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In order to be a shlockfest the devs need to actually understand what they're making is campy. I've always felt they took themselves and the RE Lore deathly seriously. The "hilarious" dialogue was down to a bad translation, piss poor delivery and bad writing to begin with.

I've thought a fair bit about our previous conversation where I asked you what it was about Wesker that was "good". You didn't disappoint with a long list of what you v...

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I've been saying this for years, the anything less than 8.5-9 is bad or not worth my time mentality essentially killed small budget retail games.

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Differences are very apparent in motion on a 1080p or 4k display. It's also important to note that a drop from 900p to 720p is extremely apparent in motion wouldn't you think the same would apply to 900p/1080p vs 1440p?

I understand you don't think it's worthwhile, which is fine. M.2/PCIE 4x Drives are very expensive, and the applications for them limited when it comes to games. I wouldn't purchase one and would rather wait...That doesn't mean I'...

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If you can't see you're being overly emotional about this I don't know what to tell you. I sold my original PS4 and purchased the Pro. Along with a 4KTV I've been more than happy with the whole thing, I understand you feel I've been manipulated; going to the Bestbuy looking at TV's noting how much sharper 4k looked and deciding I would buy a console that fit my needs. No it doesn't run many games at 4k natively, but the checkerb...

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My local bestbuy has the single headset not the bundle, they are out there. This isn't like finding a Wiimote in early 2007.

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Because it's all a convuluted mess, it all stemmed from the game journos pros thing. A group of "journalists" (Video games is enthusiast press, it doesn't even resemble actual news journalism) had a email group where they basically discussed what the collective groups views on certain things would be. Then you have the Zoe Quinn Kotaku episode, Anita Sarkeesian, Leah Alexander's "gamers are dead" and more.

The basics is, people may have conce...

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You're absolutely right! How did I forget that? I'm never playing with power.

I absolutely use the motion controls in MKWii and MK8, I'll concede that I'm the only one who has any success with it though. I'll also point out none of us are super amazing MK players, I'm just saying I can't be the only one who uses a Wiimote to play Mario Kart.

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They were better than their contemporaries,but there were plenty of "gimmicks" on both the NES and SNES. Zapper/Superscope, Track and Field pad, ROB, Mario Paint mouse. I'm sure I'm missing some, Super Gameboy?

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That and it uses SD cards which can be had for a song.

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Crystal balls, everyone has one but me.

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"That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it. " Is sarcasm people, it's f-ing sarcasm. I was just illustrating Power is NOT always the main reason a console is successful.


I pm'd you as there was no way to reply directly to you here. I'm sorry you don't have the reading comprehension skills to understand what it is I said to you. Shame?

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You posted a link of an intec cradle not a Sony cradle.

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Some people have a longer commute than 10 minutes, it's a little bit larger than an iPad mini. It's not pocket size, but it's hardly unreasonably large. My phone almost has the same size screen as the Switch.

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And the part you seem to be glossing over is who benefits from this thing running BF1? Do I need another machine that runs BF1? I already have three.

Third party support has nothing to do with Nintendo's issues.

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At least no one has posted a metacritic link yet.

PSN like any online store with games has some bad games and good games, writing an article about slipping QC based on even a few titles is perhaps one of the greatest examples of writing an article just to post something on N4G lately.

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Nidhoggs pretty great man.

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It's Skyrim I could take on the commute to work, no matter what that isn't a regular version.

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Because graphics are the only driver for purchases of a console, of course. That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it. It's not even out yet and it's going to have the unfortunate climb of having to deal with ports from x86 to ARM, judging it purely from a W-Force game that isn't out yet and won't be there at launch?

And at the end of the day Eddie and Edmix are right, regardless of what Nintendo says it's a device that has to fit within the par...

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Being a dick isn't a different perspective.

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The CoD/BF3 craze drove people who don't traditionally buy games or consoles to buy a lot of them. Losing them is kind of a holding back the tide situation. They were never going to buy tonnes of software and they were never going stick around.

What everyone should be wary of is a lack of growth, the PS4 and the XB1 have sold really well and less well. What will get concerning is if the PS4+Pro doesn't equal out to more sold than the PS2 or PS3. It means we aren'...

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