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We've seen evidence of this with EVERY console release that had a lifespan of more than a year. The titles on both the Xbox One and PS4 will blow the launch titles out of the water, so all the pixel counting and talk of parallel processing just turns into noise. Bring on the games, lets see what the machines can do.

The mindset on this site makes me feel like every last one of you gave up on the PS3 early in it's life too. #3.6.1
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That matters to me on my couch with friends a whole lot, gee thanks for adding that riveting bit of info.

It doesn't matter if the PS4 and XB1 are weaker than my PC, they are undeniably far faster and capable than my 360 or PS3. Hint some people buy devices for different reasons, don't assume your feelings or use cases work for everyone. #1.6.2
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The GPU in the PS4 isn't even close to a R9 290x, 290x is a Hawaii chip. The GPU is based on a 7870, so it's far more likely Pitcairn based. The Xbox One is also based on the GCN and is also likely Pitcairn based (You think AMD is churning out the mid end GPU architectures?) the difference lies entirely in compute units, shaders and clock speed. Which the PS4 undeniably wins, but the margin isn't quite the cataclysmic death knell for the XB1 it's... #1.5.2
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It was one of the highest rated (deservedly so!) games of the last generation. It blended story telling and gameplay in a way that absolutely destroyed Uncharted 2 & 3. Naughty Dog will take the time to make sure that it's a worthy update to one of the best games let alone PS3 games ever made.

And as the guy below said, this is ND. I think we can trust them with something like this. #4.2
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" I'm getting arranged married" That sounds like a sweet deal. /s #22.2
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Already done that, the mushrooms were magical but I was actually punching someones house...not a block as I had previously thought. #20.1.1
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You need to see Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Wooly World in person, they look incredibly distinct from Little Big Planet, which was always more about a world put together with bits and pieces. The nintendo games have a more cohesive look, which can get a bit tired after a little while.


You for real? Mario Maker is for people who want to create challenging levels of Mario. The tools at your disposal(at least what they have shown) are all... #1.3
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He's saying that gamers are either viewed as psychotic violent people if they play M rated titles, or as some kind of weirdo if you still enjoy Mario titles at later ages.

He posts no real evidence or sources for any of his theories, specific instances where he has personally come into contact with it...no this was an article based entirely around a conversation, with a colleague. #16.2
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"Mainstream Media" "Mainstream Consumer" "General consumer" yadda yadda yadda, at the end of the day no one cares. I'm an adult who has been glued to violent games, movies and other media for a long as time. I'm still no closer to that postal shooting, I wouldn't assume anyone who enjoys the things I do is an instant violent threat either. That's a real paranoid outlook on other people you have there, perhaps you should get outside and talk to rea... #20
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Have you met my friend the kettle? #6.3
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10 separate invites, with a limited amount of time available. It's essentially an invite only demo. Personally if I got one of those invites and didn't own the game, my response would be F-That, I'm going to just go buy the game or Oh, Hell yeah. Just let me head over and download it at your house.

It's a neat feature which I would love to see expanded further with other games in the future. The issue lies in how it's being implemented, inviting a friend w... #5.1
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Microsoft published DR3, Nintendo did not publish Resident Evil 4. #4.1.1
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Back in like 99' real time physics on objects was a crazy novelty and seeing things fall and scatter kinda like real objects. Where do you think I saw a lot of those crazy Physics based things? If you guessed a tech demo, you'd be right.

Integrating things like this isn't easy (Why do you think Havok had such a good run?) but it's certainly something we'll start to see from games in the future, though likely toned down considerably. #5
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.....Is this real? Where am I? Someone help! I've suffered a stroke. #19.2
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lol, no maybe before but not this time. This is the worst kind of information to have bouncing around the internet.

I do have one question though, if Microsoft are such masters of the media and can manipulate things oh so easily. Why on earth do friends and colleagues still come and ask me about the Xbox One's online requirement or the ability to trade in games? Seems like that's something Microsoft and their Illuminati friends would want to clear up. #12.1.5
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OKAY! The Kinect functionality, Snapping, Video chat through skype, voice commands will still always work. In a game built with the new SDK, the developers have access to 10% of the GPU's power which was earlier set aside for FUTURE updates to the Kinect. They ran into this problem with the 360 where they wanted to build something bigger in the tiny footprint allowed by the 360. When it originally launched they had no intention for the console to do the tasks it does today.
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World News is world news, things that have an effect on people. Games aren't and other than the examples you used, real journalism just isn't possible in a commercialized industry. You think Formula 1 reporters are meeting "deep throat" in a car park to get some insider news on strife in Ferrari? No, they report on drivers having spats over the radio or with teams, teams cheating, driver changes, mother fucking tires. You never invite the press down into the Paddock unless y... #8.1
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Patrick can be a bit of a Social Justice Warrior, but I enjoy his articles and interviews. Jeff is always insightful (Not in a prediction sense) and I find Vinny, Alex and Brad to be one of the most fair and balanced groups out there. None of them enjoy the idea of being a mouth piece or anything like an IGN or Polygon, Brad visibly shudders.

The biggest issue is that game news, and the kind of stuff we see in "games journalism" is... #1.2.1
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I think he's referring to the undeniable fact that the resolution doesn't have a massive impact on the fun of a game. I'm very excited to play The Last of Us in 1080P on my Sharp Quattron TV, but it's the improved assets and other aspects that they are cleaning up I am far more excited about.

I would also like to point out the story, characters, voice acting, pacing and gameplay of The Last of Us will be the exact same experience we all had on our PS3's, 1... #28.2.1
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Weird, I guess some people care more than others. It could be that you've stated things as fact when you don't really know, that generally irritates people.

If you honestly believe the PS4 is going to be hitting 1080P while seeing improvements in visual fidelity on the same level as the 360 and PS3 did over their life cycles...you're delusional. #14.2
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