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Anyone played strange journey on the nds it was a ok game

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This would be cool

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What do people expect from nintendo ?

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A successor would be good because of.the dual screens I've All ways like to.see a lot of information at the same time

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This is good news right?

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I can confirm same in eb games in new Zealand

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Or super Nintendo

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Unlike other people who are complaining about the game I'm.actually looking forward to this street fighter 2 is a classic and is a really good fighting game

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Maybe because it wasn't aimed at kids .I don't remember seeing any kids only adults who can actually afford to buy one

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It will be hard to go back from a open world style game like Skyrim as lots of people have referred to it will be like

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Who actually used Kinect?? In New Zealand they used Them to scan people bags at the airport.I was amazed to see how powerful the xbox one Kinect really is

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I'm seriously thinking they might .they will have to release something that's backwards capable with 3ds cards

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It's not that bad .zelda its the golden egg but as for the other games there reasonable .hopefully they will release better games sooner then later .bomber man looks cool though

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Click bait

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I personally believe that the switch will.sell more then xbox one but the wii its along shot .

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Sounds like it will be years away if there is any borderlands .and that's only if the console sells a lot

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I'm hoping they wil release a follow up to the 3ds sometime next year

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Assassins creed rouge

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I believe they have listened to the fans this time .but are the fans happy only time and the sales will tell .I'm hoping they don't mess up resident evil 2 remake

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I wouldnt say saved I would say evolved with all ready existing gameplay that started with part 4 .

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