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This is what we need. Hopefully 4K will be a low priority for devs when it launches (so that they can focus on making amazing looking games at 1080p and 60fps). I think one of the titles that will surely run at 4K and 60fps will be next year's Forza.

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A soft launch seems like the case. I really hope they support it in the long term otherwise we are mostly looking at a Vita situation all over again.

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@the_infected no worries 😀 Actually dx12 has been used in some titles like SW Battlefront on X1. The problem is MS isnt revealing how they are using it on x1 and how different it is compared to the native PC version. Furthermore the current x1 isnt really a great testbed for dx12 due to its outdated CPU capabilities but the scorpio might be a different case.

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@the_infected Crytek's comments was for both. It was the mistake of the author. He forgot to mention Xbox. It was an editorial mistake which was corrected with full transparency. The actual quotes were not modified, only the parts that the author wrote himself to build the story were edited. Hope this clears up things.

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That is not correct. For the sake of transparency, here are the two questions I asked Crytek. "With DX12 adoption on the rise, what kind of changes have you made to improve games performance on PC and Xbox One with the power of DX12 and CryEngine?" and "Could you highlight some of the improved graphical features that the combination of DX12 and CryEngine 5 can bring to the Xbox One and PC?"

Crytek's statements are for both X1 and PC.

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I will probably be picking both of them by lunch but honestly I am more intrigued by the Scorpio at this moment. I really wanted to see what the developers can do on that machine given the already low level API available on consoles. 1080p, 60fps, with superb physics, visual, particle effects and fidelity is what I am hoping for. 4K is a bonus for me...but 60fps and 1080p with high end visuals is a must.

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So you mean to say Microsoft and Sony need to learn from Nintendo on how they report on numbers? What is there to learn in reporting numbers?

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Hopefully a MG1 and MG2 remakes are on horizon. That is the best way for Konami to go. Remake the classics.

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Are there any games that support cross save in a release which is separated by 5 years? (the original game was out in 2011).

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It all comes down to Microsoft's policy of making their games available on their platforms. At the end of the day games like Gears of War 4 are still Microsoft exclusive. It's only on their platform and as a company that is what they want.

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The developer is specifically talking about this generation.

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Well, they were hiring for a new Metal Gear game last year. So they seem committed to the PES and MGS fans at the very least.

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I think it's more than OS. It's more about protecting their IPs as exclusives for their own platforms.

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People will vote with wallets but not in the way you want :) Skyim is one of the greatest games of this generation and it will sell likes hot cakes on the PS4 and X1.

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The problem is Skyrim on PC is already an updated version provided you know to use mods :P

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I think you have a fair point. A full price point for a 5 year old game is kind of unfair. This should have been $40 at most.

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Umm..are you taking shots at Sony?

On topic, Microsoft had a great E3. Shame that almost all of it was leaked before the conference.

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Sony will report it on PS4 whereas Microsoft will report it X1 and Windows 10. There is a difference in strategy and MS no longer seems to be interested in competing for sales numbers.

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I hope it's used for 1080p and a locked 60fps with enhanced graphics.

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I have a feeling this will come out in 2017.

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