I don't get it...


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Ignoring the article and sharing a wish because its related to the article....I would love to see a single player(co op?) Scrolls game that was more like an updated Morrowind.

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This game needs more buzz imo. Im glad it got backed well, anyone know if there is a 3rd person view option? I might make an exception for this game if its only 1st.

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Such wasted potential. I always hope to see some crazy huge monster in their open world games, is a gigantic mutated shark too much to ask for?

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Paid $74 for an Xbox One, a Lunar controller and Assassins Creed Syndicate new at Gamestop. Dont think they are gonna beat that :)

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I'm disappointed with both tbh. Weak setlists. Lack of features from rockband, plus I'm just not as interested this time around. Rocksmith on the other hand...

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Yeah....this makes me feel old.

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This company does season passes the right way. Its the only season pass Ive ever bought.

Season pass fail IMO, Arkham Knight.

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They are releasing another anime series of this? They had already done one a while back...

I'm guessing the new one goes in greater detail or something?

Ohhhh wait...this is the continuation of the new series that went through the origin of Dio and then Joesph's story? Sweet,

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Don't care for Dylan outside of two songs. It was one, but decided that one of the DLC songs sounds alright.

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I can't help but wonder...

Are you guys sure they are talking about REAL money regarding the use of fast travel? It could be in-game money....that makes more sense.

Anyway, as for this game...I was looked quite forward to it, but the more I hear the less I want it.

It's not supposed to work that way.

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I personally don't see the big deal with pre-ordering in the first place. Wait and see if the game is any good when it is's not like they really go out of stock ASAP anyway.

Pre-order goodies you say? That stuff usually shows up in the GOTY releases for a cheaper price, and what good are extras if the game sucks?

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Personally I think with holographic tech...if it were anything like Star Trek's holodeck, I'd never come out, lol.

I'd be like Lt.Barclay...

Not really ashamed to admit it, it's just the truth.

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It is unfortunate, they really did have some great ideas.

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I feel that we(meaning the US mostly) need to start doing something about the crap that goes on.

Look at how congress messes about, look at all the BS that companies get away with...barely paying livable wages while raking in large profits.

Yeah, we complain for a bit then get distracted about which celeb wore what dress,what happened last night on the latest reality show and all sorts of other nonsense that does NOT MATTER.

It just doesn't...

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I dunno, if A person found the cure for cancer or something like that. I could understand.

But anything else outside of seriously making the world a better place? No.

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So....all I have to do is comment and I get a chance to win? Consider it done.

Why stop there though? This gives me the perfect opportunity to share my life story.

It all began on a cool morning in September....

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IMO the PS4 is in no need of a price drop, they are having no trouble moving the systems. The price seems just right, the reason I don't have one is I'm still waiting on the games I want to appear, and for me that means games with extremely high replay value.

The Order, Infamous and Uncharted simply won't do...not as reasons to hop on the next gen wagon anyway...hell I still need to get around to playing the uncharted games on PS3.

Xbox on the oth...

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Getting demos in the mail was always a great thing, couldn't wait to pop them in the system.

Now all I ever get in the mail are bills....

And credit card offers...

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This is pretty much how overpriced DLC and other rip offs like paying for costume colors got started..... people being ok with it.

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Speak for yourself, I still enjoying playing games on my old consoles themselves. I will sometimes go back and buy a game or two that I might have missed.


You speak as if PS3 is done....and that is far from the truth.

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