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I wish this game could come to PS4 and Xbox One. #1
The frame rate and other details have been mentioned in the article itself.

Edit: Added as annotations. #1.1
I don't think Rockstar will add anything that will impact performance. Plus the middleware for wind simulation these days are likely light weight, however this is an assumption on my part. #1.1
May be even more scarier. #1.1
More tweets here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum... #4
It's not. It's more of an appreciative piece. Getting a massive open world game running in 3 weeks is amazing. I hope they get it locked to 30 fps. #1.2
lol at title. #1
This is a video that shows the theme in action. So not a duplicate.

Edit: Also has more images. #3.1
Indeed. Let us hope that a fix can be found for the overlapping log in music. It will be perfect then :P #1.1
I don't think they will manipulate search results. I don't think Microsoft has anything to gain by doing that. #2.1
Interesting. I have original screenshots from the PC, PS3 and X360 versions. Our comparison videos were published much earlier. DF have compared only the new and PC versions. I am not downplaying DF, their analysis are great. But your accusations have no base. #3.1
One of the defining Metal Gear moments for me. #1.1
"Let's look at the PS3 system and it's memory specs. There is 256 MB of memory devoted to video only, and 256 MB left for the OS and the game."

"Keep in mind that all of the above, and possibly even more, must be done in only 213MB of memory in a worst-case scenario. The extra 256MB of memory is for the video rendering only, so it can't be used for anything with the game outside of that."

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This post is related to memory and the speed difference and whether it contributes to better audio streaming. #1.2
We applied the 880MB patch, so this is after the patch but as mentioned in the post, we did not came across any differences between patched and non-patched versions so far. #6.1
Best news of the week. #2
Costing may be?

http://www.extremetech.com/... #1.1
@bleedsoe9mm Internally, a lot of technology is shared between companies. Although they are competitors, the common solutions are shared so that the industry as a whole moves forward.

Although, I am not sure whether this will lead to a single console in the future. #2
Strange comment. Sony are using a solution from MS to improve their console and according to you this is not important. Can you please explain how? :) #1.1
The amount is not the reason. High end games already have a requirement of 8GB on PC. There is more to just amount. The tools, the APIs, they all contribute but the point is it won't be as bad as last gen. #1.1
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