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I was referring to the game.
Actually from my understanding, no one from the SS or the German army at the time refereed to them selves as Nazi.
It's actually the english term for National Socialist German Workers' Party.

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It is silly as we know they are Nazis.
Plus the Swastika is an ancient religious symbol, it wasn't created by the Nazis.

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If you already have the game, you might as well play it and think of it as Hideo's vision.
Dispite all the hardship he went through, I'm sure he would still want you to enjoy what he created.

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I think that all depends on what type of would your trying to create.
Last of us may be an apocalyptic world, but it's some what rooted in reality.
One idea was a monster that was made up of multiple parts of bodies, but they dropped that idea because it didn't fit into the world.

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Why does anything have to be Melded with anything?
It would be good if someone created a good drama in Sci-fi.
If ND did something along the lines of Uncharted or Last of Us but in space, it would be a good spin.... usually the whole scenario is just a backdrop for a good story.

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I'd give it a year for any DLC they decide they want to push out.

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For god sake, put some trousers on man!

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The first game came out in 2013 and this is the first sequel, I'd hardly call that milking.
Especially when you consider ND stopped Uncharted before it became too tired.
They have a good track record of knowing when to stop with a title.

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Good read.
hopefully she will have a more balanced view of issues and can talk to both sides to get to the argument rather than pandering to the faithful and people with agendas.

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@ gangsta_ref,

I just might do that.... thanks.

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The old saying "If something looks too good to be true..." does not apply here.... or anything Activision does these days.
Someone must still be buying this stuff if they still think they can keep pedaling this

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@ Pro_TactX

Not if your trying to get the limited time ones.
I did pay to get a few boxes during the Halloween event to try and get the witch outfit for Mercy, but never got it.
Didn't bother buying any boxes for the latest event "Uprising" and didn't have enough in game currency to buy any skins before the time ran out.

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I need to get better at this game, but I'm enjoying the beta.

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Sounds like good reasons to me.

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While I do find it annoying that you could throw money at it all day long and still not get the skins you want, because you can only buy the randomized boxes.
At least it's only skins and does not give anyone and advantage in the game.

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What interests me is the reasons you wanted the refunds.
Hated the game?
Not what was promised?
Trying it out to see if you liked it?

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I've played a few rounds, I like it!

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They should dress Soldier 76 in an American cop uniform so i can go round shooting people.

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Why do some people have to go to the other extreme?

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It's too bad I don't have any friends..... on line..

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