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I'm sorry....what?
Why would a mobile game be an issue for Sony?
Their market these days are tied into the console and Playstation Now.

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many good stories are "borrowed" or "inspired" from other media.

It doesn't change how well the game was written.

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I have no problem with giving money to these things, but small amounts people!
Don't give away more than you would if there is a chance you won't get anything back.

I feel this guy did get carried away because he was excited about the VR aspect and he's in a wheelchair. But still to give Thousands of dollars for a game is to much, considering there is no guaranty that the game will be finished.

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Doing it for the money... Yeah, that's kind of how game development companies... Or any company for that matter works.
This is a small team, so there is a small number of people who have worked for many years trying to put this thing together. It would all be to easy to chuck something small together and ship it out the door, but this time they have developed a good idea that has cought people's imagination. That's why it's so popular.

As for the wh...

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Everyone does stupid things every now and then.
But a Cliff is a hard thing to miss.
If your running round there not looking where your going, then you deserve everything you get.
Bear in mind these are grown men and not young kids, so they should have known better.

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But will it?
Candy crush was pretty basic, but that went on for years.
I haven't played it, so I don't know what it's reward system is like.... but usually the most basic games are the ones that stay around the longest.... angry birds, Flappy bird, Candy crush, etc.
I think the only game that was in depth that did well was Fallout shelter.

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That just goes to show how often a popular mobile game comes round.

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I've always found the idea of Pokemon weird.

it's a bit like Cockfighting but with fictional characters.

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Good, I hate it when your beating the other team and they resort to a wall of turrets blasting anything that gets near the finishing line. It's such bad form.

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It's all about diversify your business portfolio...

You know... in case the bottom falls out of the market of.... chickens.

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Well Blizzard can't sit idly by and let people rip them off.
Overwatch is built around having a level playing field so that someone who has been playing for years can only conquer a new comer by skill alone.... not by the perks that they have collected just because they have been playing for so long.

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It's particularly horrible when you get matched up with some moron in Competitive who blames everyone else if your losing.
We were up against a team that were working well together, but rather than come up with ideas to how to beat them, this bloke thought it was better to tell two in his team that they weren't good enough and they need to leave.

i just wished I told the bloke I was going to through the game just to wind him.... but I just couldn't be b...

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It does look like they just took a scene from the game and stuck a filter on.

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Demon Souls is intimidating when you have to wait till your beat the first boss before you can start levelling up. But there are shortcuts that you open up along the way, so your not fighting the entire level before getting to the boss each time you die.
It is hard, but that's what makes it satisfying.

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If they remastered demon souls, I would wet myself.

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The Billions of Yen and thousands of jobs was going to happen regardless of who was in charge.
The trick is know where to make the cuts so that the business as a whole can survive and they can save as many jobs as they could.
The world market is still turbulent, with Britexit, EU as well as the the recovering world economy, the issues that China are having as well as Japans ageing population. It won't be an easy job for anyone.

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What is it with twinfinite at the moment.
Does anyone else have problems accessing the page over the last couple of days... really slow.

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Nothing feels the same as my first play through of demon souls.
I heard about the game but knew so little about it that I was almost fearful before the game started.
And I loved it all the way through... even when I was tearing my hair out.

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Shipping millions on new consoles out to everyone who got one would cost everything that Sony ever made from the PS4.... it's unlikely to happen.

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Odd, I was playing with her last night after the update and had one of the best rounds with her I've ever had.
Maybe I'm just improving on how I know how to use her.

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