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I miss the great layout of the maps in that game.

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They should have killed it before the launch of the Xbox One. It hindered the Xbones sales, and helped Sony to gain a big lead.

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I still play quite a bit,and have no problems getting into a game. I think its far from dead.

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I love nothing more than hearing some jerk whining about their teammates. I'll throw a game just to piss them off even more.

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Simplifying it would be nice. Right now, it's just not very intuitive.

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Awesome system. WCW NWO wrestling.

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I'm 47 and still like to game from tome to time. I grew up with it. First system was a telstar, which had pong. Then came Atari, and I was hooked. We now have an Xbox one, and I enjoy sports games, and FPS online.

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Games Games Games. That's what we want.

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I'd really like to get that 5 minutes of my life back.

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Looks amazing on all. Enjoy the game, don't worry about the pixels.

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I did the PC gaming thing a while ago, and found that I was constantly messing with settings, and playing around with configurations. I like the idea of popping a game in my xbox, and playing it.

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That video is hilarious. Tough to tell the difference between the systems, and even a PC.

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Was it ever alive?

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They really screwed up with Halo the Master Chief Collection. How can you screw up you #1 franchise? The game has been out 100 days, and still isn't fixed. It just doesn't sit well with the Xbox faithful.

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LOL, All the hype, and Sony bombs. Better start making some decent games.

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After the fiasco that 343 just put out with Halo, I'm done buying any games on release day. I will wait at least a month.

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Yes, I hate the freaking Exo suits. All people do is jump around instead of trying to be tactical.

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I'm still having huge issues getting into a match. It takes five to ten minutes and sometimes longer, and then half the time, the match never starts. It stalls at the start screen.
By the way, I'm not a troll, just a huge fan of the series.

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You lost me at Ghost.

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Just make it so I can get into a freaking game please. Also why do we press B at the end of a match, only to have to search for players for ten minutes again? Fix matchmaking, and then worry about the rest of it.

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