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So that's EAs plan, buy all studios... close them so all we have is games as a service.

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I remember D1 having similar issues when it came out.
Why another company would look at this as a good model is beyond me.
I can only guess they their looking at the $$$ of having games as a service and trying to force everyone into that model.
If you take away all other options, then people will have to play it.

Thank god for indies.

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Tracer is basically not wearing anything.... does that count?

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Spam bots been busy.

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Personally I would setup a system where the toxic players all get a mark next to their name that no one sees, but makes them all grouped together so they can be toxic to each other and leave the rest of us in peace.

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Considering Bluehole has to partner with Epic for their game engine, it's not a very comfortable situation.
But it was a blatant ripoff on Epic's part considering the mode was shoehorned into a currently existing game.
They even went as far as saying "Battle royal - just like PUBG".

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I think that more likely the reason.
I did enjoy the game more without all the wall bouncing and stuff like that.
But if it ends up being a hack fest again, (and judging by the way some users were using the same hacks from previous CODs) it might. That would turn me off again.

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Cost of games usually go down pretty quick after they come out (Unless it's COD or something).
If you just wait a little bit, you can usually get the game cheaper... You don't have to get the game as soon as it comes out.

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Plus the fact that more maps are coming and they will be encouraging modding, should give it some long legs.

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So nice to read about some one who's down to earth having such success.

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I wish I had more money than sense.

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"It could potentially look better on the console than it does on PC if they work on really making the Xbox version look extra good texture wise".

Why would they make the Xbox version look better than the PC version if whatever changes they apply to xbox can then be applied to the PC version.

If there is anything that would cause the PC version to look worse (other than earlier graphics cards), would be people turning the foliage settings down to...

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We're not asking them to program the game, just play it.

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Being a reptile keeper, I hated having to kill the crystal lizards... they were so cute.

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That's like saying does metropolis still matter for movies.

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If the tables were turned and MS were the market head and Sony trying to catch up, I sure MS would be doing the same thing.

It would be in MS best interest to increase the player pool into the Playstation network, plus once their new console comes out it would help sway people who currently have a PS console but want to still play with their other PS buddies. With a more powerful console, pushing the multi platform games for their console MS could really push ahead.

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ND aren't afraid to leave a series on a high.
Plus I think they enjoy creating new IPs and the stories that brings.

It's probably up to Sony what happens in the future for uncharted, but I doubt they would and force ND to keep making it

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That's kind of like saying "I'm waiting for hell to freeze over".

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Do strong lead female characters scare you?

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I've never been, but I'm really enjoying this game.
Do get it on early access if you can, it does take a bit of practice to get any good.
I've spent 35 hours on it so far and only now getting to the point where I'm killing as often as I'm dying.
But I am rubbish at shooters, so you might do better.

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