watching ranma 1/2 whole series damn i love this anime lol.
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hardware and software domination.

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i really don't need any other console until the ps4 comes out lool.

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more ps3 games to pick up and support.

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is truly a PlayStation wannabe.

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I'll be over here enjoying my ps3 and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ps2's launch.

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too much nostalgia and happy gaming times. the xbox in no way,shape or form can touch what PlayStation has done and still is doing to the game industry. the ps1 went to sleep in peace, now the ps2 can do the same. who knows, in 10 years, the ps3 will still be around.

i was 9 when i got my ps1( i know late lol)
i was 12 or 13 when i got my ps2
now I'm 19 and i have a ps3

my life is complete.

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and there's nothing the haters can do about it. sales don't mean squat to me. it didn't mean nothing to me when i got the ps1,ps2, and certainly not now.

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class of heroes 3
Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll
Kingdom Hearts RE Coded
White Knight Chronicles 2
and Ni no Kuni for ps3.

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i buy alot of games per year. this year alone I've bought 17 brand new ps3 games lol. i also bought like 2 or 3 ds games on the side. that's alot of damn money lol.i like hardcopies of my games and i like to buy brand new because it doesn't feel right buying used anymore to me. next month I'm buying more ps3 games like ken's rage,the sly collection, and cod:black ops.

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there's not much for me to say that the ps3bros haven't already said. have the xbros stooped this low to make a article like this? all i have to say is does anyone want my xbox 360? i don't even use it anymore now that i have my glorious PlayStation 3. like seriously, it's only for online and shooters. it's an extrovert's console, which I'm naturally not. I'm an introvert and the ps3 suits me better.

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too bad for Microsoft. while they are closing down stuff, Sony is opening even more than before. when i see this symbol, i know it means a quality gaming experience.

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i'm just waiting for it to come to america.

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and so begins the downfall.

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they don't care about the real gamers on the xbox 360. the know they could have bought some game companies or made some quality games in-house with that money. instead they want to spend it on advertising.

what the hell does that tell you about where their priorities are at? I'm glad i have a ps3 so i can play diverse games that's not all shooters for once.

all this waggle b.s. is annoying. that's why i sold my wii 2 years ago because that's...

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is the only one i actually like on his list.

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always making those crazy games. that's why i love em.

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someone put the fire out!

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i love yakuza 3 and i will be getting yakuza of the end and yakuza 4 day one.

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was an abomination there's not other way to describe it. when they put that leona lewis lady in the game to sing, that's when i knew what they were aiming for - the western casual gamers. i wanted to sell this game so bad but i promised myself i'm keeping every ps3 game that i bought. i never felt like such a tool for buying a video game. i payed $60+tax for this garbage. the western jrpgs gamers didn't want it and japan didn't want it. that's why japan should just mak...

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it's still trash

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