I don't get it...


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I'm gonna have to disagree with this article. It's just not true.

Being a fun reliable multiplayer game...sure.

But being a gold standard of games is just nonsense.

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Well, you will find that guy that will complain no matter what.

When a company DOES do DLC, I'd rather they do it the way they did. Make it free, or worthy of purchase. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

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I was afraid of this ever since I first saw footage. I personally think they went about this the wrong way....

I would have done it something like this. 1. A map roughly the size of Burnout Paradise with busy city traffic, pedestrians and cops along with less populated country areas. Open world with various challenges. Cop chases, with heat levels, races, time trials, etc.

Finishing an event with cops or bike gangs chasing you does not stop them chasing y...

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They should have found someone else to review this. I have owned the game since it first came out on PC, and I am enjoying this almost as much as the first time I played.

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Well this makes me question the website posting an article like this....

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Just another brawler? Like there are a lot of them out there....

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Somehow you think this is ok, which is the problem.

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I think you've got problems.

This is nothing more than someone saying something racist, and paying the consequences.

I know I wouldn't want my work associated with someone who can't act like a decent human being, I'd want it removed from his page too.

Makes perfect sense.

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You can't be foolish enough to think the word lacks intent or meaning. It is something that carries years of hate behind it. Words can start wars, quit pretending that it is meaningless.

There's no logical reason for anyone to use that word in the manner that he did.

It's sad that you are actually here trying to make something like this ok when it isn't and never will be.

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On a slightly different note, I am ashamed to share the same hobby(gaming) with those of you who seem to think this guy's(PDP) behaviour is ok, and hope to never meet any of you in an online game.

Just plain sickening.

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Here is a simple way to look at it.

You use a racial slur at your job, you get fired.

Is that violating your right to free speech? No.

You are simply facing the consequences for being an idiot. Same thing applies here.

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Some of you know for a fact this company has a problem with bugs. From what I have see and played with my PSVR I am quite sure it could deal with a game as old as that.

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More details are needed though for overall controls. I'd personally still like to use the motion controllers without teleporting, or even standard along with a motion controller for a sword, etc.

I hope they have worked this out well.

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I think an important question would be....

Is teleportion an option or is it the only way to get around? I could have sworn I heard regular movement was available.

That is a potential deal breaker for me if it isn't.

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I'm gonna agree with cleft5, DA wasn't a bad game at all, could have been better but I enjoyed it. Mass Effect on the other hand was a complete let down.

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That makes zero sense right?

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I just finished the game and it's dlc, I don't really understand why ppl gave this game a hard time. I enjoyed it completely.

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The best advice...get it for as cheap as possible. That way if it disappoints you might not feel as bad.

Me personally, I put it down until after they fix it some more but I'm afraid some things just aren't fixable.

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I'd understand if MS had also came with games. I don't quite get what they are trying to do, focus on BC so you can play old games in 4k? Letting indie and multiplats be the main focus for their new machine? I really don't get it.

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This makes little sense. There was more wrong with the game than facial animations. I'm sure by now most have read what the development was like for Mass Effect A, and honestly it's pretty clear why that game turned into a train wreck, I'm amazed its even playable after reading all the issues.

All this game needs, and any other really are people(a team) that know what they are doing and are on the same page.

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