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You should do a carbon fiber one that would kick a--!

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Your name say's it all LMFAO!!!! "DROPS THE KEYBOARD AND WALKS AWAY" That was to easy 8:)

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Love the profile pick ! Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) along with with Cannabidiol (CBD)together with 83 other cannabinoids make up the most amazing substances in the world hands down! look up "Cannabis and it's effect on the human body" on You tube , and if your jaw doesn't hit the floor I'll eat crow.

It's something everyone should know and it's not just about getting high ,really the raw form doesn't get you high at all . See "The power of ra...

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BINGO DING DING DING!!!!! Someone finally asked the right question. There it is people open your eyes ,even if this is possible( very unlikely anytime soon, probably at least 5 years off)this is all about control people. Microsoft wants to be your only choice ,but in a more sinister way than most.

Their W8 OS, phones ,and X1 everything you need ,but you wont really own the games/content because you have to pay them to continue to use it.Sounds like a full blown subscription s...

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Well played sir! That was funny ass sh-t Id give you two bubbles if I could 8-)

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No AV 480i I do believe and super video 480p,then component 720p/1080i and,then HDMI 1080p. I'm pretty sure that's the way it goes. Man that makes me feel old lol, I remember seeing my first flat panel it was over ten grand and I thought it was the most amazing thing , can't remember the year I wanna say like 96 or, 97.

Some of you where in diapers lol I'll be 37 this year :'( but,still going strong!

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Stay thirsty my friends ! Sony FTW!

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The problem is because it's multi plat, it is not up to their PS3 only games standard . Also we must admit that going from Xbox only games to PS3 only games is an upgrade graphics wise. So why would it bother a Xbox fan with Bungie going multi cause it won't affect the visual quality on their system , M$ we all know makes sure it will look the same on both or they wont release it and,so holding the PS3 version back if the developers wanted to utilize the PS3 for that version.

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dbjj that just cracked me up big time Lmfao ! Can you tell me what the joke is about this my body is ready ? I think it funny when well done but I want to know what it means to everybody else I'm out of touch I guess Lol.

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I missed why they opted out? To me it has to be very bad or at the least not good ,with the launch of the Wii U they have done a 360 ( no pun intended )their image and, ability to deliver is in question now in my humble opinion :(

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Welcome Akaihana86plus you should do well here lots of SONY supporters here and rightfully so cause they offer the best all around current system.

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opinions are like a--h-l-s everybody has one and ,no one thinks their s--t stinks, I could see a new character being cool but,a look into her past would be cool in my opinion as well. lol

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Think you're on to something there kungfuian but , I guess they would have to have Blue Ray disks bigger than 50 gig in my opinion. Maybe that is another thing they haven't revealed yet! I think I remember hearing back in the day that MGS4 used up the 50 Gig disc, not positive. If so then Next Gen is sure to take up that at minimum and more as the Gen goes along,so 100 Gig discs or more would be awesome!

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They said they built a system with no bottlenecks right ? Does that mean it's a High End PC in the sense of what Processor/GFX card it has, it means it is modified to maximize the potential of the Hardware and thus performs like a High End PC.

They also talked about other Processors handling tasks independently from main one. Maybe they have given the developers full access to the Memory ,Main Processor and,GFX card. That could be what the hype is all about in my best guess ...

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I like the way you think ,didn't think that much about the possibility of that. One thing though could be a price issue though because ,it cost more money to develop two versions and what does make the price , to high to profit without pissing people off? They would have to offer three different retail disks , one for ps3,ps3/ps4 and one for ps4 . My guess is it would have to be somewhere around $70-90 for the combo disk and that's a bit of a niche market to target you think? Would be...

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Funny things is SONY probably did not show everything , I bet they have an ace or two up their sleeve for what ever MS drops!

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well I don't know if they had it before Nintendo was developing the Wii but there are videos out that show it before the release of the Wii,so I do not know about that ,but there engineers are all way's working on crazy shit we don't always get to see so prove it wrong!

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Would love for a intelligent response to my post's anyone??????

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So no one would like to debate / comment on my opinions on my two posts?! What makes to much sense to argue with huh fanboys/Sony haters?????!!!!!!

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LMFAO!!!!! Love the 420 reference ! P.S. I could have sworn there is a rumor about a tablet for the 720. If true then Microsoft and Nintendo are following Sony ! lol! I admit Sony is my favorite but i'm not a narrow minded fanboy. I will get all three if they offer enough over and above what Sony offers ,and that is what I hope but it wont be easy for them to pull that off! Sony tries to give every gamer/casual something compelling, and so in my opinio...

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