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You might be better off sticking to tic tac toe

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It's time to dis-own your child.

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He had just switch over to PS4 pro, so the cloud save had not worked since then. Bummer!

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looking at how the Scorpio is put together with most of the processing done on the same chip, I don't see how any part of it will be upgradeable.

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Better Alia than kim.

I wonder if i can make Kim Kardashian to end up living on the streets.

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Thats like arguing painting are not art because at their core, it's just oil and colour pigment.

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Oh no.... I like their mice.
In fact, it's one of their mice in my hand at the moment....such a shame.

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There's also the fact that he partnered up with Zenimax and stole the software used in Oculus, sold it to facebook and then used that money to back right wing groups and propaganda sites.
Yeah, and all round nice guy.

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Exactly.... He's a git, but now he's a rich git.

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Who wants to be mainstream?

If games were like the music industry, the media's idea of mainstream is pop bands like one direction.... no thanks.

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The thing about transgender is it's a general term that covers such a wide range things.
Even transgender person would say there is a 1000 different variation to what make a person transgender, from people who just like to cross dress to people who with absolute certainty that they are a male/female trapped in a male/female body.
There wouldn't be any magic fix that would help everyone.
For a lot of them, a sex change will be the thing that helps them accept...

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@ Highlife

I don't think you were the target market for those scenes.

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Most people in the LGBT community are perfectly normal reasonable people when you talk to them.
But like any group there will be people who take things too far like this writer.

The main female character pretending to be a man to become what she wants is more a women's equality issue. Way to go jumping on someone else bandwagon.

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Looking at this on Steam, it's like £60 forcing me to buy a game I don't want so I can play this one and they expect me to pay more for the maps as well.

They can just f*** right off, and then they can f*** off again.... and then when they think they've f****ed off enough.... they can f*** off some more!

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Your obsessed.
Are you really going onto every Mass effect item and making comments about gay boyfriends?

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I really don't think any delays would have helped.
It seems like they tried to do the animation on the cheap.
Tried to create facial expressions by using a mouse rather than motion capture technology.
It also didn't help when it comes out just after games like Zelda and Horizon where the animation is done really well.

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...and then they hit you with the DLC costs.

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Horizon Zero mid-morning.

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