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I know I'm going ballistic! All this hype almost makes me want to finally break down and open my copies of Uncharted 1 and 2....almost..

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Solid review. Hope reviewer doesn't start bowing to angry fanboys.

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Solid review, now we will see the influx of people complaining that it wasn't a perfect score.

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If this is true then it's looking better and better. I'm looking for a MUCH better unveiling of the Wii U at E3 in 2012. It's obvious Nintendo jumped the gun a bit at this past E3. I'm really looking forward to seeing the console itself and hearing about launch games and more.

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He should have just come and say say that 3-D is a stupid fad/gimmick and he doesn't want to waste time and effort implementing it. I don't blame the guy.

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Why are people freaking out over a game that rated a 8? A score of 8 is still great. I didn't complain when Gears 3 scored an 8, even though I knew Gears 3 was superior in every way to Gears 2 it scored lower on Metacritic and I can understand some of that. The sequel to a sequel needs to do a lot to prove itself, needs to prove it upgraded a lot, for some reviewers it might not have been enough.

People need to stop getting all hung up on something like a 8 score. I'm...

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Well I think we'll see more on the next Xbox console at E3 next year. Wouldn't be surprised in the least if it launched Holiday season next year.

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Ya, solid for a year and then they will shut down these servers to force people to buy the new Battlefield game.

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Kinect is looking solid, looking forward to getting Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2. Rise Of Nightmares is vastly underrated IMHO, people didn't quite know how to review the game, it was a great first attempt at a full game, though Gunstringer did a fantastic job as well.

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I did my own survey and 100% of N4G people proclaim "day one buy!".

Then again...they all said they wouldn't buy another COD game and that they would all buy Move "day one" and that Killzone was the "Halo killer" and these same people said Kinect was the next 32X, so I'm not sure how accurate this information is.

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They might as well have gotten Fabio to do the cover...both look like douchy preps....

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It was nice of them to only list 5, could have listed a lot more.

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Good score, it's definitely on my radar now.

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Neither. Waiting on MW3, Halo CE Anniversary and Skyrim! Have Batman, Gears 3 and Forza 4 to keep me busy till then!

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Another silly commercial?

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Look at all the excuses for Battlefield...sheesh. Even though I'll get bashed for it here goes... Call Of Duty is known for it's addictive multiplayer aspect, yet I know a good majority of people who buy it strictly for it's epic campaigns.

Bad Company and Bad Company 2 both had terrible campaigns, it shouldn't take a genius to design a workable campaign. Online only games are a ripoff, especially server based ones because eventually you will never be able to...

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Well, they were a solid company once.

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Interested to hear what the numbers are, doubt they touch recent COD type of releases as far as money and units sold. This is a bit misleading, because obviously Battlefield 3 didn't sell 10 million in it's first week.

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Typical EA. I'm so glad Battlefield 3 isn't lighting up Metacritic or doing as well as expected. Cant stand them.

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I don't think it matters to the majority of gamers out there. Also, PS1 graphics? hardly.....

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