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Well, they were hiring for a new Metal Gear game last year. So they seem committed to the PES and MGS fans at the very least.

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I think it's more than OS. It's more about protecting their IPs as exclusives for their own platforms.

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People will vote with wallets but not in the way you want :) Skyim is one of the greatest games of this generation and it will sell likes hot cakes on the PS4 and X1.

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The problem is Skyrim on PC is already an updated version provided you know to use mods :P

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I think you have a fair point. A full price point for a 5 year old game is kind of unfair. This should have been $40 at most.

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Umm..are you taking shots at Sony?

On topic, Microsoft had a great E3. Shame that almost all of it was leaked before the conference.

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Sony will report it on PS4 whereas Microsoft will report it X1 and Windows 10. There is a difference in strategy and MS no longer seems to be interested in competing for sales numbers.

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I hope it's used for 1080p and a locked 60fps with enhanced graphics.

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I have a feeling this will come out in 2017.

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It really has plummeted with Wii U. Hopefully they will be back with a bang with NX.

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This their BIG chance to turn the tides. They need to fix their priorities, bring in new features for their Xbox/W10 commitment and announce cross platform exclusives.

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I will take a prequel over a direct sequel. It will be interesting to see the struggles of Marlene and Anna IF Naughty Dog decide to go in that direction.

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I hope they are working on a remake of Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I think that is the best path they can take. The characters and story is already set, although someone needs to twist and modify the existing canon.

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They are actually working on a new Metal Gear game. They started hiring last year.

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That remains to be seen but I can see why devs can be wary about it. Lots of additional work, tools and framework maintenance etc.

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It will be mandatory in a way for those who prefer better visuals and performance.

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I am sure the visuals have been compromised due to VR support.

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@Relientk77 may be as DLC? I mean ND are working on UC4 story DLC.

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Cuts happen in every media form. What we got in Uncharted 4 was special so I am pretty sure that although the cut content would have been cool. Naughty Dog ultimately know what works best for the game.

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I am pretty sure this game won't be at Sony's press conference (with all respect to the game).

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