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You can't make everyone happy. Over all there are more happy gamers enjoying this than the people who didn't. #9.1
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Get the game and then get a PS4. Job done. #8.1
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It was many years for HD TV to really establish them selves, and then there was 3D which is still out there and growing (most TVs come out with it standard these days) now it's 4K which will take many more years.
A long with that you have VR.

First they make the products, then the gimmicks to draw the early adapters, then once it's grown enough the infrastructure is set in place and then gradually it hits the main market before the price starts to drop. #3.2
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I see, I get ya now. #3.1.2
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That was years ago, and sony learnd from their lesson (it cost them enough).

Plus no system is 100% safe.
If your worried about it, get some PSN cards so your not using your credit card. #3.1
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Why pay them for it when you know they will do it for free? #3.1
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Destiny is something where you build up a character.

COD is you jump in, shot everything, blow everything up and then on to the next round.

Not the same thing at all. #1.1.3
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I'm still stuck on why they have to create a new article for each individual screen shot they take. #4.2.3
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I remember a game being shown as a demo with Morpheus.
It was rolling down hill on a road on what looked like a skate board and moving side to side to steer and avoid the traffic. Looked like fun.


Couldn't find a link to a site with a screen shot, but it did get shown on BBC's c... #3
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I want the Mega drive Megatron.

This is pretty cool. #1
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I often show these articles to my wife. It’s funny how similar response my wife has to some of these games. #10.1
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That is crap, but goes to show what some people are like.

Assuming your in the states... If they tell you to go to africa, you just tell them to go back to England (assuming their not already in England). #17.1
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@ Pope - there are many sony fans, out there.
If some say they hate the game because it's an xbox exclusive, their not talking for all sony fans.

@ medman - agreed, maybe their working on another IP to get away from any deals EA have made with MS....then come back to Titanfall 2 when the dust has settled. #1.3.2
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"It shouldn't happen, but it does, and we need to try to put an end to it".

Agreed, but when your asking about where is the action and about making a campaign, isn't this what the article is trying to do?

It's through these article that you get discussion, and from there you get the pattern of what’s happening out there. otherwise it's all just assumption.

Once people see what’s happening, then they can start t... #12.1.1
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@ creatchee

I never said there isn't a problem.
In fact if you look at my comment history you’ll find I encourage discussion on the subject.

However you will find that this is a sensitive subject for many people on both sides of the fence and I was congratulating Han for her handling of the subject.

If people make sweeping statements without recognising most men are not guilty of this, then you will find that people will ge... #1.1.4
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Nice to have an article on this subject that’s a little more well balanced and tries to express the concerns in a mature manner.

I did read the article you referred to and while it did have many important issues and extracts of people’s experience, some of the conclusions were a little...stereotypical on how men behave.
I'm glad you’re not falling into the same trap. #1.1.1
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It's not often the case when there is hype for a game that has already come out a year ago.
How often do you get hype when a lot of people have already played and finished the game. #1.9
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Most people already have a TV anyway.

For a PC rig, you would need a monitor with that. #2.1.1
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While I would agree that there are valid points about making sure that women should have just as much right to work in and promote the industry they love, there were a few issues I disagree with here.

Firstly, Trolling takes on all sorts of forms. Usually who ever it is that’s trying to insult you will use what ever detail about you that’s different from them. (Usually to give them selves a higher impression of them self).
So if your in a public arena where these p... #6
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What the hell is going on in that picture? #1
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