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Razer and SkullCandy
Well, Razer, Skull Candy, and Steel Series, not to mention Creative, are all "well marketed" budget headsets. Nothing any of them make sounds good, usually nowhere near quality headphones in the same price range.

Basically, you're paying for the "gamer image" and extra features like fake surround sound. Out of the above listed companies, the Steel Series headphones tend to come back to my store busted the most, with Creative Fata1ity in second place.
... #1.2
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They're called workstation cards
nVidia sells workstation cards based on the GTX 280 (which is why it has 240 cores each) with 4GB of dedicated DDR3 memory per card. They are, in a literal sense, just GTX 280s with more memory and different drivers to run them.

@DeadlyFire: What are you talking about? I think you're confusing cores with dies. A GTX 280 (which the cards in this thing are based on) have 240 processor cores each. For that matter, an HD4870 has 800 processor cores, but they are even smaller th... #13.4
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That's never 2 PS3s, a PS3 as an entire machine can't hope to be that powerful in terms of floating point performance. A PS3 is something in the range of about 600 gigaflops all in, similar to the Xbox 360. The only source that states the PS3 is 2 Teraflops is Sony, and the only source that states the Xbox 360 is 1 Teraflop is Microsoft. #8.2
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It's not 240Hz/Second, because Hz is defined by cycles/second. "240Hz" means "240 refreshes in a second." #1.10
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I don't know where you pulled that number from.

A 32-bit operating system can technically address ~4 Gigabytes of system-wide physical memory, where as a 64-bit system is technically able to address ~128 Gigabytes of physical memory.

It would vary from system to system, but if you include a 512 Megabyte video card, any 32-bit system can still make use of an additional 3.5 Gigabytes of system memory. #9.2
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Remember when the Ghost Recon series wasn't garbage? Those were the days. #11
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What a stupid idea...
Honestly, the article is written incredibly poorly as well.

Let the solder re-flow? WTF?

These guys have no idea what they're talking about. #35
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That's a little ignorant. "We won't spend any of our profits to invest in better games for our customers when the chances arise." #42
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Firstly, as you said, yes, latency increases over distance. If you're playing with people halfway across the world, it is ALWAYS noticeable. Secondly, 100 megabits? Do you have any idea how much service like that costs in North America? I can safely host a 16 player game with ~700kilobits upload, after about 1megabit you have excess speed to use for other things outside of gaming, unless you're trying to host some huge 40 player server yourself, and then, your hardware likely wouldn't have... #12.3
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Looks ok to me...
I'm not so sure how it would play, and I haven't played this game in a while, but the number of zombies I'm seeing look fine enough. I loved this game, and it makes sense that they'd released it for Wii because that's where the money is. #9
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Well said.
And I've been around since the creation of live, every update is usually welcome. #6.1
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More RAM
Is better than faster RAM. You can have all the XDR you want, but if it's always filled to the brim you won't see any benefits over any other memory.

I'm not really even too sure about this "raw power" that the Cell supposedly has, considering the worlds first 1 teraflop graphics processor was recently released with a LAUNCH price of $200.

When it comes to games, graphics hardware is king, and unless the Cell is doing a lot to help the graphics hardware... #6.3
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An HD4870 achieves over 1TF performance, EASILY destroying both the 360 and PS3.

Not to mention it does it for $300. #19.1
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Well, it is new technology.
It isn't really mainstream unless we're talking the low-end (the 4gb SSD in an EEE PC) and it is likely that power-saving features will be added, as well as the drives built to simply run more efficiently. #2
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How I love thee somethingawful. #8
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"Sega gives you Herpes" #11
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That's definitely interesting. Probably has something to do with the ATi cards supporting hardware double-precision floating point operations.

Funny that it makes the ATi cards ever better than the nVidia solutions in benchmarks... #1
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After Supreme Commander today...
This is probably one of the only games I really care about this year.

I can't wait!

Oblivion was amazing for it's mix of depth and casual game play, if Fallout is anywhere near as fun and keeps up the tradition of open-endedness and good story, it is likely to be my favorite game for a LONG time. #6
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This is a pretty huge deal.
Now, if only they can do the same with their newest graphics chips. #1
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Then, we can agree :P

I tend to "favor" the 360 because in all honesty, all of the games I am interested in are on the platform with next to no exceptions, and I do believe Microsoft is doing a great job this generation with support for the system. But, that is no excuse for their pitfalls, in my books the biggest still being the hardware failures.

From a technical standpoint, the PS3 and 360 are clearly neck-in-neck, and I have no problem with the PS3 its... #2.7
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