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@oof46, are you being serious about not wanting ff7 and 8 in the collection?

or just trolling

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"like when cloud goes missing and you control tifa"
Thats an excellent question. I would accept a hybrid battle system

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Have you even played any of the turn based FF's? And if so did you like them?

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I guarantee this will get released in europe

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They should just outsource there FF games to Level5 and Atlus.

Am sure they would do better stories like the old FF games

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The luminous engine was a total waste. I bet they wont even use it for their future games. They could use it for FF15-2 if they did make that

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RPG games are not meant to be played episodically. I don't see it working. Do you?

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I dont believe for a second that the FF7 remake wont fit into 1 single disk. Do you really believe that, and if so why?

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I just hope its not episodic. What about you?

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Spirits Within actually had a positve critical reception (check IMDB).

The issue was it wasnt Final Fantasy and it wasnt commercially successful.

I think a lot of people lost their jobs and left Square Enix because of Sakaguchi almost bankrupting the company

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FF15 is a mess.

They should not have removed the kingsglave content from FF15 and put it in a movie.

Now they are releasing a patch to fix the story.

Square Enix messed up

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If the remake is Episodic I dont think I will buy it.

Just to give a middle finger to greedy corporations

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What would you say if Square Enix re released the game as "FF15: Eos Reborn".

Would you as a customer feel cheated?

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Are VG leaks reputable?

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I have a feeling that the DLC square enix is offering was just content cut from the game during development so they can cash in by selling it as dlc.

Remember, business are there to make a profit. They are not there for your well being

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I wonder if this game would get reviewer again?

Probably if they released it as "FF15: Eos reborn", then reviewers would probably review it as a separate game

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Square enix should never have cut out the kingslave content from the ff15 story to make a movie.

with kingslave ff15 would have gotten more praise of its story, they messed up

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The fact that they are doing this shows square enix messed up

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Some people may have never played the newer content before e.g the newer content in ff4 advance, 5 advance and 6 advance.

The new content in ff4 complete version

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I thought there was no way square enix would mess up ff7 remake by making it episodic. so i thought it was rumour.

now it seems it really is episodic. This is not a good sign, i am wary

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