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Heres hoping Sephiroth is the last boss

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You learnt that its the third best FF after FF 10 & 9...right?

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I need more jrpg's, this gen only extremely good ones i played are Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles....and well, thats it.

Lost Oddessy is good to

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I love the story and action packed cut scenes.

but most of the time I hate that the game is from an over head view and not third person

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Right now the series is down to the levels of a sewer, and FF10 was the last good FF.

What annoys me is Yoichi Wada admits the series is in trouble and suggests it could be dead, yet he hasn't been fired.

FF vs 13 is probably their last chance

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I am sick and tired of people saying FF10 had bad voice acting, then they give that laughing scene as an example.

When that laughing scene was supposed to be a forced laugh, even a 3 year old baby would know that, its common sense.

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Any of the Shining Force games

If anything, we need more JRPG's this gen

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Square Enix is run by idiots.

They want to make a sequel to FF13-2 the worst selling major FF game of all time?

First Week Launch Numbers:

FF XIII-2 ...... 524,217 Units

FF XIII.......... 1,516,532 Units

FF XII........... 1,840,397 Units

FF X-2........... 1,472,914 Units

FF X............. 1,749,737 Units

FF IX............ 1,954,421 Units

FF V...

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I loved tales of Vesperia, i dont know how IGN gave Vesperia an 8.2 but FF13 an 8.9.

Vesperia to me is at least a 9.0

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Easy: Fire Wada, Bring Back Sakaguchi, and NEVER let Torioyama direct another FF.

Sakaguchi will make sure the quality of the stories is same as FF4-10

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Most people would disagree with you when you say FF10 had a bad story.

I think FF6 and FF10 had the best stories of all FF games

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Yes they are, by the way its Square Anus, not Square Enix.

Those guys have really forgotten where they come from and who made them what they are

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Knowing Square Enix, the achievements will be DLC you need to pay for, Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon will also suddenly become DLC. Just like Omega weapon is DLC in FF13-2.

I can already see it, when you try going into battle with Emerald Weapon it will say:

"Wanna fight me, well you gotta pay $15, suckerzz !!"

"Wanna use a potion, $1 BIITCHZ"

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We already have FF and disney=Kingdom Hearts.

What about FF & mario, zelda, metal gear solid, tales series, pokemon, f zero, resident evil, dragon ball z, one piece, dynasty warriors ALL IN 1....that would be great.

Call the game Final Fantasy Evolved

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FF10 was the last really good FF

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Using FF10 pic?

Looking for hits i see

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I will never forget FF 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 10. Those were the days.

But i am trying so hard to forget FF 12, 13, 13-2 ,14.

I dont think remaking FF7 will fix Square Enix's quality problem.

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Start of FF10 was awesome.

My favourite game of all time, and my first FF and the last FF to have an epic story

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So you dont want Sakaguchi back. I want him back, i think when he was in charge all the games were great.

My friend who doesnt like FF and never played it, said the spirits within movie is great

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Outsourcing may not be necessary. I just want the old Squaresoft back ! Fire this Wada fool.

Last week he said FF dev teams should be smaller because they take to long to make games, but its all his fault because he made games go multi-plat middle of development.

Does anyone really think SE has made an FF game as good as FF6-FF10 ???

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