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I think the difference there is when D.VA is out of her Mech, she doesn't have any special moves until she gets her mech back.
While Tracer is just as soft, she's all about flanking unseen, doing max damage and then blinking out before anyone knows she's there.
I've seen some really skilled people do some amazing things with her and she's hard to hit, so if you up her health point, then she wold be over powered.

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I think we have established that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will keep releasing sexier outfits, so we don't really need to know every time it happens.

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That's talented work right there.

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has your 'full stop' stopped working?

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I was hoping for something a little more official.
At least then I'd know my chances of ending up on the team with some little kid who rushes to grab the damage classes and then proceeds to tell everyone else how to play. and start blaming everyone else when they don't win.

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Where the hell did that come from?

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Gaming journalist really is a contradiction in terms.

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"They simply suck at everything they do anymore"

*Looks at the PS4 sales compared to the other consoles*.

mmmmmm....Yep, OK!

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This is why I don't understand these people who go round abusing people because they didn't like a character.
It's fine not to like a character, but don't go blaming the actor because you just don't know if their just following the directions they have been given.
Even if it is the actor, there is just no excuse for death threats.
If a video game character is effecting you that much, maybe you should get a life.

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CES is for Consumer electronics.
Unless there were more companies pushing out newer headsets, I wouldn't imagine many new announcements.
For content, I would expect to see more at the gaming expos.

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Even her self destruct gives plenty of time to get out the way and find shelter.

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Even Super Mario Run was having problem selling at that price.

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It's not finished till it's in the box and out the door, but I do get your point.
But yeah, if it's a well written story then that would draw my attention.

If I was designing the game, I'd make something like Infamous but you'd have to keep switching between Peter Parker and Spiderman in order to investigate what was happening and character development.

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Why was this marked as spam?

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It all depends on the motives of the government.
The benefit to Poland is it will draw growth in the gaming and software industry which will create jobs and therefore more revenue from tax.
However if it was happening somewhere like Russia, when you consider how they treat their media, you would have to be a little suspicious about what their intentions would be.
Of course UK seems to want to squander their gaming industry, and god only knows whats going to happen i...

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If the start of the game is anything like the first one, expect to have your heart ripped out right at the start.

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I liked Symmetra before she got powered up.
I have a 70% win rate with her.

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In what way?

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They could just give them away and see how many Wii U game sales improve from that.

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It's moved a long way from when it was a beta.
Your can't win everyone over and there is definitely room for improvement, but it's always growing and changing with each season.

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