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Say what you will, but they were responsible for Rocksmith. They take risks with things and at least try something new from time to time.

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Man I am sick of this being everywhere. As a black guy, I often would like to see races better represented and in games that offer character creation im typically satisfied. Wanting everything under sun?? Then its time to start figuring out how to make your own games.

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How lazy can a person be?

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I hope people are learning that trailers are nothing to get excited about.

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Joab777 you are trying way too hard to convince people that the isn't full of problems.

I've played a good bit of the game, had it since day one. I am a fan of the other Mass Effect games and Bioware games in general, and Andromeda is poorly done in comparison to the other games.

It doesnt do any area well, with the exception of planet exploration maybe. I am personally very disappointed with character/party development.

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As long as it sold well enough for them to justify bringing more over to the US I'm happy.

I buy each Yakuza game if possible. There's nothing else quite like it.

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For someone who apparently supports Sony by claiming to own all their systems you sure do seem to have a problem with them. Kudos for supporting the Yakuza series, that's all.

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Why would you buy a pro then? Why even get a ps4 in your case? That makes no sense.

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In my own personal opinion, its clear the game needs work. That doesn't mean the game is bad or deserves bad reviews but I feel that AAA games should be held to a high standard, especially if its part of a series...if nothing else it should have the same level of quality, and bioware slipped up in some very important areas.

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That is what they are paid to do, make a quality game. . They knew what they were getting into with this game, it isn't the first one they have made. Like I said they should have the hang of this by now.

Lets simply agree to disagree. I like the game, but I am not gonna cut slack. They can do better than this.

And it's easy to say people are on a bandwagon. I don't listen to reviewers, I got the game regardless. I ...

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I didn't say I haven't played it, I like it fine but I also expect better quality from Bioware. If conversations/relationships are a main part of a game then yes, I expect the facial animations to be on point. You can't cut corners with that. Character creation, another VERY important part, completely awful.

Does the game deserve 5/10 scores? No, but it definitely isn't a 9...or even an 8 imo. If they fix that major problem then absolutely, but right now.....

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There is no excuse for the poor animations present. The is supposed to be a AAA game and imo that is a serious foul. It isn't even their first time around the block, they should know what they are doing by now.

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Who the hell does this on a game this big? This would be fine for a small game but come on!!!!! I knew something had to be going on.

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I was a little concerned till I saw what site put up this info. They are always quick about trashing just about any highly anticipated title it seems in my opinion. I'd wait to see what a few others have to say before listening.

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I don't see what this has to do with gaming at all...

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As an old employee, I would gamestop as a company is losing its way. You wouldn't believe some of the stupid stuff they have pulled...not just this COL everyone has heard about.

It really depends on the store and district ypu are in. I personally did not let COL affect the way I treated customers, I would mention what the company pushes IF it would benefit the customer. If they wanted a new game and we had it preowned, I would mention they could save a few bucks with a...

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Personally I see this as lazy. So far the only beat-em-up game/series IMO that has done a great job lately has been Yakuza. How hard can it be to make a beat-em-up with modern graphics? What is the point of NEXT GEN HARDWARE if this is what we can expect? Even the artwork is poor.

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Finished the main story last night, the game for me is an 8. I ran into a few glitches, but the only things I felt put off by was the enemy ai and mission variety.

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Played it originally on PC...heavily modded. Tried it on XB1 and was immediately put off. Maybe if they had done a full remaster with improved character models....animations and all but I guess mods will help some...could not, would not recommend if you played it before on a halfway decent pc.

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Having played this game without any comfort settings Im looking forward to more full experience VR games. Running, dodging, etc.

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