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Yep I meant spin off. Not rip off. Regardless it's your opinion. For me, if it's a new game, it needs to have new maps.

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Part of MGS5 universe does not mean they can copy paste levels. You need to understand that Konami are marketing this as a new Metal Gear spin off...a new game essentially. Batzi, you know this as well as I do. Even Rising was a spin off but Platinum did not just ripped off entire levels from previous MGS games.

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It does not even make sense story wise. The game's story is alternate dimensions so new maps are a given. Instead Konami simply copy pastes maps from MGS5, adds fogs, changes things slightly and calls it a spin off.

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After being in development for almost 10 years, it needs to have a huge world.

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20 million in one year...i.e. 1.7 million units per month...

Very, very unlikely.

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Despite the feature set, the NX needs to be $349. If Sony cuts the price of both PS4 and Pro, then NX will have an uphill battle.

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It will be interesting to see how much MS will charge for Scorpio. According to my knowledge and please correct me if am wrong on this, no console has sold well if it has be priced at $499. The Scorpio needs to be launched at $399 if MS has any chance of outselling the Pro.

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It can and will for games that are build on older code or games that dont use modern tech. But if it does native 4k on something like Horizon then I will be truly shocked (in a good way of course!).

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You will be able to once you see it live on a 4K TV. You won't need a magnifying glass for that.

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Better textures, better LOD, better image quality....I am sure there is definitely an improvement.

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Cant wait for this game :D

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I think it looks okay but personally speaking, I am not a big fan of the material. But I haven't seen it in person so my opinion may change after I get one.

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Ye, hoping that this would be an amazing experience.

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Me too. There are some amazing references to PT in the Death Stranding trailer. Looks like Kojima is indeed gng to add some horror elements in Death Stranding.

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The success of S has actually surprised me a lot. This month's NPD numbers are going to be interesting.

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It's a spin off like Rising. It's a non-canon entry.

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The big thing is that if this is true, then the date will coincide with this:

"Negotiate disarmament"

and keyword is "Peace"

And Peace is the name of the alleged Chapter 3.

I am not saying...

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Edit: I have asked the admin to update the title.

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Judging by his Twitter feed, one may assume he does waste a lot of time. But come to think about it, he actually shares his development progress (besides the food photos). Meeting top level people...I am sure he must be discussing with them and learning new creative ideas.

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Yes, but you also need to realize that Sony probably won't be giving him that much times as Konami did. Kojima cannot take another 7 years to develop a new game. I think he said in one of the interviews that DS will be coming out soon. So I'd say 2018 is a good bet.

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