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How is this game still not out? Haven't been on N4G in a while, but this game had nothing going for it except graphics a few years back. Now it looks like it's lost even that... why are we still talking about it?

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Did you play the one were you rescue a guy?

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I'm only interested in MGO3 at this point. Getting caught in MGS no longer has hefty consequences.

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Well it was just the Unreal engine. How good could it really look?

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Articles announcing release dates based on what retailers have said, should be banned from this site.

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From what I know MGO3 is being developed in L.A with a completely new studio branch on Kojima Productions (they are probably using this studio to record voice over too). They've been quiet this long, I'd imagine whatever they show will be pretty close to completion, a beta will probably be announced along with the reveal itself.

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Norman Reedus is a reason NOT to be excited. Terrible actor with gacky hair.

Everything else about this game will be amazing

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You are an idiot if you think 1.5 million is a low amount for a beta, especially for a brand new I.P.

And the number was actually 4.6 million.

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I noticed no difference in the iron banner mode than the regular dead sector we've been playing

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I still prefer PS3 sticks. I find myself having to reposition my thumb so much on the DS4, especially when I'm just pressing up for ages, like walking somewhere

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In the UK, most games on PSN are £65. In the shops they are £45-£50

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What has me confused is that, yes, they mastered the Cell Processor, it was totally different tech. I imagine someone at Naughty Dog had a sort of EUREKA! moment, and from there on the studio were able to do stuff with the Cell the nobody had discovered yet.


The PS4 has tech that supposedly everyone in the industry should be a master of, there aren't/shouldn't be any secrets to discover. But still it's Naughty Dog that seems to be way ahead o...

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My theory: Something with a crap story and gameplay, but good graphics.

Just like the last two

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I find the campaign portion of Bungie games utterly mind numbing.
The concept of the story is great and should be epic, but the story telling and dialogue is pathetic and how it unfolds gameplay wise is just monotonous... endlessly following a marker on the map, get to marker, kill a hundred enemies, listen a radio call while you wait for your next map marker. buhh.

One of those games where the story is better told on wikipedia, than in the act...

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Please tell me there'll be standard competitive modes.
I NEED a hardcore online game to play. Was really hoping they could bring the Halo MP experience to PlayStation. This game is looking less and less like that with every new bit of info

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Is this game still free?

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I got this game for 24 pounds
Everyone complaining that KojiPro are now the devils of the gaming world for actually putting a price tag on it, the game is great!

I also got the HD Collection for around just 30 pounds. It includes
MGS2: Sons Of Liberty
MGS2: Substance
MGS3: Snake Eater
MGS: Peace Walker
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

6 games and hundreds of hours of gameplay for 30 pound.
I ...

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What I can't understand is why there is any hype for halo 5, considering it has nothing at all to do with Bungie anymore. I wouldn't be interested in a Metal Gear game not developed by Kojima. Just seems like Halo is selling its name now, forget about the quality or if it'll actually represent what the fans of the game originally fell in love with.

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And then a whole variety of high quality games which turned its reputation around. Uncharted 2, LBP, Infamous, Heavy Rain. Even if the games themselves weren't system sellers, the reputation they gave the console is what mattered. While the reputation Xbox was getting was, shooters only, CoD machine, with either a Halo or Gears of War title being milked every other year.

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39.99 is full price!
The last time I paid more than 40 pound for a game it was Black Ops 1, and that was 44.99

How are they saying this is a deal ?

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