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I hear Silent Hill: Book of Memories was actually pretty good, unlike the last 3 Silent Hill titles. Of course, it's not really survival horror but a Gauntlet-style game.

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I'm actually surprised at some of the score for the game. I assumed it would NGIII levels of bad.

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If you're talking about the AI problems, they are common to both versions.

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$39.99 for a DLC game is too much. I thought downloadable titles were getting at least a 10% discount.

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Code of Princess has a bad name but looks pretty cool. Guardian Heroes fans should take note.

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Well, the review said you can use the old control scheme. It's totally optional.

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Right now Bayonetta 2 is the only reason why I might try to get a WiiU. Give me more Nintendo!

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I couldn't imagine playing FIFA on any screen smaller than my 40" TV.

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So the outage during FUT, is that a new thing this year or has it already been like that?

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Wait, I'm seeing other sites gave this game 9's and 8's. What's up with that?

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NiGHTS into Dreams...

I never got a chance to play Christmas NiGHTS.

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Man, I really want to play this. Every reading is driving me crazy.

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I'll only pick up DoA 5 is there's DLC for a nude Kate Middleton.

Ok, who am I kidding, I might grab it anyway.

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GM Connects sounds like it could be a mess with a few griefers that hold things up. Still, I'd love to try it with 750 people.

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Sound cool and all, but do console players really want flight sims? I mean PCs would run something like this and it could like 4X-8X better.

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Really, who does? The review seemed like he didn't even play the game.

Or at least not the one I played.

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"No, Danger's my MIDDLE name" - Austin Powers.

Loved the first one and this looks like more of the same, which probably is worth a $10 purchase. $15 is a bit too high.

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I only have money for one special edition: Kirby’s Dream Collection.

Capcom, how many people do you think have money for the $150 Street Fighter Collection that DON'T already own the games?

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Yes. You have to play the demo. Unless of course, you're unwilling to pay $15 for one of the best games of the year.

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Glad to see they're not nickel and diming players and giving a full 50 character roster out of the box.

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