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one of the best stories

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Live and let live.

Let them crowdfund and create whatever they please so long as some are willing to pay

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A football trophy is not won by winning 1 match. You have to go the whole season.

Sometimes I dont care who is the winner or even if its a draw, so long as us (the consumers/gamers) get good entertainment

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I have both consoles. So fuck you fanboys.

Competition is good. Businesses tend to be very monopolistic if they have the chance.

So am happy that neither are able to totally dominate.

Having said that I will be and honest and say I do have a slight bias towards sony... being a huge JRPG fan.

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Its a game.

If feminists want to address misogyny they have their priorities wrong.

They should go campaign against Saudi Arabia

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I want Dark Cloud 3

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More characters is not always good in a smaller screen

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Mario will be a drug dealer addicted to magic mushrooms.

Also his from mexico, but claims to be italian to help his credentials in the italian mafia.

He also has to find his wife who gets kidnapped a 3rd time, and eventually finds out she is just having and affair with bowser

He then asks Sonic for help to hunt down bowser and peach, and they head off on plastic kart racers

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This FF15 trial copy will be a demo of the demo.

You heard it here first.

"Preez be excited"

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No I wont buy it. As they say. "Dont feed the troll". And square Enix is a troll.

The image i attached perfectly describes Square Enix

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I apologize for some errors, i had to edit the post.

Because PS2 was released in march and i only included data till end of the year.

PS2 had about 136-170 disk based games 1 year after release by march 2001.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

I have updated the figures for PS2 and PS3 but the message is still the same unfor...

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This is a very reasonable comment.

But now i am just comparing PS4's first year with the past iterations.

Things dont look good in terms of quantity of games.

Some will say it doesnt matter i guess so long as theres quality.

But it does matter, as ps4 expensive development costs is hindering risk taking which in turns hinders the chance for more innovation

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Its the first release on any territory.

I want better graphics but I also want more variety and more risk taking :(

I feel more expensive games will affect innovation and risk taking. That will reduce this gen significantly

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To be honest we dont know when a lot of games are being released. But my most anticipated games are JRPG's

I hope JRPG's make a resurgence this gen.

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not good

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To be politically correct.

Dont trust black guys, or white guys or yellow guys (homer) who borrow shit from you and dont give it back.

In this situation my friend happened to be black like most of my friends.

Nice to see people responding negatively to perceived racism. Not that i intended to be, given i am black as well

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I once was the opinion that the FF battle system should go back to how FF1-10 was i.e turn based ATB, in order for the series to be successful again. And I always thought, "Dont fix it, if it isnt broken".

But Now I understand most people probably would prefer action rpgs over turn based ones, especially since the battle system is more exciting and engaging.

So I think the action rpg direction is now the right choice.

I think FF wil...

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After many years of being absent from commenting on this comment board. I decided to comment on this comment board... just to say that this is the worst Final Fantasy game I ever played.

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More shadow hearts please

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