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This is going to be such a great deal. Heck, I see people playing Modern Warfare first before jumping into Infinity Warfare. Anybody remember this mission?

Cant wait to play it in 1080p and 60fps! (if that is the standard they are aiming for)

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Not happening at that price.

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This will be a perfect price, in my opinion. BUT, I don't how Sony will plan it out. At the end of the day, they don't want Neo to become a competition to PSVR.

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A developer is a developer. There is no third tier or first tier. They work on the systems and know the inside and out more than anyone. I know, I will get a lot of disagrees which is fine but a guy who is working on a PS4 definitely knows more.

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With upgraded consoles coming in, I wonder which developer will care to optimize for the base model.

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I really don't know why Alan Wake 2 is not happening. May be they don't want take the risk with the IP but really it was one of the best games on the Xbox 360. Shame that Remedy does not trust the IP.

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I think a marginally better CPU, GPU, a SSD drive and better Wifi card at $499 could do the trick. At least we can get all games at 1080p and 60fps as a minimum standard on the new PS4.

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I dont think 4K TVS are going to become the norm anytime soon. To begin, if these PS4K rumors are true then it will most likely have the capability to only upscale the games to 4K. There is no they will be able to offer native 4K gaming at a competitive "console" price.

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The dev also says there are many details such as this. Can't wait to see what the final game will have :P

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Depends on what individual company prioritizes. If they want a higher resolution, they will definitely stick with a 30 fps cap.

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Imagine Project CARS 2 upscaled to 4K with 60fps support on PS4k and Xbox 1.5? :D

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Yes, Spencer has done a great job but then again they started putting Xbox One exclusives on PC, which has further made some Xbox One fans a bit upset.

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Great interview mate :)

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Why? There is nothing to dislike about him. He has every right to be upset. I agree he has to move on but if he is asked about it, he is allowed to say how he feels.

David Hayter was not only the voice of Snake but generally speaking he is a fantastic person as well.

Some of his contributions towards MGS series includes:

1. Giving away half of his pay check so that the original cast can be included in The Twin Snakes.
2. Attending eve...

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This was never submitted on N4G before. These are new quotes. If submitting something new is "milking" in your book then am not sure what else I can add to this :)

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Thanks, this is amazing :P

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Yep, that opens the door for an equally capable person but 11 years is a lot. And in that time he has bought amazing things to the PS4 Graphics API.

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@FasterThanFTL1 That is incorrect. Ambient Occulsion is present on the Xbox One.

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A ton of PC players are facing issues. Even the configuration you mentioned is pretty solid but you are not getting a locked 60fps. Compare that to the X1 which almost has a locked 30fps, it makes the console version experience far more better. Plus there are very few differences between PC and X1, making Remedy's work on the X1 really surprising.

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One cannot deny that he made a big impact on third person shooters with the original Gears of War. For its time, it was unlike anything out there.

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