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Compared to a lot of released games out there, there was plenty on content considering the number of characters you can choose from.
And it a Beta.... so who's to say how much the finished product will have.

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Thanks for that... I'm only half way through the game.

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I think you need to tell your classmate that his mother-in-law is selling herself on the internet.

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While I agree with you, there had been enough trailers and clips showing his brother in other scenes that we knew he was coming back... and it's not long into the game when he re-appears.
I think it was just a tool to explain why he never appeared in earlier games and constructed the reasons why they got into this adventure.

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Probably because this is re-released for the new consoles, where the PC version didn't need any updating (In the graphical sense).

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Undead space knight.... I like it.

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That's so poorly written, I had to stop reading half way.
Repeating "It's a fraud"! over and over just runs on the same line as stating your opinion and then stating it's a fact.
If you going to come on here stating that a popular game is a fraud, your basically saying anyone who enjoys the game has been fooled some how.... your kind of asking for the backlash that your getting.

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I remember someone on here saying something about how WW1 would be boring setting for such a game... guess a little more education was required.

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These argument just come down to art direction. Even the preview screens for UC4 were more colourful because of the filters they used.
They have just decided to more for a realistic colour, assuming to go with the more mature tone of the game compared to previous UC games.

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I can already see that if it's successful, COD will go making a run for it.

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Or... some people just troll and like to wind people up.

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Thanks for saving me the click.

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This is great timing for me.
My PC is about 7 years old and dying a slow death with windows 10 needing drivers from companies that don't exist anymore.
Guess I'll get a new motherboard and processor this month and a new graphics card next month... happy days!

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Some people want it to play exactly like how they remember the old Doom.
Others want it to go more modern (Probably mean COD style).
Fact is, a name like Doom comes with a lot of baggage, and you'll never make everyone happy.

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I'm getting it for the single player campaign as well.
As for the MP, there has been a lot of people making up their mind about a beta.... I'm at least waiting till the full game comes out before saying if it's going to be crap or not.

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VR, like anything will take time to develop.
If you look at the TVs we have now, thin, large, 4K, Crystal colour etc.... all that developed from black and white TVs running in a small tube.
Any technology will not be at it's best when it first comes out.
It also takes a long time for people to learn how to create good media for it.
When TV started, people were referring to experiences with stage plays for how to make programs.
Even today with g...

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Well it makes my decision to user either Amazon or much easier.

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Love the animations they use when you die.
Crush you and then throw you from the building, nice touch.

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If there is going to be an updated model (PS4.5) then there can't be any exclusives for it.
If there are, then it might as well be a PS5 with backward compatiblity.
If new games come out and they run on both PS4 & PS4.5, but with improved graphics, then that is find.

What would make the most sense is if it has everything it needs for PSVR built in....(ie. Normal PS4 gets an extra box to run).
The name Neo would make sense in...

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@ sd11

That's the nature of the souls games.
But that's the point... you have to get good to progress, otherwise you will have to keep repeating the same part.
There are different paths you can take. I think is Dark souls 1 once your past the first boss, you can head off in 3 different directions. progress one way as far as you can and then try a different path.
Often the different path will meet later in the game.

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