Thinking about games, likely FRS RPG... or retro... or mobile... or MMO... ;-)


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Excellent investigation into this. Thought provoking.

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Awesome preview! Thanks.

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Seconded. Proof that sometimes you can be TOO inovative. But totally agree it's underrated.

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Good question, we'll have to just wait and see! :-)
It "feels" like the sort of game that could work very well with touch interaction, and I think it's fair to say we're in capable hands with Sony and Media Molecule... I'd bet they can deliver it properly...

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Yeah, it's really been an underused resource across the board, it's great to see this starting to open up. I really hope other developers follow nDreams' example and tha nDreams themselves continue and expand their great work!

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Agreed, and all the more so considering so many people haven't played it yet! Come on people, give it a go... you'll love it!

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mightlyles, thanks for clarifying / summarising you position, I'm glad I'm not completely alone! (Even if your response is purely an academic exercise!)

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Hooby, I appreciate your concerns, you are clearly a gamer of consumate intellect and deeply pensive focus. However I must refute your allegation that I am a moron, a statement which I rambunctiously rebut. The title of the article is "Why I Love..." not "Why everyone else is wrong", I understand I am in a substantial minority but I hope / encourage all to engage me in substantative debate for both our own, and indeed hopefully wider, edification.

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Agreed, an opportunity missed? Or did they feel that the bugs are part of it's "charm" / "experience"?
That's what I'd be going for if I were their marketing department! ;-) (A bit like they did with Halo CE; "A faithful rendition of the original experience with a visual upgrade and achievements added"!) ;-)

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Great review Luke, shame they couldn't do anything with the cinematics... you'd think they might have a copy of the originals in their raw state that they could remaster, but maybe they were just created directly for the resolution of the time... pity, because, as you say, it seems like they have done a great job otherwise with refreshing the visuals etc... still, great games, and a great opportunity for newer gamers to find out what all the "Silent Hill" fuss is about!

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Just in case you are wondering the review is 100% spoiler free. :-)

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I must say I agree with Eddie, I would only add that whilst FF has added a huge amount to the gaming landscape and been massively influential I have always found it a little hard work, despite usually loving "squad" based strategy games I just can't get into the flow of FF anymore, having said that I do keep hoping for a return to the old days...

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I hear you, there is just so much top quality game going on out there atm! It's so damn hard to choose where to put what little money I have! ;-(

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Erm... sorry dude... it's now confirmed, and I'm not prepared to take the blame for a news story we broke before we could link it up. News is news. In fact what a lot of people want is the news as soon as it's out, otherwise, well it's not really news anymore! So we try not to sit on news, but rather push it out as soon as we have it... (Although I do appreciate your point that some people push "opinion" as "news" which is wrong and I hate that as much as t...

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Totally agree... this could be huge... and as it's "free to play" it's one of the few MMOs that could actually make this work on a console / XBL / PSN etc without loads of confusing monthly charges for users etc...

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Yes, I suspect that they will test a little more next time... Maybe a Beta? Would certainly help bring the whole community fully back on board...

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Watson tech is based on POWER7 which supports up to 32MB of eDRAM. Now it's possible it's not going to use POWER7, but that is what IBM have confirmed so far. eDRAM is part of the CPU envelope and so putting 1GB on would be extremely expensive (The XBox 360 has 10.5MB of eDRAM, so even 32MB would be a huge leap). We still suspect the eDRAM will not be over 32MB, but if we find out more / different we'll update the post...

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Nice overview, I'd certainly go for improved detective mode and the suggested calendarman / real world calendar integration. T'would be awesome!

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Article updated. :-)

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Yes, this really takes things to the next level, with Valve's support via Steam Workshop Bethesda is going to deliver a revolutionary set of functionality for the future of PC games. Imagine if all games released on Steam supported mods in this way! The use of Valve's quality control and patching systems, a built-in mod manager, centralised patching, social / voting functionality, this is some of the best news I've seen recently for PC gamers!

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