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"Gayest" ???

Damn why cant we just live in peace, religions like buddhism i have no issue with, but those religions preaching hatred need to die already. We don't live in 14th century anymore and am assuming your homophobic cause of whatever religion you follow or its just an error on your part.

On topic: the worst thing i would say is paying shipping cost to return, they should give you free prepaid return label

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AT least its not an annoying hard to understand Indian call centre.

British, American, Phillipino call center people can be understood and ok to listen to.

But Indian call centres just annoy me most of time.

Sony customer service rocks. I remember I bought a PS1 then it dropped in price like $100 a week later and I complained to sony and they refunded me

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I was hoping to see them much later, 10 years later

Because games these days cost a lot to make, and if install base isnt high. Devs wont make games.

So I was hoping SONY & MS stick with these system and get larger install base and holding back on new consoles for now, so we get more games on PS4/XB1. Win win situation for devs and gamers.

Besides I dont expect graphics to become that much better in the next gen...

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For the console itself
Americans pay $400=$400
British...... pay £350=$571

seems unfair to brits

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I could see this being cloud gaming depending on net speed?

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erm....where you saying something?

Am sorry but I sucked at english from School to Uni

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You would be less angry all the time if you were a true gamer:

Lol I wonder what your shelf looks like?

You probably havent got a shelf and still have a virtual boy?

Your seem like a poor fanboy who cant afford both consoles :(

On Topic: I thought this was a review, so where is the score like the IGN review...they can't post negative numbers i guess?

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Atlus should make these sega ip's since their good at jrpgs:
-Skies or Arcadia
-Shing series
-Panzer dragoon
-Valyria Chronicles
-Phantasy star (single player)

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Fanboys try to sell us lies like this:

Most likely cause their poor and cant afford 2 consoles.

Be a true gamer, not a fanboy, you will be less angry and more happy i assure you:

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All gamers should buy all consoles if they can afford it.

Sticking to one console is like only sticking to one website for news like N4G or IGN. CNN or BBC.

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I think EA is very very bad for gaming.

They try to monopolise everything e.g they want exlusive rights to making fifa games, madden games e.t.c

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I would take a JRPG with crap graphics but everything else great, over Forza, Gran Turismo, COD e.t.c anyday

Devs I think should concentrate on Graphics LAST

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@ Guitarded77,

I guess I should of said I prefer Cart Racers to Sim racers.

Actually I always found anything that tried being too real isnt fun... depending on what its trying to be real on.

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Ok I am sorry. Please forgive me for stating my opinion

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I have always found Mario Kart much more fun than Gran Turismo...

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Kind of Lame ad campaign. Its like advertising a page by pressing a Facebook, share or like button. May work for web pages.

Not for products

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Last gen Xbox Fanboys were comparing PS3 to a grill.

Maybe its karma?

Either way these kind of defects is not good news for MS

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Graphics should not be the main thing we concentrate on.

Quality games are more important.

Remember the black and white bad graphics Gameboy vs the full colour Sega Game Gear?

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