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Enjoying all that this game has to offer so far. Definitely alot of fun for what it is.

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I don't know what's more disappointing.. this game or the fact we never got a sequel to The Order: 1886.

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I didn't hear much about this game but knew alot of people were looking forward to it. For a title that took this long to release, the fans def deserved better than what they got.

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Definitely glad to hear that they improved on the first game and will certainly check it out at some point. Any survival horror game when you can't use weapons to get through it is an automatic win in my book.

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Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft are both still big sellers according to NPD numbers every month. I'll be very curious to see if Red Dead Redemption 2 either replaces GTA V or is listed alongside it once the game finally comes out.

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I keep hearing alot of positive things about the game. I'll definitely have to try it out soon.

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I remember playing these games as a kid. Perhaps I'll give this a try again one day but we will see.

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Definitely looking forward to seeing if this sequel ends up better than the first game.

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This is a very helpful guide for those who are trying to learn more about each character. Might be hard to master every character on the roster but I'm more than certain that many would put the time into doing just that.

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Just started playing this game myself and i must say that it truly is worthy of the praise. Definitely a strong game of the year contender as well.

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A great collection worth picking up for those who might have missed out on playing the original games.

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Lightning probably should be added to this list but I don't play Final Fantasy so I couldn't add her lol

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The only way a sequel like this happens is if Microsoft decides to create it themselves as Crytek is no longer in a position to do so. Considering that we still haven't gotten a sequel to Sunset Overdrive yet, I certainly don't have faith in them to create this and it's a shame because the brand needs more AAA exclusive titles.

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The space exploration experience is definitely an immersive part of the experience so far for me. It's important to state that this game was never going to top the original trilogy and therefore the creative team has some enormous shoes to fill. This doesn't excuse the presentation, animation and story issues that are present but it's good to at least point out some positives rather than write off the whole game as a disaster which it obviously isn't.

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Having played Mass Effect Andromeda so far, I can say that the game certainly has some issues but its not nearly as horrible as the critics have said. The extra time to polish and improve other things certainly could have helped things but i personally don't think this game was ever meant to be better than the original trilogy was.

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The setting definitely can set the tone for a great games and there are several solid examples of this theory out there. Its also cool when the setting itself becomes a character within the overall story.

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Very much enjoyed what this game had to offer at all the preview events. The summer release can't come soon enough.

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The Arkham Games definitely are some of the best Batman titles out there. In particular, Batman: Arkham Asylum deserves some praise as that was the title that started it all.

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The Mass Effect Andromeda scores haven't been overwhelmingly positive but i'd say any fan of the series still owes it to themselves to check it out. As for the backlash toward the Bioware employee, this is a ridiculous act and this type of behavior needs to change as a whole moving forward within the industry.

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As a Mortal Kombat fan, I think this is something that fans would certainly appreciate being made. Hopefully NetherRealm is able to actually help make this a reality in the future.

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