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Level 5 has been doing better job than Square Enix.

In fact Level 5 made some of Square Enix's games like DQ8 and am sure much more. Seems like Square lost confident.

I just hope this gen is the gen of JRPG's like SNES-PS2, and Square Enix steps up its game

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Dark Cloud 3

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do you seriously think its something big?

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from experience. am not excited. these square enix teasers all so far turned out to be mobile games or social games

"the boy who cried wolf" square enix

thats whats gonna happen to you

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keep saying that. it will open peoples eyes about how lame fanboys are

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This blog was posted 18d ago. What happened?

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Lost Odyssey OST - Neverending Journey

Is great so is the final boss theme. I never got chance to finish lost odyssey. Got occupied and stopped playing it, but then never got back to it. If i play it again i feel i may need to play it from start

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that wind song is very good but i think frogs theme is better

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I think megaman theme was best 8 bit tune

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Xenoblade-cant find that nowhere


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RE4 is a good balance of horror, puzzle and action

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Guess the Check from MS bounced...

Either that, or they ran out of cocaine or whatever they were sniffing before

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Xseed did nothing other than translate...well thats what i toughs?

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give reason why everyone

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true FF fan here

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Mtomu Toriyama was "Event director, scenario writer" in FF10 and "Event Planner" in FF7. He should go back to doing that or do nothing at all. As he seems to be good at that since FF10 turned out well.

But he sucks at directing and story telling

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This is a very good article.

"Sony Liverpool" much higher on list than other studios via metacritic score average of all their games. Yet why where they shut down compared to studios who made less quality games?

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Dear sir, i must disagree with you. while tomb raider is a good game i think FF7 is much better

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Uncharted 2 was amazing, for me they could of improved it by adding ability to upgrade weapons like last of us, or buy from a merchant (like resident evil 4)

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Nah its gonna be called:

Tales of Gaia

And set in FF7's Gaia world

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