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Finished the main story last night, the game for me is an 8. I ran into a few glitches, but the only things I felt put off by was the enemy ai and mission variety.

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Played it originally on PC...heavily modded. Tried it on XB1 and was immediately put off. Maybe if they had done a full remaster with improved character models....animations and all but I guess mods will help some...could not, would not recommend if you played it before on a halfway decent pc.

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Having played this game without any comfort settings Im looking forward to more full experience VR games. Running, dodging, etc.

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As a part time employee I can tell you that your experience will vary from store to store. I have met plenty of managers and regular employees that if I worked with them I'd quit in a heartbeat. You have to understand though that asking you about preorders is part of the job, same with the paid membership.

Some employees take it too far, especially if their boss has been giving them a hard time about their numbers.

Having been on both sides of the co...

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These terrible reviews/opinions as of late about PS VR really makes me wonder if they consider the bad rep they are rewarding themselves with by putting this stuff out there?

I mean after seeing this who would really acknowledge anything else they have to say about ANYTHING game related?

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I'm kinda there with you. I see some improvements but not nearly enough for the price.

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Both of those are good points. I am also enjoying VR, each time I play a smile is bound to appear on my face at some point or another.

Waiting patiently for a full length RPG....or a good boxing game to appear.

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So far my only problems with PS VR and I suppose VR in general is that apparently some rule exists where the games have to be short, which is stupid. What is stopping them from making a proper 8 - 40 hour game? Its like someone said you HAVE to be able to finish a VR game in one sitting.

Devs had better get off that nonsense quick, paying full price for a game thats over in a couple hours wont fly with this guy.

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Ive got one also and have had no problems. Only thing i could almost agree on would be the games so far, and not fully.

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Been a fan of this company for a long time, but I don't know what they were thinking with this...

Is this really the best they could come up with? I know they can easily do better.

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I suspect people were expecting it to look like the OG Driveclub, which is silly. I don't even think that would be possible to do on a PS4...even Pro and keep the same sense of speed, framerate, etc.

The experience is where its at. Being able to turn your head and look at someone as you pass, etc.

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I finally got the game downloaded late last night, played it and several others. I felt a little disoriented at first but I got used to it quick. It does suck that some people are getting sick but I suspect they aren't giving themselves time to adjust. Take it slow at first if it makes you sick.

The game itself, I loved the first Driveclub...excellent graphics, great sense of speed with that game. VR...the graphics are a definite downgrade...but I'm perfectly willin...

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Ignoring the article and sharing a wish because its related to the article....I would love to see a single player(co op?) Scrolls game that was more like an updated Morrowind.

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This game needs more buzz imo. Im glad it got backed well, anyone know if there is a 3rd person view option? I might make an exception for this game if its only 1st.

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Such wasted potential. I always hope to see some crazy huge monster in their open world games, is a gigantic mutated shark too much to ask for?

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Paid $74 for an Xbox One, a Lunar controller and Assassins Creed Syndicate new at Gamestop. Dont think they are gonna beat that :)

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I'm disappointed with both tbh. Weak setlists. Lack of features from rockband, plus I'm just not as interested this time around. Rocksmith on the other hand...

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Yeah....this makes me feel old.

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This company does season passes the right way. Its the only season pass Ive ever bought.

Season pass fail IMO, Arkham Knight.

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They are releasing another anime series of this? They had already done one a while back...

I'm guessing the new one goes in greater detail or something?

Ohhhh wait...this is the continuation of the new series that went through the origin of Dio and then Joesph's story? Sweet,

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