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A football trophy is not won by winning 1 match. You have to go the whole season.

Sometimes I dont care who is the winner or even if its a draw, so long as us (the consumers/gamers) get good entertainment

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What is that?

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Because theres a huge drought of JRPG's last gen compared to PS2 and PS1 gen.

I hope its not the same this gen

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I think I will lose my mind and turn into this...


If all I have to play this gen is mainly FPS games

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Please not another FPS.

This might sound crazy (well thats because it is).

But am hoping its a JRPG. You never know. "Secret of Evermore" was a JRPG published by Square developed in the west

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Why are games on PC's always delayed?

People always point to piracy as the reason. Is it?

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China is an athiest country.

Am thinking thats why it has a higher suicide rate.

Some religions are against it/ While i sympathize with those who want to commit suicide or attempted too.

At the same time i feel people should have the right to take their own life.

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If they aint gonna make it they should at least give us a HD collection.

I am hoping for a HD collection of PS2 GTA's, Dark Cloud series and Shadow Hearts series

GTA San Andreas was my favorite one.

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Baten Kaitos was a decent game. But I want a true good quality sequel to Tales of Symphonia

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I see his been taking tips from David Jaffe.

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They would probably make FF13-4 instead

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I sympathse with people who try to commit suicide because of whatever problems they have in their life.

Everyone has been through it.

A great quote I once read said "Hard times come and go, but hard people stay forever"

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Cons from Square Enix point of view: Will take too much time and effort because of too many towns


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Are there any screenshots or videos of GT7?

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I think remasters should be made simply for the nostalgia factor.

And besides it hardly wastes any of the developers resources or time. So its not like it will delay any game.

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Try downloading that with a dial up connection, it would take 8428571 seconds (thats 2341.27 hours or 97 days).

If true, its a leap of fail by ubisoft

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I really wish dictatorship would end in North Korea and the 2 Koreas would be unified again like east and west germany.

Their production would significantly improve and benefit the world

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North Korea is all talk no action.

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Stop with the FF13 already.

FF13 was a dissapointment.

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one of the best stories

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