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A lot of PC gamers are saying the same thing. Graphics look worse and lower FPS.

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Paying to play online is why I got a ps3 instead of a 360 and refuse to get a xbone or ps4. Remember this?

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Yeah I agree. Not worth forking out full price on a new release since it usually takes developers about a month after release to patch up the game.

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Do you need windows 10 to play this game?

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2K sports sucks. They don't give a crap about PC gamers. These are the same problems they always have. Get a steam refund now and don't buy their game!

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Recommended is a Core i7 4770 or AMD FX 9370, R9 290 or Nvidia GTX970. I wouldn't call that low.

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How much?? And will it work with windows??

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Steam machines are going to be marketed to console gamers, not PC gamers. Imagine..a console w/ cheap games. Console gamers will be all over steam machines if it looks better than their consoles, games are cheap, and it has to be EASY. Basically turn on and play. Has to be simple like a console or it will fail.

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Assassins Creed games have always run like crap on PC starting with the first one. If it wasn't for the free game promos they usually come with I would never play one.

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Apparantly all it takes is a WOW Elf for this guy!!

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3 words. Not on pc so no buy

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You're an idiot. You're part of the reason developers don't wanna release on PC. If 2K fully supports this game w/ all the latest patches and good online play, sales on PC will be good. You won't be able to go online either w/ a pirated version.

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You're getting the full xbone /ps4 versions. Gaming dragons has it for $36

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Wow that's pretty cool. Do I need just crysis to play?? or crysis wars?? or how?? How many peeps playing?

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As a mostly PC gamer I gotta dam that's a good sale! This isn't for ps+ members only tho right?

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I don't know. Kinda seems like a scam. They should just give it out for free. If I wanna play those maps all I have to do is load up BF3.

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I'll tell you who. People who want the openness of the PC and for cheaper games, but don't wanna deal w/ building or modifiying things. They want to be able to turn on the steam machine, sit on the couch, grab a controller, relax and play a game. They don't wanna deal w/ all the problems windows and a PC can have. They don't wanna deal w/ drivers and crashes. They just want it to work. They basically want a PC that's a console. They're not tech savy and wanna be a...

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At UltimateMaster

If they can put out a steambox w/ comparable specs or a model that will give u ps4 graphics; and at the same pricepoint or slightly higher, then they have a winner. The games are much cheaper and you're getting an open platform w/o monthly internet fees. The slightly higher pricepoint will pay for itself. Then later if u wanna upgrade your hardware because u think the ps4 gfx look like crap (which eventually they will), then u can.

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Different vendors are going to be making these steam machines. All they're gonna be is pc's w/ steam os already installed. If anyone takes a hit not selling them it would be the vendors. But then again, it is a PC; therefore the vendors can always pull the parts and put em in another PC. Valve isn't building these themselves. Don't forget the parts can always be used in another PC or u can always switch em out yourself.
Valve is going to be making there money of...

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