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Actually, it's just nature being nature. Nothing going wrong about it.

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The Order was high production, it was just the length that let it down.
They always said with was a cinematic experience, so it was exactly when they said it was going to be.... unlike sky.

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Overwatch has been handling the cheaters well so far.
So much so that when the cheaters get banned for life, they then resort to Denial of service attacks because their such sore losers.

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It's not so much the gamers who have an issue but rather the people marketing them.
Their the ones who still think gamers are all young or teenage white guys.

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I'm sure under free speech people can say what ever they like about the game.... if it's crap, it's crap.
If someone start making threats to someone and their family, that's another matter.
It's really down to what aspect of the criticism their suing for.

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Well, lets face it, a lot of the characters from Overwatch are inspired from various other games and movies, so it's not unusual to have a number of similar themes appear in both.
But looking at the video, a lot of the characters do look really similar - Guy of looks like a soldier, one who looks like reaper, girl who poses like tracer, Guy with chain that pulls the enemy towards you, etc, etc.
It's more than just a few similarities.

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There are a lot of games out there and more being added every day, so no matter what system you do, there will always be losers getting pushed to the back of the queue.

The only way I could see a deserving game get pushed to the front is if there is a pick of the week, selected by Steam that they think didn't get a chance to be noticed.

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We'll this was more of a tech demo for the PS4Pro rather than MEA.
Although it did say there was going to be another preview soon, so hopefully that will be more along the line of what your looking for.

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*Raises hand sheepishly*

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4K Player would have been the thing to push me over the edge to get a PS4Pro.
I was a bit sad about that.

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Is your chrome up to date?

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As a reader, I appreciate your efforts.

Plus it really turns people off your website if you have things jumping in the way.
If people start playing hard ball with their ads, then your not forcing people into your ads...your forcing people to give up on your site.

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While I do have ad blocker installed, I do allow sites like N4g, because I do want them to be profitable.
If they weren't, there wouldn't be a site.

But by default it is on, because a lot of site I go too do tend to be broken because of the ads, and I mean crash your browser broken... and I just can't be bothered with that.

Once you find a site you want to support, then turn the blocker off.

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The Boss fight in U2 was pissing me off to no end.
It wasn't till I found out that if you just hang from the ledge in the middle of the areas, he could hit you or kill you with his grenades.
It was a little bit of cheating, but I wanted to platinum it damn it!

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@ overrated44

You hadn't watch it, there fore your wrong!

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I'm finding this off most links coming off N4G today.

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Ah yes...Dungeon Keeper
Such a great game.

Just goes to show that you can't take a great classic and turn it into the micro transaction feast.
That was a crime against humanity.

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I'm a little disturbed by the over the shoulder sexy shot of Widowmaker.

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With Jeremy and co gone and doing another show and the last presenter flaking out, it's not the best time to jump onto the Top gear bandwagon.

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I do find it funny when people argue over whether COD or battlefield is more real.

If you wanted real, have you site in a muddy ditch for 2 years before walking across a field before you get shot without really seeing the enemy.

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