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Plug in a controller and you're put into the same MP hoppers as the Xbox One players.

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There are to many alternatives for MS to try being some kind of totalitarian gate keeper when it comes to software on Windows. They would like you to use UWP but the idea of them actively sabotaging Steam is so self destructive the theory comes off as juvenile N4G dribble. People would riot and leave Windows so fast your head would spin, no ones going to say "Steams broken...guess I will just abandon my hundreds of games and thousands spent on software for the MS store" MS knows thi...

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Nothing worse than using Hatred as your flag bearer for creative integrity.

I guess what I find most disheartening about the "Anti PC" crowd vs the "PC" crowd is how everything gets boiled down to a very basic and simple formula. They changed her pose because of one person? Or because they had planned it all along as they stated? Developing and integrating things isn't always a simple thing, it's perfectly reasonable to believe something like Ca...

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Consoles don't generally update these things in the past, the 360 never switched from 9.0c, PS3 never moved on from PSGL.

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It's different in the sense that DX12 and Vulkan offer lower level control over the hardware than DX11 or OpenGL. I'm hoping that PS4/Neo are able to support Vulkan as this would bring the same benefits DX12 POTENTIALLY brings to XB1. DX12 was never going to be a game changer bringing the XB1 on par with the PS4, that's a physical impossibility but helping simplify things and improve performance marginally? DX12 can absolutely do that. Performance improvements on consoles generall...

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ME:C was fine, it's not like ME1 was some kind of masterpiece.

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I'm sure the in game cutscenes will be rendered at 1920*1080, unlike the XB1 which drops things down to 1440*1080 and I'm sure the PS4 version will also have a more consistent framerate the XB1 version was pretty guilty of getting chuggy at times. So combining that with all the DLC and the VR mode? It seems like a fine deal to me, it's pretty standard for GOTY editions of games to launch at full price.

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It's Carmageddon what on earth did you expect?

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"chaos is entertainment" so taking down Pokemon Go servers is your definition of "chaos"?, that's a bit sad and low level. The funny thing about bagging on Pokemon Go players is the game involves going outside, walking around and even some light social interaction. Things games, books and movies generally do not involve, so the whole "You need a life" while targeting Go seems a tad insane.

Also maybe I'm crazy, but this kind of reeks of...

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"remember this is someone that owns both console and PC so i can't be bias."

He lives in a different reality, his posts become increasingly nonsensical as time goes on. I am curious though, what games is he referring to that do what No Mans Sky does? Rendering out billions of planets, random events in space and allowing you to explore them from a first person perspective? As far as I can tell nothing does what NMS does on this scale, it's pretty much unhea...

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"Or would a government agency be above using Pokemon Go players to scout the inside of a suspected terrorist hideout?" Oh good grief.

How many of you have GPS built into your cars? Carry your cellphone everywhere? You're a data point, not an individual in these cases. Someone at the NSA isn't making a note of me going to the Sheeba Shrine daily because it's a pokestop, no one cares what you're doing; You're not important. This all just reminds ...

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Do they have multi disk titles on BC yet? I was told that was an issue they couldn't quite figure out.

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Right because autonomy without oversight always works out well. /s

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This is an aggregate site, they don't actually post any homegrown content.

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But "bribes" gets the people all frothy. The only reason this stuff is coming up is the ruling that content has to be marked as promotional in nature if there was some form of money exchanging hands. They purposefully hid that info from the viewer and that's why the FTC is slapping Warners wrist, like you said this is in no way bribery. It's simply promotional content.

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Except they aren't... Gamespots or IGNs coverage might just be down to RDR being a great game? It's newly added to the BC List, which has been long awaited and that has been demonstrated with the amazon sales spike. This community gets real sad when it goes full tin foil hat mode.

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No RDR is not a new release, but anyone deriding XB1's BC capability is very suspect.

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It's why I comment on the front page less and less, it's nothing but a sad tired cockfight no one wins.

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