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Possibly and I believe people will pay for it. Remember Ground Zeroes? That was supposed to be a part of TPP. #1.1
Regardless it's amazing how they achieved a full 1080p on X1. This game is demanding. #1.1
I know am going to be ripped apart for this. But Konami is a gaming company and just like any company, they can no longer invest hundreds of million dollars for years. Silent Hill and MGS series are awesome but they don't have the massive appeal of say Call of Duty. Activision can expect costs to be recouped in a single week but not Konami. #1.1.2
Don't get me wrong but I desperately want to see what kind of Metal Gear game Konami can develop without Kojima. I am optimistic and want to give them a chance. #1.1
What if the tech advances so much in the next few years that SP games will also take advantage of it?

I know its not happening now but it's not out of the question. Really, when that happens, I am wondering whether anybody would need consoles. Stream Uncharted 7 or Gears 8 to any device in ultra graphics 0_0 I know I am getting ahead of myself but a man can dream! #5.1
I really hope this tech is shared with third party developers as well. Really, could change X1 games and perhaps the future of Xbox console gaming. They need more games though and they need to show more so that whatever confusion is there is wiped out :) #1.1
I dont think anything is happening. The Phantom Pain's story content is done with. Nothing is coming.

It's amazing that regardless of the cut content, TPP is one of 2015's best game and perhaps the best stealth game ever. However I cant help but imagine if Kojima would have planned better project management for the game and Konami had a bit more patience, what the game could be. #1.1
The thing is, I spoke to a player who has done 100% of the game and still they never got this scene. I have a feeling that this is related to FOBs but the ending monologue has story implications.

Really confused. #1.1
I dont think a DLC is happening but you never know. Story DLC could happen given that Kojima is reportedly working with Konami until December. I dont think Konami will allow him free salary and keep him off the work bench. #2.1
@equal_youth @kalebninja I am not only talking about the ending. The whole story structure is weird. There is no continuity. Again, the gameplay is truly amazing and it overshadows every other element in the game but being a fan for over 17 years, the story is lacking in every department.

In fact, this game created more questions rather than serving as a "missing" link. #1.3
@kalebninja I respect your opinion about the ending but the game did not had any memorable story moments except that they were found in the gameplay. #1.2
I played this game for almost 80 hrs and at no point the gameplay becomes boring. Its an amazing game but the story is really weird. And the ending twist is completely unwanted. #1.1
It's well written but I don't agree with the score. Knocking off points for online making the game slower seems nit picky to me. #3.1
How many hours did you put into this game? #1
Sorry about that. Fixed now. #1.1
I hope they are using DX12 API for the X1 version post launch. #1.1
How? Have you already played the game? #1.1
Makes sense. I have changed the title to reflect this. #1.1
Ye I agree with that but to be honest I dont think they will show much during Paris Games Week as well. Sony have their own show now so I have a feeling they are probably giving more importance to E3 and PlayStation experience given the latter was a hit last year. #1.1
Same feelings here. Missed opportunity given that Metal Gear is popular among PlayStation users and they have till date shown off videos of the PS4 version only, except the short 4K footage we saw for the PC.

I wonder why Sony misses out on opportunities such as these. #1.1
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