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I know....CRAZY!

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"Not everyone is into Zelda".

By that argument, no game can be crowned best, because you can never impress everyone.

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Interesting mix of cultures.

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feels a bit like Dark City & City of lost children.

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Darwinism at work.

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That's very sad. RIP.

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Maybe the cat firing jellyfish is the new weapon..... I'd buy that!

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@ XisThatKid

There is nothing wrong with saying that if you give a reason.
But if you just say "Please no women", then we've got to question why.

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Seems to be a few places inflating the price while the stocks are in short supply.

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If the person is warned up front that they will be banned for life and they do it anyway.... they deserve all they get.

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Think of it another way...

It's not about punishing the person who did the cheating.
It's about the rest of us including the games publisher who don't want to be involved with the cheater.

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Not all Noobs are cheaters, but all cheaters are noobs.

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I don't think it's too much.
You buy game
You see the policy saying if you cheat, you will be banned for life.
You cheat!
You get banned for life... Oh how did that happen?!?!?

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Well seeing as they spent all that time and effort trying to push graphics for the Order and then got panned for their efforts, I'm not surprised they went for a simpler game.

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A good interactive movie to you.

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Purple women have never looked so hot.

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"The Order: 1886 was an abnormal investigation by Sony Computer Entertainment and Ready at Dawn that yielded genuinely negative results"

Does he mean Investment... not investigation?

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Compared to a lot of released games out there, there was plenty on content considering the number of characters you can choose from.
And it a Beta.... so who's to say how much the finished product will have.

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Thanks for that... I'm only half way through the game.

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I think you need to tell your classmate that his mother-in-law is selling herself on the internet.

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