One interfaces being shitty was interesting because I personally don't see a problem with either. One could say the Xbox One probably had the worst UI at launch, but Microsoft constantly updates the software regularly. The PS4 UI is pretty simplistic and really if the system is meant to be 4 The Gamers than thats all people should care about anyway lol #1
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Of course Uncharted 4 would be Neogaf's most anticipated game. That site is easily one of the most bias sites on the planet lol #3
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Looks like some great MMORPGS are out there for people to jump into. I personally will be kept busy by Dragon Age:Inquisition and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt so these other games will definitely have to wait. #3
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Just as averagejoe said, This price is definitely right for someone who isn't willing to buy a console.

My only gripe with this service and pricing is that if a ps plus member wanted to subscribe they have to pay the same amount as everyone else. There should be some type of discount for those who decided to invest their money into Sony services in general, but I guess that's too much to ask for lol #3
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If Lisa doesn't come to the PS4, then I probably won't play it. Def don't see a gaming PC purchase in my immediate future lol #4
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There are some really great picks on this list and since you brought up both street fighter and mortal kombat, I have to ask.. do you think we will ever see a street fighter vs mortal kombat game? #1
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No Man's Sky is definitely the most important game on this list as far as indies go. The mainstream title that will also be important is Rise of the Tomb Raider because of all the controversy the game has received since it was announced. #2
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That would be a very interesting move for them to make at this stage of the game. They have definitely shown nothing but support for the title and I look forward to seeing how this relationship develops over time. #1.1.1
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January is normally known as a light month for releases every year. Still, Saints Row Gat out of Hell, Dying Light, and GTA Online Heists (if released)should all be plenty of fun. #1
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I have heard quite a lot about this game and I admire the developer's decision to keep the content raw and straightforward. Unfortunately, this is a PC only game for now and that alone guarantees I will never play it lol #2
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This game is no doubt a system seller and a guaranteed buy for any and every Wii U owner. Unfortunately, the Wii U is no longer of interest to me so I'll have to pass on this. #2
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2014 was an up and down year for video games overall. Definitely looking forward to 2015 blowing everything out the water and proving to be a landmark year for gaming. #3
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