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no it wasnt

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They should not have allowed this sh*tty games.

It will give the chinese people who play some form of cancer.

This game is just another shi**y FF game from Square which no one wanted

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They let Level 5 make Dragon Quest 8.

Because they know they cant make the good sh*t.

I have lost faith in SE to make a good FF game anymore, they dont know the ingredients for a good FF. I wont list them here. But you can check what i think they are here:

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I said FF12 was lacking in 1, 3, 6 & 7. FF13 & 13-2 was lacking in everything except 9 & possibly 8. Today Square Enix has turned this list upside down and they think good graphics is most important, which is just wrong ! The newer FF games now have mediocre or average stories, and the story is the most important ingredient for an FF game, and one may argue its most important for JRPG's in general.

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Yeh am quite annoyed at the situation.

I blame Square Enix mainly, they ruined the most popular jrpg's series of all time.

Thanks to the merger, we now have poor FF games (they dont know how to make them good anymore), and no more games like Chrono Trigger or Xenogears.

They are now incapable of thinking of anything unique

Some people say SE isnt dead because they made DQ8 or Kingdom Hearts, actually SE didnt make any of...

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Am quite skeptical about FFvs13, because its made by a company called Square Enix.

If it was made by a company called Squaresoft i would buy it, not based on the quality of the game. But based on the name of the company on the box. Many would do the same.

This says a lot about the image of Square Enix. Lets just hope they dont add an auto battle feature & make you pay for secret bosses, or have towns with little to no people & where you cant enter bui...

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Have you played all the games on my top 10 list. whats your top 10 or 5?

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They missed FF9. FF9 also has a dress swapping mini game, more like a part of the game.

All FF games 1-10 are gems. All FF games 11-14 are goat sh*t compared to the previous ones

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FF13-2 was a sh*t game all around.

I played it, and would give it a 5/10.

This is coming from an FF fan

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This is why i love ps3 and dont like xbox.

because the company that made xbox doesnt care about hardcore gamers no more

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FF10 did not make me laugh in a bad way. its a good game.

All of Square Enixs FF games after FF10 did make me laugh however.

FF10-2, stupid charlies angels joke
FF12, this is when i knew FF series for declining because stories where getting worse

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This game makes the console games Square Enix has to offer these days.....frankly laughable.

FF13, Mindjack, Last Remnant e.t.c is buffalo diarrhoea compared to this game.

oh wait... they were already buffalo diarrhoea, just wrapped in a dvd

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i saw this, its quite cool.

in a way am happy that they are highlighting the jrpg game dragon quest.

but at same time i want SE to take no credit or get no praise whatsoever (even though they created the game 20 years ago), because its not the same company.

The real company (Squaresoft) who created DQ are praiseworthy, while SE on the otherhand are demons (how i see it)

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FF10 was the last epic/great/amazing FF game (and 1st one i played).

Why of Why did the FF series have to turn to sh*t as soon as i fell in love with it?

Every time i think of the situation i think of this song (sometimes my eyes get watery bcoz of nostalgia)

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I agree with this review

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Shadow hearts is awesome !

I want another sukidoen as well, collection new members to join your party is as addictive as collection pokemon

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Its not a chrono game.

Havent we learnt anything about SE? They hype stuff up, only to disappointing us in the end.

this is probably a new ip like bravely default flying whatever the fu*k its called

i dont get fooled thrice. only an idiot does...

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You have to buy the ending in these DLC's.

Remember, this game is made by a shi**y company called Square Enix.

Not the great Squaresoft

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sigh ...square enix again

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Call of Duty seems like a short and sh**tty game, shouldnt that be easy to platinum?

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