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Not really. It was a horrible decision by Sony. But somehow they turned it around. #1.1
Sorry but Microsoft have struggled there. #1.2
It's also called story within story. Allowed under n4g rules. #1.1
Amazing, revealed a full 2 month before launch. And look at the amount of secret ones. There is surely something that the game is hiding. #1
You should pick up this game. It's the experience of this generation. #4.1
It looks fantastic with respect to the setting it will take place in. I am interested to see how big the world is this time around. #1.1
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I think this is more related to the game's development cycle. Fallout 4 is most likely in development for years and it seems like lifting all that technology to the new console cycle might have proven to be difficult. #1.6.1
shinobi and tidux have mostly been correct. They have predicted stuff before. Fimrware updates, Uncharted 4 trailer, Witcher 3 etc. All of these came out to be true. #3.1
Your comment makes zero sense. #3.1
I would totally take a Condemned 3 for my Xbox One.

Could happen though: http://www.ign.com/articles... #1.1.2
Yes, a Phantom from Snake's past. #1.1.1
This seems like a more regional thing. I highly doubt it's delayed. #1
@Transistor we did not see any stuttering issues during FMV sequences. Both versions were running silky smooth.

They are almost twins. Similar graphical assets, draw distances etc.

If 1080p really matters for you, go for the PS4 version but the Xbox One version is fantastic as well. #1.5
Must have been processing!

It's now 1080p and 60fps! #1.3.2
Absolutely, Fantastic game. Performance is also good. #1.2
Except the pixel count, both versions are almost twins. #1.1
It works either way. But head transplant is more appropriate here if the hints are anything to go by. #2.1
Only time will tell whether this is true but there is no denying that there is an overwhelming number of coincidences at this point. #1.1
No. The comparison is an indication about the amount of work that developers have put into the remaster. This isn't looking like a straight remaster. #3.2
Silent Hills is a good starting point...I guess! #1.1.1
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