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They've been lambasting GTA since GTA 3. The SJW movement is just another form of the Jack Thompson era shenanigans. Also there was very much a SJW backlash for the lack of a female main character, and the Lamar intro if you made a female avatar for GTA online. You're right though Rockstar and Take2 just don't care. #7.2.1
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I bought the first one because I like beach volleyball...and DoA. If you're not getting it for a fairly solid volleyball game, what else is there? Gambling mini games and a pretty light relationship managing sim?

Tecmo is free to release whatever they want, it doesn't mean all people have to like it. #7.1.1
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Battlefront 1 & 2 were published by Lucasarts, not EA. You listed a bunch of shit by and large, the ps2/Xbox bond games? That's your example of "great" myyyyy God half your list is Need for Speed and Bond games. You don't know the pressures EA/Dice was under from Disney, you don't know what their roadmap was. I'm not going to buy all the dlc, I don't care enough. But I'm not going to be so petulant to believe that you're owed anything as a fan of the... #3.4
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An easy translation for Bleedsoe's comment:

Hi, I'm someone commenting on a news story in N4G's community comment section. I know better than the people in charge of marketing and development at Sony. Clearly the money spent on advertising Battlefront could have funded 2-3 high quality exclusives. I have a total level headed idea of the cost of game development. #5.1.3
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Mmmmm because developing PS2/Xbox assets was as time consuming and difficult as PS4/Xbox One assets. Games being developed are on a whole different scale, it's simply not a accurate comparison. #3.3
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Anecdotal example, but Lost Odyssey was advertised fairly heavily.


That's the way longer version of the 30 second tv spot, but it was advertised constantly. They also had Blue Dragon fairly front and centre during conventions, but you know it's easy to dogpile on the 360 when you pick and choose your examples.

Besides Ni No Kuni, the... #2.3.3
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Does it matter?

To answer your question though, Media Create is a weekly thing. But you keep banging that drum that borders have something to do with a persons intelligence. #12.2
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It was the highest selling game in Japan...soooooo? #12.1
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It's not even that, it's a bunch of 16 year olds crying about censorship when they have absolutely no idea what that word even means. #26.2
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But censorship man! It's the man coming down on you man, and Nintendo is changing things! I don't know what things if any! But I'm going to speculate because the man is bad and doesn't want me seeing all the communist propaganda locked up in the different breast sizes! #28.1
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...he was being sarcastic. #14.1.2
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lol censorship....boy, you live in a wonderful little bubble don't you? No boob sliders!? CENSORSHIP!!! This is just priceless, I'm saving this page whenever I'm down I can look at it and laugh.

It's called enforcing societal norms and hoisting peoples idea of decency onto others. Removing a boob slider is so far from censorship it's HILARIOUS. #11.1.3
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One is a sim the other is not, one offers hundreds of cars, the other does not. Visually? Yeah it's better than Forza, the rain effects on the windshield in Forza 6 look awful.

Now I'm not going to call you out for having a spotty memory, but there was PLENTY of hype surrounding Driveclub when it got announced and around its release. So please, shhhh. #14.1
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I'm happy all of the Paris based studios are safe but things like this are so much larger than video games. Be safe if you're in Paris. #8
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F You, I'd be way more colourful if this comment section wasn't moderated so well.

An eye for an eye makes us all blind you stupid simple shit. #5.3
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Naw man this is real war and shiiiit.

Video Games. #16.1
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Of course they did, why wouldn't they capitalize on that? You still have people to this day who think the Xbox one needs to be online 24/7. #24.1
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I suspect it won't be, MAYBE with PC players but even that seems unlikely at this point. #8.3
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It was so "turn on your PS4" good, don't be silly. #4.2
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Not...a lot of depth? Are you playing the same game? It's simple to jump into but boy, the game has depth. #2.1
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