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Damn it!
I just got Bloodborne earlier this morning, but I didn't get it through Paypal. Mother F*&%$!!!! #1
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@ Griever.

The idea people have about PSN+ mainly comes from the service when it came out on PS3. There were loads of AAA games that came out for PS3.
I'm not aware of any change going back on that promise for the PS4, but the library as it is for the PS4 at the moment, it will take time before there are enough games that have been out for long enough that PS can start offering them for free.

Thing is, they are still offering smaller games and I d... #1.1.3
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Fact is, if your skilful. You can get through the game in one go.
Most normal people will take what they learn from each death to try something different or to see the patterns to find out how to beat the boss.

If you've spent 15 hours trying to beat one boss, that says more about you and your skill than it does about the game. #1.1.6
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I would make it as soon as they started their next match, Goro would walk up behind them and rip their head off.
Then the other player gets the win. #10.1.2
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NO!!! You can only make the games I like to play! No one can make any other type of game! /s #3.1
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I don't think the quality went down as such, rather the competition just undersold them with products just under that level of quality at a much lower price.

Sony don't have as much of a head start on quality as they used to as R&D costs so much more these days. Plus the economic problems in Japan and the recession has left it's mark over the years. #4.1
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Most of the money that Sony makes from Playstation are from the royalties from 3rd party and their own games.
If Sony is first to offer the service to other devices along with their own games, then they can continue to gain those royalties regardless of whether it's running on their console. #3.2
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Most companies would be two steps forward, one step back. At least their heading in the right direction.
One Step forward and step steps back means their going backwards.

The Trend with Capcom these days is they have a big reveal, everyone gets excited, we don't hear anything for ages and then we find it's all gone to s***. #6.2
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You mean they search for things before they start giving their opinions? #5.1.1
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SSD - Problem solved. #1.1
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"next best fit is probably From Software".

I like both Kojimas and From Software, but I wouldn't want them to merge because they provide me with such different experiences.

I like Coffee and beer, but I wouldn't mix the two. #1.1.8
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Seeing as DX12 will also be used on PC and PS4 has the larger console Market share, I think it would be still worth while to develop the games for both even if there is a little more work involved. #1.1.15
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Sad but true. #1.1
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fingers cross it isn't going to cost me so much that my wife will be giving the silent treatment for a couple of days. #1
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I felt that. #2
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@ WeAreLegion,

The problem with your statement is, this isn't a school and it isn't kids being mean to each other.

It's a few kids trying to be mean to a grown women.
If you did that at school, of course they would tell your parents.

fact is, she tried this and in at least one of the cases it work and now the little punk is going to learn a valuable lesson that he's not as anonymous as he thought.

Good... #7.1.3
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You can't make everyone happy. Over all there are more happy gamers enjoying this than the people who didn't. #9.1
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Get the game and then get a PS4. Job done. #8.1
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It was many years for HD TV to really establish them selves, and then there was 3D which is still out there and growing (most TVs come out with it standard these days) now it's 4K which will take many more years.
A long with that you have VR.

First they make the products, then the gimmicks to draw the early adapters, then once it's grown enough the infrastructure is set in place and then gradually it hits the main market before the price starts to drop. #3.2
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I see, I get ya now. #3.1.2
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