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I thought there was no way square enix would mess up ff7 remake by making it episodic. so i thought it was rumour.

now it seems it really is episodic. This is not a good sign, i am wary

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DAMN !!!

FF7 remake is episodic


I thought that was a rumour.

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They should get Sakaguchi and Uematsu involved for a 30th anniversary game I feel

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This interview question with Sakaguchi 4 days ago suddenly gets interesting now:
"So, Final Fantasy will be 30 years old. What would you say if Square Enix wanted to bring the original development team back to make a commemorative, anniversary project with Yoshitaka Amano, Nobuo Uematsu, and you?"

Answer by Sakaguchi:
Well, we would have to make it in pixel art.

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Consoles are more convenient than PC.

And PC gets all its games last. That must make PC gamers feel depressed.

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FF1 to FF15 in 1 disk would be even more awesome.

But I think they should not include FF13 in such a disk, to send a message to their fans that they are going in the right direction by pretending that one doesnt exist.

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I dont care if they put him on a small project, but am sure he can crawl his way up the ladder.


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I couldn't agree more. I feel square enix doesnt know which way to go with FF.

I think Hajime Tabata called it the Final Fatasy Effect or Syndrome

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How do you feel about FF15, the same as 13?

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Right now Sakaguchi is wasting his life making mobile games. It is such a shame.

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GTA2 to GTA 3 was an imporvement. So its good it went 3d.

FF7, 8, 9, 10 to the newer FF's is NOT an improvement !

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.....Which Final Fantasy 13 did not have

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Damn, You must be old. What are your feelings on the more recent FF's?

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"Was" a turn based franchise.

Is it a coincidence that final fantasy had the highest ratings and story when it used to be turn based? not that iu have anything against action rpgs.

Am trying to figure out what it was that got FF those high ratings back then? was it the gameplay or something else

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I have mixed feelings about this.

I love Kingdom Hearts at the same time I love the old turn based Final Fantasys

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"When I first left the company, I did feel that Squaresoft was taking the games in a direction that I didn’t want them to, specifically with Final Fantasy XIII."

Nice to know it wasn't only me who was barking about FF heading in the wrong direction with 13. I hope he returns to Square Enix now that they reconciled.

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You played it at 7. Must of been hard.

Youd have to be an intelligent 7 year old to finish FF7 at 7 years old.

Am jealous

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I dont care if its on xb1. a true ff fan wouldn't

I used to be a sony fanboy. Get both consoles, you will be happier.

But i thought sony had exclusive rights to ff7 as they paid $100 million for its advertising and 100% of its development costs. If that is true, Square Enix shouldn't fu*k Sony over.

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Square Enix redeems itself. I will buy this even if I have to sell my legs and one of my arms

Sony won E3 hands down


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