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"Smoother framerate, slightly better resolution stability, maybe a little improved AI."

There will be moderate improvements, just like DX12 on XB1. It's not going to change the machine, it's still clocked at 1.6ghz. There will be no improvement to resolutions or AI, nothing about a single core is going to change anyones targets when it comes to those things. #7.2.1
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We need a brain scan when people register, this crap is getting a bit excessive on this site. #1.1.3
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For JPN, only 18 for us in NA. Red/Blue were crazy times, crazy, scary times. #3.1
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I tried getting into an online game of Bad Company 1 on the 360 and couldn't find a game. Should I write a blog? The people, they must know. #9.1
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Maybe some of us were kind of excited to see things like the real time deformation/melting/freezing of snow? Or the procedural damage to the environment? Seeing, metal, glass and wood deform in a semi natural way? Siege suffered the same kind of downgrade from it's unveiling to its release too. Don't defend that shit.

When you factor in The Divisions Juggernaut esque enemies and boring weapon treadmill, nothing about it seems compelling, or worth my time. Also, E3 is... #1.6.1
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According to the article it's focusing more on Ping and proximity, something that is overall fine. What you should at least be disappointed about is that something NEW in how we are matched together in games was thrown out for an easier, standard approach.

He mentions surveys and forms, what if you filled out those surveys once and they worked across all Ubisoft games? What if the idea had proven to be a success and things similar to it were rolled into Xbox Live, PSN or... #1.2.3
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Drop in detail on the bullet damage to cars, glass and environment. Loss of that neat illuminated lighting effect on the mist/fog/smoke, drop in character detail, drop in environment detail.

It's Far Cry 4, Unity, Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege all over again. Lots of publishers and developers goose the E3 Demos, classic examples being the Halo 2 E3 demo or the Bioshock Infinite demo with the horse. Ubisoft is by far the most egregious and exaggerated I can'... #5
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It's an Omega Force game, don't get your hopes up. #1.1
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Mokuroku gets the head in the sand award.

I was never insulted or offended, Lins outfits or Mikas buttslaps it's immaterial to me. But I'm not going to make mountains out of molehills. I'm not going to attribute the "loss" of a boob slider to SJWs, simply because like with DoAX3, we never saw evidence of anyone making a big deal out of it. Maybe they wanted Xenoblade to hit more than just a niche market that makes them no money? I don't know, and nei... #2.3.8
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"its a damn game and your probably someone who happily picks the sniper in CoD to see heads pop and one shot kills." More of an Assault Rifle man myself, but you've highlighted that you don't really have an argument and would rather settle for ad hominem insults.

The producer of any content has final say on what's included in their product/art. It's up to the consumer to decide whether or not they want it, I decided the quality of the game out weighe... #2.3.6
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They removed an overtly sexualised clothing option and a boob slider, just because you don't see it as sexualising doesn't mean it isn't...ON A MINOR. It's funny you say "Modification option" I say "Boob slider", somebody doesn't want to be honest about what they're missing.

Japanese VO is hardly a standard thing when it comes to North American releases of Japanese games. The inclusion or exclusion of it isn't building you a wat... #2.3.3
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The girl who had her costume changed is what? 13? It's not that the portrayal is considered instantly sexualized, it's what they felt was appropriate. No ones hand was forced, they actively and consciously made the decision. Maybe it was pressure from Nintendo, internally or external factors at the developer, who knows!

The important bit in all of this is, the game was released here and beyond a boob slider and a costume option is the exact same. Be happy you got it a... #2.3.1
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In what ways has it regressed? Beyond being slightly less flamboyant, it offers more tombs and more exploration. No it's not perfect and really didn't deserve the high scores it got, but I'm really curious where you see the game has taken a step back. #2.1
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Every VR article must include the Will Smith VR O face picture. #1
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The core of Pokemon is the same as it has always been, it's everything around that changes from main iteration to iteration. If you want to argue that Game Freak/Nintendo should stop re releasing older pokemon titles, I'm with you there.

Activisions business in no way mirrors Nintendo. #2.2
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"Over the years I have spent $1000s on upgrades"

You're doing it wrong. #5.6.1
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Okay pcz, let's just ignore the brand confusion with the Wii U and go by your wise and informed metrics. #1.4.5
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Time and place guys, time and place. It's more than likely Naughty Dog wants nothing to do with it anymore, it would be like them talking about a new Way of the Warrior. It's just not going to happen. #10
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It is, and technically that was only PC, ps2 or PS3 through ps2 emulation. XBL has never touched PSN. #8.1
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The not knowing the condition or whether it's complete is what bothers me. I cannot buy PS1 or Dreamcast games without the manual, I can't buy Greatest hits versions of games. Not knowing that kills the whole thing for me. The prices are definitely fair, $9.99 for MvC is pretty good when you compare it to Amazon. But if I opened a box and found a ugly orange Sega All Stars label, I'd flip out.

One last note, I would support the local shop but he's a con artist... #3
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