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I just wish this brings Sony back to the PS1/PS2 glory days.

All I want is more JRPG's

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I would say even PS4 will have better graphics than current high end PC games because PS4 is made specifically for gaming and its power is utilized more efficiently solely for that

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"Xbox one, play Uncharted 4"

***BooM!! Xbox one explodes because it cant handle it***

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"They should copy how to get good games from the PS3" - chad wardenn

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Forza 5 has better graphics, but looks like they reused the objects /areas

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Heres my take on this:

The Pakistani is lying and his also a fanboy

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Controversy will only give sony more advertising, maybe even on news :)

Which is good for gaming i guess

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Looks like something is spinning inside a microwave

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I say the more features the better

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DDSOS attack by fanboys maybe?

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I get "500 - Internal Server Error"

musicouch disappoints

*p.s the latest update may or may not be disappointing, i dont know, i never downloaded it, am not making any suggestions on its quality*

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I wonder if their will be a secret Sonic the Hedgehog card/persona in the game, now that Sega bought them.


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I dont even care if it has PS2 level graphics so long as it has same excellent gameplay and story as PS4.

Though I would prefer graphics like tales of vesperia or ni no kuni (cell shahded i think its called).

Cause persona is an anime type game

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I dont care much about platform either. The more who get to play it the better.

Persona games always have epic stories in the same level as FF4-FF10

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Hope P5 is as good as P4.

Want to see this on both PS3 and PS4 at least

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Just realised these MTE test disks are marked "confidential"

Adds to curiosity...


"Some investigation revealed the disc to be used for stress testing the console. It won’t load in the machine unless it is first hooked up to another testin...

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would be funny if this is used to somehow hack xbox one to play burnt games, and they managed to do it near day one cause of it...

that would be a big blunder especially after how MS implemented all the anti pirating, need to be online stuff just to fight against it

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I like your username.

on topic: distance your from monitor also plays part. some guy did a test and research and found distance if very important, if not as important as screen size

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Where we will see real differences is exclusive games.

The difference between exclusive ps4 and xbox one games will give reliable indication of which is really more powerful.

yeh being a good dev and coding properly plays a part too, but who cant be? hardware needs to be there as well

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Sony owns/made some of best franchises:

-Dark Cloud
-Crash Bandicoot
-Last of Us
-God of War
-Gran Turismo


No company other than nintendo comes close to rivaling sony's first party

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