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Is their any difference?

I mean Made in Japan has a better reputation than Made in china.

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Your doing it wrong. He probably would only say that after toturing someone:

"The Prophet cut off the hands and feet of the men belonging to the tribe of 'Uraina and did not cauterise (their bleeding limbs) till they died.
[Sahih Bukhari 8:82:795, authentic hadith]"

On topic: whats the difference between those made in Japan and those made by Foxconn?

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Dick is not a nice name for a parent to give to their children in my opinion

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"maybe if the game is like wario ware shuv up yo ass game, i dont know if theres any mini game where you have to shuv it up yo ass..."

Apparently this is his new youtube account:

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Am hoping chad warden makes some new video. that guy was mad & hilarious

I dont know if this image which he posted on 4chan during ps4 announcement is any indication

I hope so

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and howd you think that up?

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I hope so .

Anything that shows video games on an upward trend, am happy with.

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I know i shouldn't laugh. but am laughing

only cause am assuming , he wasnt being serious.

who makes death threats via a feedback form. lol

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your username perfectly sums it up

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is this game like last of us?

i was thinking of playing it...

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7th generation console with 1st generation software...

i thought ms was software company?

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The chosen one is the most eye catching...

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Another thing i like about NIS is they dont care about the graphics as much...they put more effort into gameplay and story than graphics.

so much that companies can learn from this small developer...

i hope companies dont lose the true essence of gaming this gen and concentrate too much on graphics. games should be fun first.

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@snookies, in assasins creed black flag i saw that you can rate missions.

and i was amazed, maybe this is a new trend this gen. but its great.

i would love to see more games where you can rate the missions and levels and send feedback to developer like in assasins creed black flag...especially in jrpgs. they can seriously improve to appeal to more people if devs acknowledge the feedback

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At least they care about fans.

Like to see every company go this route. fan feedback should be taken seriouslly...

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MS making people add the size of all the files together to determine the remaining space in this day and age?

"we aint doing geometry, were trying to play some games"- chad wardenn

Can only imagine how angrily fanboys would react when they find they dont have enough space. ??

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The only criticism on that article that I think is reasonable is:

-"The fact that controllers don't come with charging cables"

-"Mourning the loss of our beloved Start and Select buttons" (i didnt realise this until reading this article !!)

-"Feeling pressured into making a Facebook account because your PS4 ordains it" (though am not sure how true this is, if its true, bad move by sony, i hate facebook)

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Is this game supposed to be Microsofts answer to God of War?

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I think this gen Microsoft has started on the wrong foot.

Until MS can close the gap on the advantages that PS4 has:

-Cheaper price
-Perception tha ps4 is console for jrpgs (helps sony take japan)
-Perception that ps4 is console where most fifa soccer/football game players are (helps sony take europe)


Then i expect xbox to have low sales and preorders reopening like this till those gaps are closed

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Fair criticism would be to say "lack of amazing games" is annoying, but thats understandable as it just launched.

I see sony repeating the success of the ps2 era.

-Wait until naughty dog release whatever masterpiece their working on
-In time their will be quality multiplatform games like MGS5,FF15, KH3 as well

PS3 is future proof and I would say its a safe bet to buy one because of sonys track record on supporting a system e...

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