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Not really news but some gamers may be interested
These cosplayers are not only hot, the costumes are actually very good. #1
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good idea
maybe they could take it even further and integrate it into Home's trophy system. win a specific trophy in KillZone and get a Helghast suit for LBP. #26.1
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What about GTA4, GT5:P and COD4
It would be nice if they released a patch that added "trophies" to games that have already been released.

Not much incentive for the developers, I suppose, but it could cause a small bump in sales if they released a "trophies" version of COD4 with the added maps for example. Hell, I might even buy the "trophies" patch as DLC. #26.3
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I remember hearing that in-game XMB was coming in FW2.4 as well
I guess this means we have less than 4 weeks left to wait. Woohoo! #3.2
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I agree
I'm getting a little sick of the delays for in-game XMB, Home and LBP but on the flip side I hope they are using the time well.

I was pretty impressed with the PSN store update. It actually exceeded my expectations. Now if they deliver as good a product with the other features I'm waiting for, I'll forget my irritation at the delays pretty quickly. But hurry the hell up Sony! #17.1
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Attach rates
It's worth noting that the PS2 lifetime attach rate based on Sony's official numbers is 10.5 (1.39B/132M).

I think there was an article a few weeks ago saying that the 360 attach ratio was the highest ever for a console at 7.5. They must not have included the PS2 in their comparison. #18
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actually lumbo is right
Sony reports sales to retailers because that's when they book the revenue. From a financial perspective, Sony investors don't really care if/when the retailers sell it to their customers because that revenue goes on the retailer's books.

In the past, Sony was forecasting revenue based on units manufactured under the assumption that they would all eventually be sold, which is a fair assumption to make as long as it is disclosed in their financial statements. It's not "lying&q... #13.5
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I think Sony are being conservative with their numbers
They're probably making allowances for a slowdown in the global economy. The analysts would expect them to. However, looking at GTA4s sales numbers it seems that video games are pretty resilient to economic problems so they may end up beating their numbers by quite a large margin. #1.10
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The community aspect is what interests me. I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with and maybe even making a few levels myself. #1.6
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@ fallen angel
Don't fool yourself into believing that the $1B extended warranty from MS is a sign of good service. It's a cheap way for MS to cover up for shipping a faulty product.

Like sonarus and meep said, MS paid $1B to extend their warranty so they wouldn't have to do a recall, which probably would have cost them more than $1B. Think about it, instead of repairing 100% of the X360 install base like they would with a recall, they only have to repair the 30% that do fail within the 3 year... #2.16
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Bravias are the best
the picture quality beats everything else i've seen on the market. #5.1
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@ leon
Sony (JPN) and Samsung (KOR) are separate companies. They do share an LCD panel production facility in China but other than that they are fierce competitors. #4.3
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this would be great
I currently use a DirecTV HD DVR but the compression compromises the quality somewhat. I would pay for HD downloads of TV shows to my PS3 if the price was reasonable. #23
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the Cell chip wouldn't replace the CPU
There would still be an AMD or Intel CPU. The Cell chip would be used for audio/video encoding and decoding, which is actually what it was designed for. I'm guessing it would really just work like any other GPU or sound card and come with the appropriate drivers. #11.1
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you are correct sir
Sony is also planning on using cell chips in it's TVs and AV electronics as a digital signal processor (encoding/decoding). IBM is already using the cell chip in MRI imaging devices. #2.1
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Wii Fit and GTAIV sharing the top of the lists
I think it says a lot about the state of gaming that the Wii Fit is sharing the sales charts with GTAIV and not necessarily in a bad way.

The gaming market is big enough for both types of games to coexist. All three consoles too if you count both versions of GTAIV. By the end of this generation, I'd give even odds that more than one console sells 100+ mm units. #10
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good review
I was thinking about picking this up and despite the price I probably will. Would have been nice if they added a headset jack to it though, then I wouldn't need a separate headset and it would make the price easier to swallow. #7
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After watching it in HD...
I now have to change my pants

un-be-lievable #3.3
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Good for PSP
PSP is really saving Sony in JPN. Hopefully, things will turn around for the PS3 when MGS4 comes out. #4
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they better start playing their cards then
what are they waiting for?

Greenburg is a PR guy. He may know more than us but he's only ever going to say super positive things about the 360, that's his job. #33.1
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