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How? Have you already played the game? #1.1
Makes sense. I have changed the title to reflect this. #1.1
Ye I agree with that but to be honest I dont think they will show much during Paris Games Week as well. Sony have their own show now so I have a feeling they are probably giving more importance to E3 and PlayStation experience given the latter was a hit last year. #1.1
Same feelings here. Missed opportunity given that Metal Gear is popular among PlayStation users and they have till date shown off videos of the PS4 version only, except the short 4K footage we saw for the PC.

I wonder why Sony misses out on opportunities such as these. #1.1
This game definitely has potential. However am hoping it has a strong narrative which is undoubtedly Guerrilla Games weakest point. #2.1
There is nothing trash about this news item. A chief of the company is talking about his vision and his team. #4.1
Definitely agree with you. Microsoft have showcased continuous innovation for the last 3-4 months. Backwards compatibility and finally the power of the cloud. Next up is DX12 for PC and to an extent for Xbox One games. Wonder what is next? #3.1
Absolutely. Just imagine Red Faction...if that was possible on last gen tech, I cant wait to see developers harness the full potential of cloud in the coming years. #1.1
Microsoft's vision about a "connected" gaming environment wasn't wrong. However the way they showcased it was ridiculous. Just slamming it on the face of the consumer was not going to work. They gave no justification besides "Buy and Xbox 360 if you want to be offline."

I think if they had showcased Crackdown 3 at E3 2013...things may have been much different now. #1.1
I am sure for some special weapons/items, the grinding will be incredibly tough and time consuming so I won't be surprised if people will be forced to use microtransactions. #1.1
Not really. It was a horrible decision by Sony. But somehow they turned it around. #1.1
Sorry but Microsoft have struggled there. #1.2
It's also called story within story. Allowed under n4g rules. #1.1
Amazing, revealed a full 2 month before launch. And look at the amount of secret ones. There is surely something that the game is hiding. #1
You should pick up this game. It's the experience of this generation. #4.1
It looks fantastic with respect to the setting it will take place in. I am interested to see how big the world is this time around. #1.1
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I think this is more related to the game's development cycle. Fallout 4 is most likely in development for years and it seems like lifting all that technology to the new console cycle might have proven to be difficult. #1.6.1
shinobi and tidux have mostly been correct. They have predicted stuff before. Fimrware updates, Uncharted 4 trailer, Witcher 3 etc. All of these came out to be true. #3.1
Your comment makes zero sense. #3.1
I would totally take a Condemned 3 for my Xbox One.

Could happen though: http://www.ign.com/articles... #1.1.2
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