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You wont regret persona 4, its as good as final fantasy 10

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Respectablee score

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when it was sony and nintendo during ps1 and n64 era we got more jrpgs.

so i wouldnt mind if its just them again

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Persona 4 part 2?

Cant wait. Persona 4 had one of the best stories I ever got the chance to experience in any medium (video games, movies or anime)

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i used to dislike fps games cause they took market share away from other genres.

but now i know with 99% certainty that fps genre on consoles will be on the decline this gen, i just base this off what i saw. of all friends who were COD addicts (about 20-30). none like COD anymore.

they got tired of it. one thing people should realise is not everything stays popular forever, people move on once they get bored.

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I wish this generation doesnt have a drought of JRPG's.

Am hoping sony brings back the ps2 days.

at least give us dark cloud 3 sony !

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I dont find their url offensive and am black. cause the guy is black. if it was some racist then thats a different story

The guy who runs the site is either this guy:

or this guy

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modern war

Many people reported this post because of the name of the site. Haahaha. I dont find that offensive AND AM BLACK. I just find it funny picturing the guy who runs the site ???

on topic: you have to be sad to spread gaming propaganda when you dont have any profit inter...

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I think these cases are over blown to be hoenst

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First am assuming your a fanboy, but forgive me if am wrong.

Was the Xbox one made by your dad, I mean is that why you always defend it? Do you even have a Xbox one, or you heard how good it was from the friends of your friend of his friends little sister?

Forgive me if i caused any offense. But the more consoles you have the happier you'll be

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I am guessing these ps4 problems are over blown.

Its like the rape cases in India which are always on cnn, even though India has a way lower rape ratio than USA.

I know its a bad taste example. But being from the hood, its the first example I could think of...sorry

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"Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho,

BINKSU SAKE wo, todoke ni yuku yo

Umikaze kimakase namimakase

Sayonara minato, Tsumugi no sato yo

Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu
Sora nya wa wo kaku, tori no uta"

--Love one piece. I just want square enix to be done with ff13 and move on...

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New disgaea
Makai kingdom

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I hope this isnt the game campcom said they will announce at Tokyo Game Show, because it seems like an indie game/psn downloadable instead of a large budget game

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They should make a single player breath of fire

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The good thing about Yoshida is that he stays in cotnact and responds to fans on twitter.

He probably learnt a lot about how to improve PS brand this way.

In one message i saw him respond by saying "hmm" regarding a problem with PS vita. Possibly he is contemplating improvements

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Agree 100%

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FF7 best role playing game story?

FF6, FF9 and FF10 i found have better stories.

Persona 4 also has better story than FF7

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Square Enix is like a "ship with holes in it, sinking in the sea", there is a lot of work to do to repair it, and its not too late

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This question is like asking:

"Are you buying a Ferrari or a cctv camera"

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