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They could make a WW2 CoD it won't change a thing. Someone will complain, and on the internet everyone sounds louder than they actually are.

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Then go play Squad, Arma 3, Insurgency, BF1/BF4 or one of the many other contemporary military shooters.

If Activision makes IW give up on the Infinite Warfare storyline/timeline I'll be disappointed, what they set up absolutely had potential.

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I'm not disagreeing with you, we also both understand the how's and why's a Bloodborne petition was like pissing into the wind. I'm just pointing out the almost, gleeful comments and how this article is almost inciting it. Anyone petitioning a game company to do one thing or another really needs to evaluate how they spend their time.

"Petition to bring Nioh to PC surfaces" It's a 6 month old petition, this article was about as unnecessary as th...

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You can really how happy some of you are to type out "PC Beggar Race", Ooooooo we got one on those big mean PC guys now!

"Petition to bring Nioh to PC surfaces"

"Casey Explosion started this petition 6 months ago"

Gaems jurnalizm

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Oh no someone asked if I wanted disk protection, the horror!!!! The most egregious example I can think of is ONE employee out of the many I've dealt with who seemed to think 360's were eating disks left and right. ONE. Danforth Shoppers World EB in East York.

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Diablo 3 "not enough skulls"

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We don't pay attention here!

Death to Activision!!!!!

Am I doing it right!? Am I hip yet!?

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It's also 5 years older.

Really puts all the arguing about which version of IV was "better" into perspective huh? Did it ever matter?

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You soundike a really fun guy...Jesus.

It's backwards compatible, it's a nice feature to have and I always get a kick out of seeing one more game tile show up because another random XBLA title got added. Disparaging this while praising it on the PS3, you're a treat.

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Disagree on the UI, as the Xbox had more shit layered into it, it definitely bogged down far more than the PS3s especially if you had a lot of stuff installed.

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This gen?

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Kind of hilarious he would talk positive about BC, a feature that regularly gets lambasted on the XB1 here.

"Real gamers"

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A lot of his arguments against the article are anecdotal or tinged with rose coloured glasses. Saying Sixaxis was good for anything is a farce. Lair and Warhawk are examples of two games that improve with the use of the sticks vs the motion controls.

Or his misunderstanding of tone at the time, Sony was so high on themselves they thought people would trip over each other to get one. The 'more hours' comment had to be one of the most smug, c...

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Also the the recession was in 08 not 06.

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Thats their fault sure, but you decided to take the gutted copy. I never do, I'll go to Walmart or something. No one had a gun to your head, you're the one who decided to purchase the gutted copy.

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Eh I've had PS4 games crash out to the homescreen on a standard PS4 and a Pro. I'm not willing to say this crashes are entirely boostmodes fault.

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I checked just now (19 hrs later), and it is now out of stock on

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No...Games like these are generally undershipped. I had to drive 40 minutes to get a copy of J-Star(my fault I waited to long), no one is going to dispute that Nioh is deserving of the accolades and the sales. But when you don't have numbers, and someone says "we sold all of them!" The only logical question is, how many did they have to begin with?

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I don't explicitly trust Amazon, Best Buy, WalMart etc etc to have my best interests in mind when I'm shopping there. They're an entity that exists purely to siphon money from your wallet (or purse whatever), whenever and wherever they can.

I generally check the online stock checker before driving to a store, that way I have something to atleast point to. In the past when a game I have wanted is out of stock the managers would call other EB Games locations to se...

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If they only have one copy left and it's the gutted one for the shelf, you're well within your rights to say you don't want it.

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