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They really screwed up with Halo the Master Chief Collection. How can you screw up you #1 franchise? The game has been out 100 days, and still isn't fixed. It just doesn't sit well with the Xbox faithful. #3
LOL, All the hype, and Sony bombs. Better start making some decent games. #168
After the fiasco that 343 just put out with Halo, I'm done buying any games on release day. I will wait at least a month. #10
Yes, I hate the freaking Exo suits. All people do is jump around instead of trying to be tactical. #24
I'm still having huge issues getting into a match. It takes five to ten minutes and sometimes longer, and then half the time, the match never starts. It stalls at the start screen.
By the way, I'm not a troll, just a huge fan of the series. #4
You lost me at Ghost. #19
Just make it so I can get into a freaking game please. Also why do we press B at the end of a match, only to have to search for players for ten minutes again? Fix matchmaking, and then worry about the rest of it. #5
The multiplayer is still broken on this game. I fire it up once every couple of weeks hoping that an update fixes it, but matchmaking is still a nightmare. This is the worst $60 game that I have. #2
I'd rather just buy my own damn game vs wasting time trying to get this to work. #23
Another stupid fanboy article. #63
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I like the looks of the Xbox one. It looks great in my entertainment center. It also stays cool, and plays quiet. #34
Wow, I can't believe Microsoft would do this. Just when they are starting to crawl out of the hole, they shoot themselves in the foot again. Dumb Dumb and Dumber. #34
So many kids wake up on Christmas morning wanting a PS4 and not getting one, due to financial hardships on families these days. Actions like this really prove how screwed up our society is. #30
It would be suicide to raise the price back up. Microsoft can afford to lose a couple of bucks per console. It pays off big time in the end having a larger user base. #13
OK, so the console that was released back in 2006 is less powerful than the console released in 2013. Who knew? #13
Like it or not, these systems are very similar to one another. 95% of the games released can be played on both systems. Microsoft's biggest mistake was trying to shove a gimmick like Kinect down our throats, and pricing the system $100 above Sony because of that gimmick. If both systems had been priced equal from the start, the numbers would be a lot closer in Microsoft's favor.
I bet you see the Kinect system gone from stores in the next year. #14
Thank God this guy wrote this article and cleared this up. Now I will be able to sleep tonight. #48
I sold my PS4 and grabbed an Xbone. Just came down to the personal preference thing. I liked the games coming out for the Xbone vs what is coming for PS4. I think both systems are pretty equal. #20
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Write #4.3
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Aghhhhhhhhhhhh. Who the hell cares???? #39
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