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Agree, the hypocrisy of people is crazy. Would have been funny if near misses would have caused Trumps hair to fly away. #3.2
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I love this game. #5
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Love this game..been playing since the public beta. #5
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I really want to play Witcher 3...Been loving it so far....but since Splatoon came out..I cant stop playing it. First shooter I've been stuck on in a long long time.

Maybe when I hit Level 20 Ill slow down.... #7
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Just wait until you get a Viper. Been having some good fights in it. #1.1
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As a backer I was able to mess with the Hornet a few weeks back. It was available in everyone hangar I believe. I really doubt this game is going to be out in 2015..maybe 2016...but judging on the devs are set in on releasing a properly working game..I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come out till 2017.

Personally I am loving Elite Dangerous. SC can take it's time flush out everything it needs to before launch. #2.1.1
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Really one of the few Kick Starter game that is doing what it should be doing. Getting better with each updat with constant updates. Its still not perfect but its leaps and bounds over DayZ/Minecraft crossovers. #3.3
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Star Citizen looks awesome but what is shown in that video is all on rails till the land. The A.I. flies the ship to its parking area. Then from their players enter the main hub to join other players. Though we're suppose to be able to explore worlds eventually..but SC is a few years away from being released. Another game to note is Elite: Dangerous. Elite releases this month but being able to land on planets is also a few years away. #1.7
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So sick of this game being reported as "Shocking, horrify and Filth". Had these news sites not reported one would really know about this myself and others are interested in picking this game up just to see how bad it really is. Hell the game could be unplayable but its still going to sell because of how controversial it is.... #7
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I bought a HOTAS for Elite. I am very happy with my purchase. Makes landing at stations and combat easier then with a mouse/keyboard. #6.2
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Has to be trolling. Though correct it was sorta made by a different developer...the game played, looked, and felt like BF4. #4.1.1
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I was easily able to pick a PS4 up at a local Gamestop store. They didnt say their stock was low but did say since E3 they seen an increase in PS4 sales. #36
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Hangar modular isnt working for me..No worries..A few people are having the same issue but it should be fixed in a couple of days..cant wait to see my 300i. #3
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Chances are they were playing this map on Conquest and not Conquest Large. #3.1
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Great story and visuals...along with great I dont see this being game of the generation. I played it..rented it..and I have no itch to play it again. I have more of a want to reply and experience Skyrim, Alan wake, or even Call of Duty 4: Modern Ware fare.

Again..not saying it doesn't deserve to be on the top 100 list..but number one? Eh everyone has their own opinion. #12
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"this is been played on a high end PC i can't tell if it was PS3 or PS4 or PC until I saw the mouse.. "

There was footage of this game being played on a can tell the difference between last gen and pc. You can definitely see a difference when playing the game.

I'm not saying KZ looks bad..because it doesn't..looks amazing..And its made by a very talented team. But comparing graphics Id have to go with BF..There just more goin... #6.2.1
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I don't get this...the dog punching scene was shown in the "Fishing in Baku" trailer...before we knew there was a COD dog. The dog is clearly attacking the soldier and he is defending himself. What is the problem here? Are we really that bored in society we have to get angry for a fictitious character hitting a group of polygons? #1.5
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Why so many down votes for a proper response? I mean you can say the trailer highlights this scene to..throw a COD but this scene wasn't added to the story because of COD's dog. #2.2.2
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The Last of Us was a good game but no where near my pick for GOTY. Dont get me wrong anyone who owns a ps3 should play it but I've had more fun with GTA5. Not sure if GTA5 is GOTY either. We'll see. #7
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Only coming out for PS4...least last I heard..I haven't heard of a release date either. Its a good game though. #3.1
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