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Sensitive much?

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Taking credit for the unnecessary ME3 ending change? Sure....why not. But everything else you listed are things that primarily effect the PC platform, why wouldn't it be PC gamers who led that charge?

I'm really loving this holier than thou, martyr thing you got going on here. Really paints a vivid picture of your headspace.

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I guess I don't have a PC...weird. You're clearly not going to places like tomsharware etc if you aren't seeing people argue about things like minor differences in the hardware. But hey, what do I know? I've only been playing PC games since 93-94.

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Less than 1% of people who play pc games also play console games? I always felt like a unicorn, this just confirms it.

PC gamers sign petitions for all kinds of things, dont be silly. PC gamers love to argue about hardware vendors, PC gamers love to argue about graphics API, g sync vs freesync, voodoo 3 vs geforce 256. PC gamers are just as involved in pedantic useless shouting matches over small things. Your high horse looks smaller all the time.

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"Do nothing but defend their poor multibillion corporations." I guess you haven't been around for the launch of a new AMD/Intel chipset.

Everything you typed out is the most contrived biased BS imagineable. Your attempt to put PC focused gamers on some kind of moral high ground is laughable.

Some people argue about exclusives and your rebuttal is "shmups and rts" at the very least that gave me a good laugh.

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I rarely hear anyone speak on console MP anymore. PC text chat on the other hand....

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T-2000 is one killer card bra.

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I can handle the PCMR ribbing, its just plain stupid anyways. What always irked me was the specs war, the notion that someone's desire to play a game is based entirely on the resolution being output by the machine.

That and the 400-500 machine being a better experience than a PS4. That kind of money doesn't get Canadians even close to a complete machine, factor in OS, monitors, keyboard, mice, desk, computer chair and you're looking at far more than $400 CAD. I ...

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It was also coming to the Vita, even though it was cancelled everything was developed with that platform in mind. On the other hand I have to agree about how bland the whole thing looks, granted it's a licensed game (based on a manga) from Bandai Namco so what do you expect?

Japans way behind on console games because the return on investment with these super niche games just isn't there. Unless you're MH, DQ, FF or any of the other classic franchises in JP, no o...

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I haven't played FH3 yet, but what has been the issue with Horizon games in general? What cheesy character in FH1 or 2? The purple wristband? What about Horizon screams "American teens"? As a non American North American I'm curious.

What's wrong with festivals? The radio commentary has never been great but FH1/2 had phenomenal soundtracks and really enjoyable open worlds. I can understand being kinda tired of the semi annualized MS franchises, Forza in...

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If you aren't the author I will eat my arm.

In other news if the author can't tell the Horizon series has more in common with Need for Speed than Forza should probably stop reviewing games. Horizon has never even flirted with "simulation", that game is a joke compared to PCars, iRacing, Asseto Corsa or GT6. The issue with the review is entirely how the author insists on pitting the game against games it doesn't compete with.

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Horizon and the Motorsport franchise are vastly different beasts. I prefer Forza overall, but even Motorsport differs in progression and driving vs GT.

As for the wait for Sport? I could just fire up GT6 if I wanted a GT specific experience. Everyone should be thrilled that both consoles have high quality "SIM" racing games.

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Heh yeah....Driveclub.

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But it's more fun watching people jump to SJW conspiracy theories. God bless N4G.

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Lending and borrowing games from friends is pretty overrated. I also really like my digital games on the shelf, they're conversation pieces really.

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This seems unnecessary...but if no one said anything I wouldn't have even noticed so hey.

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There are only 2.5-3 million ps4s in the wild in Japan. Kinda hard to hit 4 million when that will likely be the install base by the time DQ11 launches and don't forget DQ11 is coming to 3DS.

Btw the March that DQ Heroes released, Bloodborne and FF type 0 released. There was a sale bump but it wasn't anything special. Don't be delusional or stick your fingers in your ears and start screaming. This is the reality Japan games will increasingly see releases on phon...

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Been saying this for awhile now, Japans done with consoles and given how the chart in the article is handheld and consoles combined revenue it's not looking good. Maybe Persona 5 will give it a bump, bit we have already seen a Tales release, DQ Offshoot etc. Games that generally move units didnt move them like they once did.

Games are a business and you don't throw money at something that doesn't work anymore.

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PC people, they arent defensive at all. Specs on a console dont relate directly 1:1 with pc hardware.

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Based on Demo numbers....

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