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I'd make the argument that the Black Ops 3 unveiling at E3 looked like absolute garbage.

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The crux of the article, it's arcadey and it doesn't have a "hardcore" edge.

It's a bloody Rare game what do you expect? Oh my goodness it doesn't involve blood and pillaging in the classic realistic sense oh the humanity.

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Why on earth would they want Sony to run unopposed?

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I'd rather act outraged, how dare they my goodness.

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Not necessarily, smart fan placement and cable management means you get the same or better performance heat wise with a mid tower. Same thing applies here.

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Maybe he didn't buy it just for the smaller size? HDR, UHD, no power brick?

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People talking about historical accuracy in a battlefield's HILARIOUS. This isn't Verdun or Red Orchestra here guys, why does anyone have a semi automatic or fully automatic weapon? 99% of the soldiers should be using bolt action rifles, why are the tanks breaking down walls? They could barely move let alone smash a brick wall. Why are all the planes doing barrel rolls and flips? That's a good way to tear your wings clean off. Why is there very little actual trench warf...

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Always good to see quality software selling what it deserves. This is only counting digital sales too.

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You're projecting way to much misinformation, the One S which replaces the current XB1 has the same hardware as the current XB1. Phil Spencer has stated this in multiple places, One S replaces the XB1 on an entry level. Scorpio is an updated XB1 but has no exclusive games the current XB1 and One S will run the same games Scorpio does albeit at a lower resolution, framerate and detail levels.

There are plenty of reasons for a slim to exist, just like there are plenty of...

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There are no Scorpio exclusive games, it's amazing you guys keep missing that detail but here we are. It's all part of the Xbox One "family".

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"Full support? Meaning what? Bugs will be patched? Well gee, thanks. No Mans Sky is a unique thing and the size and scope of it doesn't lend itself to DLC. Something like Fallout or ES? Of course that's ripe for self contained stories and content later down the line.

No one has a gun to your head, no one is forcing you to buy DLC. Think it should have been in the final game? Don't buy the game at all, publishers and developers owe you nothing.

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Kudos for playing the standalone expansion to GR1, Desert Siege was also pretty good the console ports (at least on Xbox were remarkably solid). What always blows my mind is how people hold Vegas 1&2 in such high regard. They were fine games, even though the single player was extremely action movie esque. But with the 3rd person cover system, they seemed like the consolized simplification of RB6. Look at RB1, Rogue Spear and Raven Shield/Athena Sword on the PC. Vegas looks ridiculous in c...

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Very different games, don't be a troll.

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It's not going away, it's changing. Why shouldn't people be able to play Halo, Gears or Forza on their PC if that's what they wish to do? That just sounds like more available customers for their software and hopefully bigger and better investment in new games by Microsoft Studios. No one really loses anything, if you want the experience on a console it's still there, if you don't you can purchase it on a PC. You're right, there is a chance this can all go tits up a...

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Split screen/Couch multiplayer.

My PC is on a desk in an office, I still need a console to play games with friends when they're over.

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It's maybe a small anecdotal example but I can't ply split screen Halo (MCC) with my lady friend on a computer, if Gears 4 has split screen coop we can't do that on a PC.

Also to be frank, I'm not into the idea of having games somewhere that isn't Steam. I've had Windows 8 and 10 since their respective preview builds and never looked at their app stores. I'm just not interested in MS' app ecosystem on the PC.

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I said in the other article, One S is the exact same as the Base Model XB1. It's just a die shrink, less power, less heat, less noise. Anyone who thought the One S was going to come with a performance bump was lying to themselves 100%.

That being said the One S is a great looking hardware refresh. It won't be PS2 slim levels of tiny but the internal PSU and smaller foot print will definitely benefit me, my entertainment centre is crowwwwded.

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Yeah people aren't reading the fine print here, the bump here is not game changing when you compare the current PS4 and XB1S. This looks like it's largely just MS and AMD taking advantage of the die shrink, which is a good thing; less heat, less energy consumed, less noise.

Anyways, you could probably try posting relevant information in a less combative, confrontational way. What I can surmise from your "Secret Sauce" and "Sorry,Xbone fans. Your dream...

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Yeah but PowerBrickeisha never shuts up, just drones on and on and she likes to be noticed so she wears the oddest white LED constantly. Honestly dude, it's a positive getting out of that relationship.

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