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ND aren't afraid to leave a series on a high.
Plus I think they enjoy creating new IPs and the stories that brings.

It's probably up to Sony what happens in the future for uncharted, but I doubt they would and force ND to keep making it

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That's kind of like saying "I'm waiting for hell to freeze over".

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Do strong lead female characters scare you?

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I've never been, but I'm really enjoying this game.
Do get it on early access if you can, it does take a bit of practice to get any good.
I've spent 35 hours on it so far and only now getting to the point where I'm killing as often as I'm dying.
But I am rubbish at shooters, so you might do better.

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It would be a bit weird playing and then realising that's actually talking to you by name.
You'd be thinking - wow, the programming on this game is amazing!

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Personally if I was programming the game, I'd set it to record how many team kills you have, and once it gets above a certain number, weapons start to backfire on them and kill them instead.

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Why is one boob so much bigger than the other?

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Save money - buy games, never go out!

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If you played it for only a minute, your playing it wrong.

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People seem to keep forgetting that this is an early access game.
It even says when you purchase early access games - "This game is not finished" and "there will be bugs".

The fact that there is only one map and such a large number of people still enjoying playing indicates that it's a fun game and it mainly been word of mouth that this game has become popular.
So when they release the 2 extra maps that they are working on hopefully...

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People just believe what ever fits their agenda.

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I'm just wondering what are the chances of ending up in the same game as the person your monitoring?
Even if you were lucky enough to come across them in game when your watching their steam.... how likely is it to do the same thing in the next game?

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The guy who crated the game said he wanted to keep it going for 10 years.
While I'm sure it won't be getting updates for that long or as often as it is now. You can see he's trying to put everything into it.
Along with two new maps, he will also be adding weathering.
There are no guarantees in life, but it sounds like he's doing everything he can

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My work PC is i5 with GTX650Ti, and seems to run it OK. That's way below the minimum spec suggested for PC and perfectly playable.
So I'm sure they can make something work.

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It's only been in the last generation or two where metal health has been a thing that can be documented.
A lot more studies are going into it so we're understanding it better.
In the old days, people would have lived their entire lives with things like autism and not even know it.
After all most people who have autism are on the extreme end of the spectrum, so it might not always be obvious.

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From the view point of a dictator who wants to stamp his control over everything their people see, it's not stupid at all.
It's just the early steps to spread more and more control over what people see.

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My only request is that you can throw a grenade through a window.
Wasn't fun when I ended up stunning myself.

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First PC I had was a 286.
Well, my older brother had it, but still showing my age.

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How old was the hardware?
It's the sort of PC my grand dad used, and he's been dead for 5 years.

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Love this game.
Do remember it's still early access when your talking about bad optimisation.

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