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The amount is not the reason. High end games already have a requirement of 8GB on PC. There is more to just amount. The tools, the APIs, they all contribute but the point is it won't be as bad as last gen. #1.1
I am pretty sure Sledgehammer is using the SDK update and the freed GPU resource due to a game that won't be using Kinect. #1.1
In a Japanese event, a country where Xbox One has next to no presence, I must say I am not surprised by this. #1
It's most likely ps4 footage, the demonstrator had a DS4 in his hand. #1.1.1
Looks phenomenal. #1
There was speculation across forums and websites. One such example is: http://www.pushsquare.com/n...

The statement by the game's writer possibly puts end to all such speculation. #1.1
The interviewer explicitly asks why it's not coming on the PS4, despite the console leading this generation. Crytek then explains that the community wanted the game on the PC and they are working on a PS4 game which is not Ryse.

I am not sure how this is misleading. #5.1

You seriously think they wont aim for a WW launch? #2.2.2
Snake: That's right. She now knows about this place. Either way we'll kill her, just not right now. When the time comes... I'll do it.

He is going kill her either way. It's not a misinterpretation. #1.2.1
Spoilers are something which is not official released by a publisher or developer. At least that is the way it's generally interpreted.

This is not a leak. This what Kojima himself revealed. #3.2.1
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Indeed, the good news about PS Vita is a bit of surprise. Hope this continues. The support for Vita in Japan is simply phenomenal in terms of software. #1.1
A very honest reply. You won't see anyone doing that these days.

Respect for Cort Stratton. #6
Nothing yet unfortunately. I really hope it's a late 2014 title in December. Imagine how much it can sell as Dec has next to no games.

But Q1 2015 is a more likely date. #1.4

“Well, as a small developer working to release our first game, it’s [the policy] rather brutal. Simultaneously shipping is very challenging, especially for small indie teams. The clause (if enforced) means it might not be possible for us to release on Xbox One, even though we wanted to.”

Not sure how this is misleading. #1.4
"One must die and one must live."

The Boss was pretty epic till the end of MGS3 before Kojima spoiled her character development in Peace Walker. #1
@Lukas_Japonicus I believe you are talking about the previous comparison.

This current submission has a video. There are no GIFS here. Thanks! #1.2.2
We found that both versions of Metro 2033 have individual benefits and details. Plus, this is a totally different game [This is Last Light and not 2033]. So, no we are not going back to our words. You can read our previous article if you want. Thanks!

@Askanison4 @Lukas_Japonicus Please read the entire article at the link. Thanks! #1.2
The game is being over hyped in my opinion. I won't be surprised if it bombs in the end. Exploration is great and all but there is not a single thing we know about gameplay. #1
You mean to say two good horror games cannot co-exist. Okay. #1.1
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