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The blame lies with WB, and not Iron Galaxy. There are to many variables, you don't know. How long they had the game to work out all the PC specific stuff, you don't know what PC support entails; does it mean they were porting the whole thing or only providing support to Rocksteady? The hate should always lie with the money people who knew all to well the PC version shouldn't be shipped, granted there is so much marketing money being pushed behind the June 23rd date (Nvidia). Who... #1.1.4
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Star Citizen and Broken Age are very special cases, one being the man behind WING COMMANDER and the other wrote some of the most beloved adventure titles ever. Both the genre's those games inhabit are fairly under served. It shouldn't come as a surprise that they funded so easily.

The other issue with your theory is this, A lot of your games you've listed are first party, Sony/Microsoft properties. How does it look to Shareholders? How does it effect how people pe... #2.1.1
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The install base and the devices inability to move AAA software (It's an indie machine) are pretty much why you're not going to see any more AAA on the machine.

The Vita will always exist as a Remote PLay device and a great place to play Indie titles on the go with actual real controls. That said it won't be the place for you to find big expensive games, just accept what the device is and you'll be much happier. #12.3
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"What you won't be giving it is less then a 9.0 because it's an amazing overall package." I think that line rubbed me the wrong way the most. Like...reeeeally? Review scores and what people perceive as a good/bad score is so out of whack. #1.1
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The reward will never outweigh the risk in just about all the examples you listed. They could use Kickstarter as an indicator of player interest, but even then it's kind of broken in a lot of ways. I'm thrilled Bloodstained hit its funding easily, outside funding was dependent on it hitting that. It's still no guarantee the game is going to be worth the overall investment in the end. Would 800k or a Million dollar funding level be enough for MS to greenlight Banjo Threeie, Blood W... #2
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Konami is more likely to put out a Metal Gear gambling machine than let those IP go. You can already find Castlevania, Contra and Bomberman branded machines. Just forget about Konami as a game company, they haven't been one in a long time. #9.1
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Konami runs health clubs and gambling machines in Japan. That stuff plus the Japanese game market being largely focused on phones had left them with a home console development side that increasingly made no sense.

Konami is fine, I just wouldn't expect them to do much more than phone games for the Japanese market. Its like when you find a Sega crane game at a movie theater. Sure you wish it was a Crazy Taxi, or Virtua Fighter machine but you know the unfortunate reality. #4
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This is N4G, logic has no place here. #1.3.1
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I'm always a little aghast at the logic some people employ here.

"So to you the ability to make phone calls is worth the extra $200-$300?" Like what kind of Sony juice have you been sucking down?

I'm all for dedicated gaming platforms, but comparing them to Smartphones is Grade A stupid. My phone is basically a little computer, my Vita is not. It's a game machine that does game machine things.

ALSO, STOP, STOP, STOP mak... #5.4.1
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I don't have time to tell you all the things I don't have time to tell you about...

Destiny is pretty bad, people playing it doesn't negate the fact that it's an unfulfilling, content sparse, reputation grind. The games press made a pretty good call on being harsh on it, it was overhyped and under delivered on everything but the basic gameplay loop of shooting.

The entirety of the press didn't hate Destiny, just ask Brad. #3.1
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Those Zelda games are CONSIDERABLY older, they also had a lot of work done to them beyond just a resolution bump. This GoW3 remaster is bad value no matter how you slice it, unless you didn't play GoW3 at launch then ignored it for the past 5 years. #1.1.8
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I know PLENTY of women from a lot of different age groups, all of them seem to love their legend of Zelda. I've never once heard Links gender being a major issue for them. #10
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Stretch Armstrong man, he's Stretch Armstrong. #3.1
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And can we get software sales in that same time frame? I guarantee you that the PS4 has sold considerably more software than the Wii did. Ignoring outliers like Mario Kart Wii, everything on the Wii sold incredibly poorly. #3
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Didn't that Cyberpunk trailer come out in like 2011-2012? I remember having a great conversation about the robot ladies attire, everyone seemed to keep missing how she had just cut up a bunch of dudes with sharp things protruding from her wrists.

The internet amirite? #7
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Oh cool a discussion about that arcade racer Driveclub. #2.1.4
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I enjoy Bayonetta and Dead or Alive, I respect women as people and equals. I treat people the same regardless of the bits between your legs, it's all really fucking simple really. I can do all of this AND believe that developers should be free to develop whatever they want, and however they want. It's not up to me or anyone but them, and if people don't want to be part of another White Male shooting people game it's their choice to leave and create something more in line with... #20
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Nuts and Bolts gets a bad rap, it was clever in places and the vehicle stuff was a lot of fun, you could definitely come up with some inventive stuff to finish challenges. It's not a classic Banjo game, but was that really what people would have rather had? Or would you rather developers try new ideas and concepts? Personally, I liked that they tried something new.

Also Banjo Kazoiie XBLA came with the pre order of N&B's so there is that too. #4.1
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Considering both platforms are selling at a faster rate than the Xbox 360 did last gen, I sincerely don't understand why we can't just be happy that the console business on all fronts is doing okay. #7.1.1
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It's possible to enjoy all of those things listed and not be a psycho. I like the Toronto Maple Leafs, if someone likes the Canadiens I don't go bug them about it. If they bug me about it, it's just a sign that person isn't worth the air they breath.

Tech tribalism and general fandom to the point of hating, or disgreeing to disagree because it's the "thing" you don't like. Has always, and always will be the stuff of people with major self est... #2.3.1
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