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So the next time you lose and you blame cheater... now you know it's just you.

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So basically it's like Go 8 bit with the same selection of comedians and celebrities.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the shows like Mock the week and shows like that, but can we please try doing something different.

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I'm happy for PUBG to have more maps, but don't make it too much like Fortnite.
I enjoy PUBG as it is, don't mess it up trying to appeal to the casual player.

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We don't even know what the story line is yet, so how can you tell if you prefer a dude?

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@ VideoGameLab
Its sounds to me like you want all the maps to be like the original.
The whole point of the different map is to completely change your game play.
I find the old map often ends with everyone hiding in the grass crawling everywhere. The new map, you can't do that.

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I usually have my best games on the Miramar map.
What are the issues you have with it?

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There are a lot of people out there who like FIFA but aren't gamers, that's all they play.
Unfortunately EA can't tell the difference between them and regular gamers.

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I seem to do better on Miramar than the other map for some reason.

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Does this mean the player ends up as an AFK at the edge of the map?
Doesn't that also mean that it counts as a death if someone kills you or the blue zone gets you?

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There had been a number of issues during it's time in Early access, but most are cleared up now that it's fully released.
One of the main bugs was lag at the start of the game because everyone appearing in the same area before the round started and the servers had problem dealing with this.
They resolved this by spreading out the sporing point to multiple locations, so that did help.
It's been working pretty well for me recently. Maybe the odd physics bu...

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That pretty much the same as normal sport.
You have local schools or Universities compete, and then you have international/professional level.
I don't see the harm in esports playing in the same way.

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Have you ever tried to put your self in someone else shoes?
Or experienced a story of someone completely different from you?
You can experience thing that you would never have experienced if you step outside your self every now and then, and be a better person because of it.

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I want to update my Monitor to something 4K, but I don't want to buy one only to have HDR come out the next day.
That's basically what happened to me when i updated my TV.

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Plus the skin is a bit glossy on the 3D model.

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Whats the latest word on HDR for PCs these days?

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There was a bit of rubberbanding when 1.0 came out on Steam, but that seems to be sorted now.

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Sounds like a nice idea.

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Personally I think it was Overwatch which shot down Lawbreakers.
It already had the multiplayer team shooter wrapped up just before Lawbreakers came out.
It also has more character that Lawbreakers which looked more generic in comparison.

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I would be happy to throw my hat in and do that (removing the spam comments).
It should only be accounts that have been on here for years.

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It's the black hole of IPs, never to escape.

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