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It's a 9 to you! And that's a wonderful thing, I'm really happy for you. This particular gentlemen felt it was an 7, not a bad score by any stretch of the imagination. Who is right? Who is wrong? Neither one of you is my bet, you see...that number? It's just a number, it's absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme.

Try reading the review and figuring out if you agree with the authors feelings and views about the game. The number is such a secondary un imp... #1.3
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You shouldn't need to read supplementary material, but then again I haven't read it and I didn't feel the origins of either Ellie or Joel was exactly a huge mystery. #7.2
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Yep if priced and implemented properly it could be a great way to try games you're curious or on the fence about. I guess it all depends on the prices, how you get the game and length of the rentals.

I could honestly swallow a 10-15 dollar price on the rentals, if that money was counted towards purchasing it from the PS Store. So if it's 59.99, I pay 10.00 to rent it for 3 days or something (Just spitballing) and I am given the option to buy it for 49.99. I could mayb... #3.1
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I also agree with you on that part, third party exclusivity is an exercise in futility and it's just robbing the developers and publishers of extra revenue. We'll see what the future brings, but unless Titanfall is some Halo level success I think MS will probably go your route.

It makes sense on paper, Titanfall 2 is still coming to the X1 and the money spent on marketing and exclusivity with Titanfall could easily go into something we want like Mech Assault or Crimso... #12.1.1
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Yeah the whole "I can only view the same article everyone else is" policy is a real drag. I wish I could click on the articles that interest me and leave it at that, but you know those crazy N4G policies right? #19.2
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Really went into this article expecting something bad, but I'm really glad to see that for a lot of people who enjoy these kinds of shooters Titanfall satiates an itch that a lot of other shooters haven't recently.

Also a nice little exerpt from the article:

To all the PlayStation fanboys out there:

Please don’t be foolish and judge a game based on watching videos of it on Twitch. You and I both know it’s not the same as actually playing... #12
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Yeah it's definitely the MOBA community in general, but I've had some good luck with Dota 2.. #3.1.1
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One has a pedigree, the other didn't/doesn't, Kojima's close relationship with Sakurai and Smash Bros being a fairly large and well known thing is more than likely why Kojima shows any interest. #12.1
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I've seen it hit 40K on the Xbox One and never fall below 20K. Your friend plays in some wonky times or he's a fibber. #7.1
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I can almost guarantee the visuals will be "Downgraded" on the PC. Look at the awful gif, it has simplified geometry in a number of places. They won't swap out the simple buildings for the fancier one they showed before, even on the PC.

It's not a massive downgrade, it really isn't. But it's obvious enough that I find it mildly distracting, whether that distraction manifests when I play the final game? Whoooo knows. #4.2
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You two are blind, even with the awful gif you can see missing geometry, missing light sources and the reflections on the car took a massive hit. It doesn't look awful, but you're being willfully blind if you don't see any difference between the E3 builds. #6.2
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Er... if any console exclusive was developed with the PC in mind, it would run perfectly fine and look amazing. It's like you missed what Dragonknight was saying in this blog. Let me sum it up for you:

-Stop using custom builds/demo's

-Run games on Dev kits or hardware near an equivalent with the Xbox One or PS4

-Show games in a realistic light.

It's not about bragging rights, it's about the E3 demo and how it... #7.1
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"Recorded at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business last September"

Last September....September......Se ptember.

How could this possibly be about Battlefield 4's reception? Other than the knowledge that the CCO thinks it's cool to complain if he already has your money?

I have to say though, does his explanation about lying make him sound like a crazy person to anyone else or is that just me? #4
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Or you know Thief wasn't fantastic coupled with more choices. #5.1
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The PS3 was not up to high/mid end PC's when it released. CoD3 on the PS3 was such a utter mess, seriously go take a look at the 360 v PS3 comparisons. Or better yet take a look at Genji, Gundam: Crossfire, hell even Resistance:FoM looked like ass at launch.

The PS4 and X1 are fine systems and a mid range PC at this point doesn`t have a hope in hell of running games as you described in 5-6 years. Whereas my PS4 and X1 will at least run the thing and look acceptable, just... #13.1.1
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And it still requires 2 additional PS3's and 2 additional copies of the game. It's great that it's in there, but it's just not much of a feat when it's done this way. #1
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Guys, this clearly isn't for entertainment. This isn't for gamers, it's clearly for Datacentres or places that need to be able to copy large volumes of data and move it safely and cheaply.

I want you all to think long and hard about how much space 1tb is, and the man hours it would require to develop assets for a game of that size...don't worry I'll wait. If you get stuck, I'll give you a hint. It's a lot and we are nowhere near needing that level... #18
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They aren't but hey, it's a tech centric article (Which doesn't belong on N4G) on a site where a precious few seem to understand anything.

"1280*1080 is the same as 1920*1080, because 1080 is still there." Yep that happened, that actually happened. #4.1.1
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Ugh, you can cram all the 4k textures and skins onto a current Blu ray just fine. It doesn't mean the hardware is capable of pushing 4k resolutions in demanding games. You can run pong at 3840*2160(4k).

The resolution the game spits out to the TV has nothing to do with the assets or what is on the disk. The sad unfortunate reality is, the PS4 or X1 will never see native 4K games that are more demanding than say... Super Motherlode. It's just impossible with the level... #3.5
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I think the often extreme violence marked it out as more than a kids game more than any swearing. Live & Reloaded had a profanity filter that did bleep out everything, without it the only thing missing was the F-bombs.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies wasn't going for the same thing, and to assume that all games from Rare would follow that same path set by Conkers is silly. Hell Grabbed by the Ghoulies started development on the Gamecube, not the Xbox.

As you... #6.1.1
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