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Agreed. To name of few best PS1 memories:

-Crash Bandicoot
-Squaresoft: FF7, 8, 9, Tactics, Chrono Cross, square were just killing it
-Metal Gear Solid 1- just mind blowing for its time

Some good N64 Memories as well:

-Mario 64, so much fun.
-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- like MGS1 was mind blowing for its time #1.1
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p.s what i do find worrying is that the phantom pain and ground zeroes was initially supposed to be 1 game, then they split it


Makes me think games this gen will be shorter.

Makes me think ground zeroes (the first to be released) will be shorter than what we expect from an MGS game. #1.3
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This is consistent with the install base graph here:


The higher the install base, the more games released, simple common sense. nothing special #1.2
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Great video #1
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Atlus should make these for Sega:

Valkyria Chronicles
Skies or Arcadia
Shining Force
Phantasy Star (single player)
Panzer Dragoon #1
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I didnt buy a PS4 to play kinect type games. I could care less about the camera #1.2
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Thats like buying an animal from the pet store:


Then finding out its diseased and being forced to pay for your own vaccination.

This is almost like a money making scam #1.3
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Sony probably includes psn games.

Anyway I got 795 from here:


And it lists each and every game. count yourself and see if any missing #10.1
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Minecraft is an excellent example. Its also on 360. But doesn't it seem like people have bigger expectations for PS4 & PS3 games than mine craft graphics.

And peoples expectation is the main issue why those type of games with less attention on the graphics do not get made for consoles?

Is it peoples expectation or developers assumed expectations of what people want? I am not sure, whats your opinion? #1.2.2
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thats a funny comment. but still fanboyish... #6.1
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Please explain this. What is this?

p.s ubisoft says: "PS3/X360 cost $20-$30 million to make and that games for the next-generation may exceed $60 million [source:edge-online]" #3.1
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Also in this list I did not include indie games.

Of course more games is better I think because of more competition and choice.

The only way I see sony addressing this issue is selling more PS4's than PS2's.

As is evident, even though PS2 cost more, it still had more games than PS1 but thats because PS2 had 50 million higher install base #1.2
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big fail by this ebay user

its as big as fail as these nice guys and the preaching of hate:

http://tundratabloids.com/w... #1.1
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Given that he didnt edit his first comment and called me a hero, i think he was playing with you and he really is a hater.

damn imagine a world without hateful religions and all the people motivated by them. :) #2.3.2
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I dont know if your beign sarcastic given you had chance to edit comment but didnt.

But I see no reason why anyone should hate gays unless:
-Their religion/ideology teaches them to
-They are not mentally stable.

Even criminal drug dealers and gangsters dont hate gays. I mean those criminals rape other men in prison.

But if your sincere then that is fine.

p.s i am not gay, i just dont like it when people are ha... #2.1.2
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"Gayest" ???

Damn why cant we just live in peace, religions like buddhism i have no issue with, but those religions preaching hatred need to die already. We don't live in 14th century anymore and am assuming your homophobic cause of whatever religion you follow or its just an error on your part.

On topic: the worst thing i would say is paying shipping cost to return, they should give you free prepaid return label #2.1
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AT least its not an annoying hard to understand Indian call centre.

British, American, Phillipino call center people can be understood and ok to listen to.

But Indian call centres just annoy me most of time.

Sony customer service rocks. I remember I bought a PS1 then it dropped in price like $100 a week later and I complained to sony and they refunded me #1.1
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I was hoping to see them much later, 10 years later

Because games these days cost a lot to make, and if install base isnt high. Devs wont make games.

So I was hoping SONY & MS stick with these system and get larger install base and holding back on new consoles for now, so we get more games on PS4/XB1. Win win situation for devs and gamers.

Besides I dont expect graphics to become that much better in the next gen... #1
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For the console itself
Americans pay $400=$400
British...... pay £350=$571

seems unfair to brits #1
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I could see this being cloud gaming depending on net speed?

http://i.imgur.com/sYr1x45.... #1.1.1
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